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The Wednesday Club, Part 5

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The teenaged author introduces a new boy into the pleasures of the school masturbation club.


Despite Jameson's useful advice on how to initiate Wood into the Wednesday Club, I was still very nervous about the whole thing. It helped that Wood and I were already friends through the school's chess club, and of course we'd shared a communal shower after several rugby games between our two classes, so I knew that he'd already entered puberty.

It was over a chess game that I made my first move. I asked him if he was in any of the other school clubs.

"No," he replied, "though I'm thinking about joining the archery club this term. Mitchell invited me to last Friday's meeting, and it was fun to shoot a full-size bow. How about you?"

"I'm in the Wednesday Club," I said.

"Oh, the homework club. They helped me with my Latin last year. I guess you must help younger boys, right?"

"Well, it's not just a homework club, you know. There are other activities too."

Wood gave me a sly smile. "Really? I'd heard a rumour that it might not just be about homework. Apparently, one of the second-year girls saw something going on in the old woodwork shed a week or two ago, but nobody believed her."

"What did she say she saw?" I asked, as innocently as I could.

"Well, I only heard about it from Mitchell, but he said she told another girl that she'd seen three boys playing with their dicks. She only got a brief glance, because Thompson, the head boy, came along and told her that she wasn't supposed to be there, and that he'd report her to the headmaster."

"What would you say if I told you she really did see what she said?"

"I bet it was a surprise for her!" Wood said, laughing. "Do you mean there's a club that meets to wank together? Can anyone go along?"

"You have to be invited. It's not open to just anyone."

"So, Miller, are you inviting me?" he asked.

"If I was, what would you say?"

"Why not. It sounds like more fun than archery. When do we meet, then?"

"Well, I'm supposed to take you to the woodwork shed, just the two of us, then invite you."

"Okay, can we do it tomorrow, do you think?"

And so Wood and I found ourselves in the old woodwork shed the next day. He was eager and full of excitement. As soon as the door was shut, he faced me, unzipped my trousers and started fishing around inside my briefs. When he pulled out my dick, I was already as hard as a rock. This kid was horny, and it was catching!

"Okay, slow down! Slow down!" I said, laughing.

"But this is fun. Now you take out my dick," he said.

I crouched down in front of him and opened his zipper. He was wearing bright yellow Y-fronts. I slipped my fingers inside and felt his hot, stiff rod. I eased it out, and gently pulled back the foreskin. It was a respectable four and half inches. Wood was breathing hard, and I thought he was going to orgasm there and then.

I stood up, and his hand grasped my dick. He began working my foreskin back and forth, and I did nothing to stop him, enjoying the amazing feeling of this cute kid's hand bringing me quite quickly to one of the best orgasms I'd ever had. We were standing close together when I came, so my semen dribbled out of his hand and onto his shoe.

After I'd wiped away the mess, I took his dick in my hand and returned the favour. He was in such a state of arousal that he came after only a few strokes, and I was surprised to feel a warm, sticky wetness in my hand. It was just a couple of small shots, but he was already able to produce sperm. I licked it off my hand, and he did the same to the remnants of my orgasm on his hand.

His eyes were shining, even after we'd washed up. As we were leaving the shed, he hugged me tightly.

"Thank you, Miller. That was just amazing. Can we do it again soon, just you and me?"



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