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The Weekend Touch

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12 years waiting for this weekend


I love the stories here at Solo Touch especially from the mid twenties and up age group. I have been masturbating since age 13 and at twenty I thought I knew it all. Now after twenty some years I can say that I'm still learning everyday.

The best session happened about a year ago. My wife and kids were away for the weekend. It was raining out and I had nowhere to be so once again I get on to Solo Touch and start reading. (Solo Touch fan since, I don't know when forever?) Well anyway I had masturbated a few times Friday night to some same old porn. Woke up at 8am took a shower put away some movies from the night before and for some reason my wife's toys just kinda looked enticing. What a collection she has I have used some smaller anal toys 3/4 plug nothing too much. So I start reading stories on Solo Touch after about an hour of reading and stroking I decided to try the small plug again and it was a lot more fun this time. The stories about men and women my age started to get the best of me. I started to leak pre-come pretty good and I had a unfamiliar tingle in my groin area for a while almost orgasmic. I had to blame it on the anal play so I decided to get a bigger toy. 1 1/2 vibrating dildo about 7 inches long inserted that slowly and kept on reading. Now 2 1/2 hours into it I had a lot more severe tingle, pouring pre-come and I found my hips were starting to gyrate I guess. When I caught myself doing that I giggled and figured why not just go with it. So I started slowly moving up and down still reading stories but now I'm getting picky I wanted to feel what the women felt masturbating with a dildo and read and ride along with those stories. God what a sensation I actually started riding it harder then I ever, ever thought I would. No pain No outside noise No stress, Nothing but pure clean fun. At this point I believe I'm 3 1/2 hours into this and I want to let it all go, into the bedroom, found some good porn, and break out all the toys. 15min into the porn I started to insert one of the bigger ones (it is to me!)2 1/4 life like about 10 inches long. Up on all fours I slowly slide myself onto the toy and after working for about 20min I'm slowly starting to 'hump' it (now I know why women don't need men).I started to speed up and wow it felt great just wow. All of a sudden the build up for hours could not be held back and AHHHHH I started coming without ever touching my cock felt like gallons of cum I swear I have never come so much at one time I honestly think I could have filled a coffee cup. Then I realized I have not touched my penis since I started doing this and I was also soft. What a concept orgasmic feelings for hours and I'm not hard who would ever think this would be possible without ever experiencing it.

Husbands don't be afraid to try this and wives support him, also a word of advice. Everybody should give the other some real free time to masturbate. In fact go out of your way to make sure the other knows why they are getting this time and people utilize it for hours! Now in the tradition of Solo Touch I must go SOLO!!!!



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