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The Wednesday Club, Part 3

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The teenaged author attends his first full meeting of his school masturbation club.


I went to my first regular meeting of the Wednesday Club the following week. Jameson led me and Taylor to the old woodwork shed after lunch on the Tuesday afternoon. Inside the shed, a dozen boys were already gathered, waiting expectantly. They were all older boys. Only Taylor and I were from the second year. Two sixth-formers stood at the table. One was Clarke, the Head Boy, and he welcomed us.

"Hello Miller, hello Taylor! Since this is your first full meeting of the Wednesday Club, it's probably a good time to remind everyone of the Rules. They're very simple. You can't join the Club unless you're at least thirteen years old, and you've got to have started puberty. Meetings are held every Tuesday and Thursday, except during exams. Attendance is voluntary, so you can come to meetings as often as you wish. No boy can force another boy to come to a meeting, or to do anything during a meeting that he doesn't want to do. We're here to have fun, after all. Any boy who breaks these rules will be expelled from the Club, permanently."

He paused, then went on: "As Secretary of the Wednesday Club, I hereby welcome Miller and Taylor as our newest Junior Members. Well, let's get down to the business of the meeting. Who brought the tissues and the baby oil? Simmonds? Good man! Put them on the table in case anyone needs them."

By this time, several of the boys had taken out their dicks, and some had even dropped their trousers and underpants. There were a range of sizes, some long and thick, some smaller. Many of the older boys had luxuriant bushes of pubic hair, which made my few wisps look quite pitiful.

Two of the older boys were circumcised, and they were showing Taylor how to use baby oil for lubrication. He gleefully followed their example.

I stood in a semi-circle of third-year and fourth-year boys. I stroked slowly and deliberately, watching the others carefully to see if I could learn anything from their techniques. One after another, they shot gobbets of thick, milky sperm onto the floor. I felt rather nervous. What would they think of me, unable to produce anything? But they waited patiently for me to finish, and patted me on the back.

The Christmas holidays meant that the Club didn't meet for almost three weeks, but I practised diligently at home, and counted the days until school began again.

The first meeting of the new year was on a bright and frosty day. The temperature was several degrees below freezing, even at lunchtime, and none of us was inclined to drop our trousers in the cold shed, so everyone stood in a circle with stiff dicks poking out of their zippers. Taylor was standing next to me, and he was one of the first to orgasm, gasping slightly but producing nothing. All of the other boys began to shoot their sperm into the middle of the circle.

I'd got into the habit of holding back, by slowing the pace of my stroking and letting go of my dick completely when I felt an orgasm beginning to build. I learned the trick by watching Jameson, who always seemed to be the last to come. I would never have admitted to any of the other boys, but I enjoyed watching their dicks gush their hot, sticky semen.

I'd delayed my own orgasm to such as extent that even Jameson had come, and there was a pool of semen in the middle of the circle from everyone but Taylor and me. I felt a tremendous rush of ecstasy from my balls to the tip of my dick, and to my astonishment, I shot two small spurts of sperm which landed dead in the centre of the pool on the floor.

Jameson grinned at me in a conspiratorial kind of way, and I felt ten feet tall.

Clarke cleared his throat. "I believe this is Miller's first ejaculation as a member of the Club. Isn't that right, Miller?"

I nodded, and began blushing.

"Congratulations, Miller. Every boy's first ejaculation is a special event. As Secretary of the Club, I promote you to the rank of Contributing Member!"

And at that, everyone began to clap.

Taylor was promoted to Contributing Member three weeks later, and we both attended every meeting until the long summer holidays intervened.



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