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The Vent

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Looking at my brother through the vent


Growing up my older brother and I shared a room with bunk beds, this changed when I was older.

My dad made a room in the attic over our old room. He also cut in vents in the ceiling of the old room so some heat could rise and help heat my new room along with a small electric heater that was enough.

After being in the loft for sometime, I heard some goofy noises as usual from my brothers room and for some reason It peaked my interest as I decided to lay on the vent and listen, as I lay there I noticed that I could see a little through the vents.

It was not much but the next day after I turned off my lights I got a better view and if I would lay just right I could line up the vent slats and get a great view.

Well I was sort of shocked at what I saw in the beginning.

I was in full view of seeing my brother laying there naked on his bed with his pepe and he playing with it making these noises, what was weird was the size of his pepe, I remember seeing him when we were younger but he was much smaller then.

We were sheltered kids in a conservative upbringing I had no clue what was going on but continued to watch as it made me feel funny and odd.

I saw him tense up and all of a sudden his pepe started shooting this white stuff out as it seemed to bounce, I could see my brother all tensed up grunting as this happened.

I was now sort of dizzy from what I had just seen and crawled in to my bed. As I lay there I could not get those images out of my mind and could not sleep.

I was sort of scared as my body was acting weird, flushed, heart racing and tingling all over. I lay there and felt very warm in my crotch and my knickers felt sort of tight on my private area.

I went to loosen up my knickers and felt very wet and sensitive at the touch.

I was concerned that I had urinated in my knickers somehow and got up to change, I turned on my lamp and looked down and yes my knickers we're very wet but they had a strange smell, not of urine.

I also could see that my lips seemed bigger than normal and very sensitive.

I quietly got off my bed taking off my knickers and walked to my dresser to get a clean pair and I caught myself in front of my mirror looking at my crotch as I stood there. I was curious as to my current state and noticed how big my lips seemed through the little hair that I had.

I spread my legs a little standing there to get a full view of how I seemed to be swollen.

I carefully caressed my lips, it seemed to need a rub, I had often done this in the shower or to scratch an itch knowing it felt good.

This was different I was very sensitive to the touch, as I stood there I slowly rubbed up and down my lips feeling so good as my hands picked up my juices leaking out, my finger went between the lips feeling all my inner soft areas oh my it was so good.

I had to stop as I heard my mother doing her nightly rounds.

I watched my brother almost every night and now figured out what he was doing as I had just also learned.



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