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The Weirdo in Burger King

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I never played sports in High School but I was always around every team that my High School had either doing stats, helping with first aid, etc.
Anyway one day the girl's soccer team had a weekend game about 50 miles away and I went along to help with refreshments, etc. So after the game we stopped at a fast food restaurant. I remember that a man came in who looked very peculiar. He was wearing pajama pants and a bathrobe and all the girls were staring at him and just kind of giggling like 15-year-old girls do.
Well he came in and just sat at a booth kind of mumbling to himself. He obviously had not shaved in a few days and he was so out of place just from wearing a bathrobe in the middle of the day in public.
When I had got up to get something to drink the guy called me over to his table and told me to enjoy my youth and have sex with as many of those girls as possible. I just gave him a nervous laugh and walked away.
When I got back to the table the girls were all asking me what the guy said to me. Then I looked up and the guy was standing in front of us. He says, 'Your friend is too young to F- you but I will.' And with that he pulled the robe off and the fly was open on his pajamas and his penis and scrotum were exposed and he ejaculated almost as soon as he took the robe off and exposed himself.
I think he had to have been masturbating secretly almost the entire time he was in the restaurant otherwise he may not have ejaculated so quickly.
The girls screamed and were trying to get away and the manager and two other men ran over and tackled the guy used the string from his robe to tie his hands behind his back until police came.
When we got back to school on Monday the incident was the talk of the entire school and it seemed like everyone was asking me about what exactly happened so I retold the moment over several times a day for the next week and periodically throughout the whole year.
As I had thought about the story more it really made me very horny and apparently it made my friend 'Anthony' horny too because a few days after the incident I was giving him the play by play while we walked home from school and when I was done I asked if it made him angry that there were perverts like that around. He said, 'No it makes me horny as a MotherF-----' and we laughed.
I admitted that I got hard thinking about this one certain girl and I said that I wish she would let me jack off in front of her like the weird man did but not be freaked out. 'Anthony' said that he was hard right then he flashed his fully erect penis to me and said that the girls would have liked that better. We were walking through a park and I saw a bathroom and said that I needed to use the restroom. When we got in the restroom I made sure to stand far away from the toilet to see if 'Anthony' would do anything and he said to me, 'Yeh you are hard.' I asked him if he was still hard so he showed me his erection. I touched him and pulled his foreskin back and then he took over and masturbated on his own until he ejaculated into the toilet.
I didn't ejaculate after him but the next day on the way home we went into that restroom. We both had orgasms and from that day on it was almost a daily ritual with 'Anthony' throughout my 10th grade year.



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