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The Watcher

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this is what happens when i have a few spare hours. first i set up my camcorder and hook it up to the TV so i can watch myself while i play and then i set up my digital camera so i have photos which i post on the web.makes me very horny thinking about other guys stroking their hard throbbing cocks while they look at me.next i get a summer sausage (10in X 2in),a wide mouth mason jar ,a pint glass milk bottle and a piece of aquarium tubing.i start the camcorder and get undressed,lying on the floor withh my ass towards the camera ,i spread my legs and watch myself as i spread vaseline on my tight wrinkled asshole.when i have it lubed up then i take the sausage and spread vaseline on one end of it.i slowly start to insert it into my waiting asshole.it usually takes a couple of minutes before my sphincter relaxes enough to let the sausage past but once it stretches enough then the fun begins. i usually get a couple of photos of my asshole being stretched out and then i start to stroke the meat in and out.i can only get about 8 inches into my ass so i just stroke what feels comfy. as i am sliding the sausage in and out it rubs and massages my prostate and soon cum starts to ooze out of my cock . i catch it on my finger and lick it off. i love the taste of my cum,slightly sour and tart and leaves a nice after taste.after fucking my ass for a few minutes i then slide the sausage about 6in inside me and break it off. i then squeeze my sphincter hard and pull the piece up inside me.i get up and walk around the house or go on the computer for a while (porn sites) with this big chunk of meat inside me.after about 10 min i go back to the camcorder, lay down and spread my legs.i watch myself as i bear down and start to push the sausage out, my asshole starts to protrude and spread open as the sausage peeks out.i hold it there just peeking out and take a few photos.i squeeze it back in and then push it out and squeeze it back in.Now i get the vaseline and spread it around my cock and under my balls then i take the mason jar and slip my cock and balls inside it.i slide one end of the tubing into the jar beside my cock and put the other end in my mouth and start to suck the air out of the jar. as the air comes,out my cock and balls start to swell.i keep sucking until my balls start to ache,then i pull out the tube and take some photos.i shave all body hair so there is a good seal and i can walk around the house with my cock and balls slowly swelling up.i usually do this for about an hour and by then my balls are about twice as big as normal then i remove the jar ,some times with great difficulty as every thing is swollen. i then take the smaller jar with the narrower neck and fill it with quite warm water(almost hot) i then suck my cock into the bottle,using the tubing,sucking out the water. i suck out water until my cock is swollen to twice its normal size and starts to ache. i can see a huge donut forming just behind the head as the loose skin swells.as a matter of fact i can look down right now and see it happening.im sitting at the computer typing this story and i have my cock sucked into the bottle right now.im going to go and take a few photos and who knows maybe you will see me on the net.im going to go and stroke my big swollen hard cock and cum for the camera NOW !!!



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