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The Watcher

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this happened a few years ago when i was 14.my sister(12yrs) had a friend (13yrs old)who was addicted to nintendo.she would come over every chance she got and play it.she was from a broken home and her parents were both alcoholics which was part of the reason she spent so much time at our house.i was into video at the time(non sexual)and had several camcorders.anyway one saturday my parents and my sister went out of town for the day and i was home alone. the phone rang and it was melony(addict) wanting to know if she could come over and play nintendo. i told her my sister was not home but she could come over if she wanted to. she said she would come in a half hour.this girl was very good looking,nice ass,small tits and the clothes she wore showed it all off. usually she wore tight t-shirts(no bra) and very short shorts.some of her shirts were almost see through and you could see her brown nipples quite clearly.the thought of her and i alone made me horny as hell and i could not pass up this oportunity. i had a 5inch b&w tv which i set up right beside the one that the nintendo was hooked to and i ran a coax cable from it down through a register into the basement where my room was. i set one camcorder in my room behind and above my tv,facing the bed and hooked the cable to it. i turned the camera on adjusted thhe focus and went up stairs to check it out.the picture on the b&w tv was crystal clear. you could see the back of my tv at the foot of my bed and all of the bed.next i place a second camera upstairs just above the nintendo tv and ran a cable from it down stairs to my room and hooked it to my tv. now i could watch her as she played nintendo. i went down and turned off the light in my room and then went upstairs. the 5in tv screen was black, now all i had to do was wait!!when she got there i told her i was going to take a shower. i said theres snacks in the kitchen and drinks in the fridge if she wanted. dont know if she heard my because she was playing already.i went and had a shower,put on my house coat, looked in the living room and told her i was going to my room. she said ok with out even looking around!i knew that as soon as i turned on the light in my room that she would be able to see me so i had to act as if i didnt realize that the camera was on or that she could see me.i walked in and sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the tv.i could see her watching me so i reached over like i was turning on the tv. then i got a mirror and placed it beside the tv facing the bed so that i could see my self.i kept watching her as she watched me do this. she had a puzzled look on her face wondering what i was doing.the tv in my room had a vcr in it so i pretended to stick in a tape.i lay down on the bed,legs crossed,covered with my house coat and pretended to watch a movie.she went back to playing but every once in a while she would glance over to see what i was doing.each time she looked away i would open my house coat a little more, watching my self in the mirror knowing that that was what she was seeing upstairs.well by now my cock was so hard it was throbbing and aching but still covered.the next time she looked at the 5inch tv, i rolled over on my side, grabbed my drink off the table and rolled back onto my back. i saw her watching and checked the mirror. my rock hard cock was fully exposed and she was just staring at it.she never took her eyes off me for the next 15 min. i slowly reached down and wrapped mt fingers around my shaft and squeezed,trying to milk some precum out.a drop came out and i rubbed it around my swollen cock head,then i watched her watch me as i reached down and started to play with my balls,rolling them around in my hand and grabbing them and pulling on them.i rolled over,put my drink back and when i rolled back i bent my knees and spread my legs.looking in the mirror i could see my tight puckered asshole completely exposed to her. i reached down with both hands, one to rub and massage my asshole and the other i played with my cock and balls.i was staring straight into her eyes with a little smile on my face hoping that she was enjoying this as much as i was!i was about ready to cum so i quit playing with my asshole and concentrated on my cock.i wrapped my hand around my shaft and started to stroke,my cock was dry so i was just moving the loose skin and looking in the mirror i could see my balls bouncing up and down .they were slapping my hand then slapping on my asshole then up to my hand and back down to slap my asshole.i looked over at melony and her eyes were glued to the tv watching me. i was ready to cum and about two more strokes and i started to pump out thick streams of hot cum straight up into the air.i watched as my asshole clenched and relaxed at each spurt.i had thick,slimy,white cum all over my belly and some came down on my hand ,oozing over my fingers and down my cock onto my balls.i watched melony watching me with her mouth open,im not sure if she was breathing heavy or just suprised. i quickly smeared cum on my cock and gave it a couple more good hard,tight strokes,lifting my knees up to my chest and pushing the last few dribbles of clear cum out. i could see it drip off my balls and down onto my now partly protruding ass hole. i dropped my legs back down,let go of my cock and started to clean myself off,thats when i saw melony get up and leave.she never came back when i was there alone but she did come back to play her game and as far as i know she never told any one what happened.im sure she didnt realize that i was watching her watch me as i had the best orgasm ive ever had



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