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The Ultimate Buddy Bond

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First in a series of my experiences with other guys.


I spent my first 15 1/2 years on a dairy farm outside a small town in the midwest. Not many other kids to hang with but I was lucky. Across the road was 'Mike'. We'd been buddies since birth and got along great. Sure, there were little rifts from time to time but all was forgotten and forgiven within a day or two. No secrets between us either. We were open and could talk about anything and compared our developing bodies often. Seeing each other naked was no big deal. We bathed together as kids and saw each other when changing to swim, in gym, etc. We compared boners and talked about jacking off but that's as far as it ever went until one summer night when we were 13.

I don't remember all that led up to this but Mike was staying the night while my parents were out. We did whatever and were getting ready to go to sleep. I'd showered and was laying on my bed just in my briefs. Mike came from the shower in a towel and dropped it to pull on his underwear. I noticed his dick was kind of full, flopping around, partially erect. I made comment that he seemed really relaxed and must have had some fun in the shower. He said no but he wished he had, he didn't get a chance earlier in the day.

Briefs on, he got on the bed next to me and we talked about this and that until the subject of girls came up, specifically Sheri that we both had a crush on. We wondered aloud what she looked like naked. She had large breasts and pert nipples and a great tan body. Admitting to each other that she was the vision we jacked off to.

Then we talked about how often we busted a nut and how we did it and where. Seemed we both did it in the shower everyday or in bed just before going to sleep, or both. Me using my whole hand and him concentrating on the head with fingers around it. Both 'edging' for the most part to get the most pleasure.

We were both hard as stone, tenting our briefs. We just looked at each other, nothing was said, and we pulled them off. I hadn't seen Mike hard in months, he'd grown. We weren't huge, I'd say a fists length. His was thicker than mine, perfectly straight and smooth skinned. Mine a smidgen longer and veiny with hair on my sack. We just started slowly stroking, me using my full hand and Mike using his fingers on his head. Watching each other, looking at each other. He had some pre leaking out that he smeared around his glans. I didn't pre much so got baby oil out of my bedstand for lube.

Mike made the first move and put his hand on my thigh and looked into my eyes with a 'can I' look. I let go of myself and he gently explored my cock with his free hand as he continued to play with his head. It felt soooo good to have another touch me. I pushed his hand away from his cock and explored like he was doing me. Tentatively rubbing his head, feeling his balls, stroking his soft loose skin with my full fist like I'd do myself. He felt so hard but so soft at the same time.

Nothing was ever said. I did him like I'd do myself and he did his method to me. Taking our time. Sometimes stopping, taking hints from each other by pushing hands away, making it last. It amazed me at how much pre came out of Mike. Much more than myself. I don't know why but I tasted it. Not bad at all, almost no taste, just a hint of salt.

I ended up cumming first, thrusting up into his fingers and shot all over his hand. It was hard to keep going but I had to finish him off. He soon bucked into my fist and shot a huge load all over himself. It was great! Mike grabbed his briefs and wiped us off. We looked at each other, bliss in our eyes and started laughing. Why I don't know.

I couldn't believe I could be so charged up but relaxed at the same time. The whole experience was just awesome. We both had a quick shower and did it again!

This was the first of countless times we jacked together. It was the ultimate bond between two friends. We did it a lot at first but it tapered off as we got older. It always just sort of happened, we never planned it. When I moved away at 15 I thought I'd never have fun like that again, but I was wrong.

As it's been said, that's a story for another day.



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