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The Video Clip

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This is a true story. I wrote it a couple of years ago when I was with this girl. Broke it off about 6 months ago.


She's an exotic, almond-eyed Asian beauty; at 24 she's 22 years my junior. Her cafe-au-lait skin is soft as satin; she drives me nuts with her hourglass figure and full, pendulous breasts that feature silver-dollar-sized nipples. She's every man's dream come true. And she's all mine.

In the opening frame of the video clip, she is visible from the shoulders up. It is a profile view of her on the right half of the frame facing left, eyes closed, mouth open. My naked torso is visible from thighs to chest on the left, facing her. The fingers of my left hand are wrapped around my straining cock, which is inches from her open mouth, pointed nearly bolt upright. Her left hand cups my balls gently. The room is bathed in soft red-orange lamplight.

When the clip starts, my hand flies rapidly up and down the shaft of my dick, gripping it just below the head. She waits, open mouthed and expectant, left hand stroking and gently pulling my scrotum. There is time for only 3 or 4 strokes before the salvo begins.

The first cum pulse is a thick, powerful stream that plasters a stripe of white semen up her face from lips to forehead, then describes a semicircular arc back down her left cheek. Toward the end of the pulse, a second stream breaks off from the bottom of the main one, shooting straight into her open mouth. The cum runs down from her eyebrow and cheek, and drips from her lips, as my hand continues to milk my shaft in short, quick strokes. She closes her mouth for a moment to taste my semen, then opens it again.

The second pulse is a thinner stream, shot so hard that it is barely visible. A white cum streak splashes across her eyelids. Her face glistens with spunk in the soft lamplight as she leans in, lips now barely two inches from the bulbous cockhead, making sure that she doesn't miss a drop. I bend my prong down slightly, and the pisspipe is now aimed squarely at her nose and mouth. She closes and opens her mouth again, and a cobweb of sperm clings and stretches between her lips.

The third pulse is a fat white laser beam that grazes the tip of her nose before striking just above her left eye. The stream is so long that the downstroke of my hand interrupts it for a moment, allowing the first of the pulse to squirm upward into her hair before the second part redraws the same arc in a shimmering blaze of ejaculate. A long string of cum hangs from her chin for a moment before dropping off in a thick glob. She takes a swallow of her man's sperm, and opens her mouth again.

The fourth pulse is so powerful that it glances off her nose and shoots entirely over her head, the thick white lighning bolt of spunk visible against her dark brown hair as it arcs back down to settle into her tresses. Another string of jism oozes off her chin. She leans her head back a bit, and the cum glistens and sparkles in her hair.

The fifth is another double-pulse. The squirming cumstream connects my peehole to her sperm-splattered face for a long moment. A large glob of jism runs down her cheek and drops off near her mouth, looking much like a thick white tear. Her eyes are now pasted shut, mouth opening and closing as she tastes of the torrential ejaculation.

A sixth pulse, shorter this time as the tanks begin to run dry. This one shoots straight up, landing in her hair before scribing a fine white spunk line from her forehead down across her lips. A thin cum snake slithers down off the far side of her face, silhouetted against the wall behind her, and crawls down onto her shoulder.

During this entire jizz plastering, her left hand continues to gently caress my nuts, thumb in front and fingers behind, so as to ensure the maximum size of my emission. It's working. My hips are thrust forward toward her beautiful face; my body heaves with every cumblast I unload onto her loveliness.

As she leans in again and takes another swallow of baby-cream, a seventh pulse hits her square on the nose. It climbs up wormlike to settle between her eyes; she squeezes them shut a little tighter. Two long strings of cum drip down off her chin, one after the other, extending right out of bottom of the frame of the video before breaking off. Again she moves back a little, and cum glitters on her face.

The eighth pulse hits her just as she is reopening her mouth. Although by now the pulse is small as the load peters out, it unerringly finds its way directly into her open mouth. Another heavy drop of spuzz falls from her chin, and she closes her mouth again to savor and swallow this latest semen treat.

The bombardment has ended now. My hand continues to fly up and down my pole as the orgasm subsides. Her her face is awash in thick, pearlescent rivulets of cum; it drips and runs off her chin. She takes her last swallow of spunk. Sensing the end, she opens her eyes.

Her hand can be seen coming out from behind my balls, stopping to rub the bottom of my sac. She caresses and hefts my testicles, and leans her head downward. As the clip ends, a thick pink tongue eases out of her mouth, and licks the last drop of spunk from the tip of my prick. When her head backs away, a sticky string of jizz stretches from my peehole to the tip of her tongue.



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