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The Ways I like To Get Masturbated

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Tonight I woke up incredibly horny and had to do something about it. I went and got my lubricating jelly and came back to the couch, slipping down my panties and pajama bottoms. I laid down on my back and as I always do, I cupped each tit and lightly ran my thumbs over my nipples. I did this until I felt that wonderful twinge between my legs and then I rubbed them harder and faster unti they were stiff and hard. Leaving my bare breasts exposed, I spread my legs and squirted some lube onto my clit. Then I leaned back onto my pillow and began to massage around my clit the way I always ask my boyfriend to do it for me.

The way we sometimes like to do it is with me on my side giving him head while he rubs his fingers down each side of my inner lips. He doesn't touch my clit until he's massaged down the sides of it with his fingers in a V shape. Usually after a few minutes of this, I'm squirming and sucking his cock like mad as he rubs me there. He loves to do it this way to me because he can see my whole body facing him and watch me sucking him off, play with my titties until I cool down and then he slips two fingers in my pussy and starts pumping them in and out, never touching my clit. The way I let him know I want him to rub my clit is while his cock is still in my mouth I caress his nuts for him very gently.

When I start to massage them a little firmer he knows to take my whole clit in between his fingers and massage it firmly. By then I'm squealing and bucking and somehow still sucking and licking his cock and one more squeeze of his balls tells him to go up higher and pinch my clitty between his thimb and index finger and rub that sucker like mad. About this time I'm swallowing his cum and having a fantastic orgasm myself. Afterward when we're spent, I crawl up beside him and we kiss for a while and he'll ask me 'need some more?' My clit will still be throbbing from the first time and he'll slip his hand down to my wet pussy and gently, so gently, caress it all over with the flat of his hand. 'Mmmmmm' is about all I can say as he laughs and says 'you love this don't you? Does that feel good baby? Hmm? Feel good? I lie there with my eyes closed and smile. We kiss some more as he starts to finger my hole. My hips are pumping and it feels great and I'm not the least bit ashamed in my enjoyment of this. 'Rub me harder babe, do it right on my clit, please honey?' He tells me to beg for it and I do. He never stops massaging the entire time. Finally he places his thumb right on my bare clit and rubs in circles. 'Oh, FUCK yeah!!' I squeal. He starts to talk dirty to me and pinches the very top of my clitty, the part that's sooooo sensitive, between his fingers and rubs hard. By this time I am seeing stars and can't do more than grunt and moan as he massages me to orgasm again. When we're done he's hard again and without words, I lay back and spread my legs and smile as I feel his beautiful cock work itself in and out of my much relieved pussy. I let him fuck me soft or hard as he likes it and when he's done I give him a firm back rub. We follow this up by more masturbating. He will lean back against the headboard and help me lie across his lap. He has one hand under my tits to play with my nipples for a while as his other hand rubs lightly over my buttcheeks. He'll paddle me a little but not to hurt me. He spanks me gently and then caresses my ass. Then the hand that's been working my nipples and my boobs slips beneath me and he rubs my clitty again with his middle finger. My boyfriend's hands are a little rough and it feels so good when he rubs me between my legs. He rubs my clit and I hear him spit and I smile because I know what's coming and I love it. He gets his finger really wet and gently rubs the rim around my butthole. Ohhhh this makes me feel so dirty but I love it so I can't ask to quit. He then slowly works his wet finger into my asshole and moves it around in a circle then moves it in and out. The sensations are amazing. I start bucking and humping his other hand and he slips two fingers into my ass and pumps me more. I squeal as I come.

Well I was missing him so bad tonight. I lay on my back with my lege wide apart and I masturbated myself just like he does me, only I didn't do my butthole. Well I rubbed the hole a little bit but didn't fuck my butt like he does. I didn't need to. I rubbed my clit like he does, down the sides and then after a while, I slipped a finger in my cunt and I rubbed down on my g-spot for a minute. When I cum that way it's hard to explain but it's a 'deeper' cum. I will cum from my g spot and then immediately rub my clit and come again that way. That's what I did tonight. I massaged that firm bump inside my pussy until I was almost there and then I stroked downward on my clithood with my thumb and I came so hard I cried out 'Oh fuck!! with a little sob. I lay back and relaxed. It was beautiful. The only thing I missed was getting fucked after and then massaged again.

I love your website and the awesome stories I read that get me so hot. Some are way out there and some I know have to be true. If anyone reading this, guy or girl or both wants to 'talk' with me about sex and masturbation they have my permission to email me. Please do.

My name is Tammy.



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