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The Ultimale Fantasy

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My Ultimate Fantasy

My cousin from Romania(place changed) took a trip to my house during November 2006 for an over the weekend visit. My cousin's name is Lindsey(name changed); she has dark, black hair and a good build. Lindsey is just a little but taller then me. I am 5'1' and she is 5'3'.

Anyway, the day before she was going back to Romania, she came into my room during the night and she put herself under the covers and she talked to me. The conversation started from sex and masturbation. She told me the first time she had sex and I told her about a friend of mine who was making a lot of bad choices. I told her my friend Stacy was not wearing a condom when she had sex with boys and that I thought that she was doing it do soon. Lindsey listened to me and she agreed. As we kept on talking about it I wanted to tell her that I masturbated but I didn't must up enough courage to actually say anything. Anyway after about two hours of talking she & I went to bed and then she went to the airport in the morning to catch a plane back to Romania.

Ever since that day. I have created a fantasy about me and her touching each other.

So... The fantasy!

On a cold, winter night I am lying on my bed. I was so horny. I haven't masturbated for two whole days and it was starting to get to me. I tore the sheets off and I examined my cold, hard breasts. I cupped them and then I took my forefinger and I touched my nipple. My nipple was big and red and it was so sensitive to my soft touch. I ventured further down my body and I found my clit. I rolled it around it was so aroused and swollen I couldn't keep still. Then I hands quietly touched my pussy lips. They were so wet and full. I finally thrust a finger into my deep, warm cunny and my body suddenly tensed up and my breathing became hard. I kept on rubbing frantically around trying to touch everything inside me. With each flick my warm finger made against my clitoris the pleasure increased. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I slid my hand out of my cunt and I wiped it on my pillow and I hollered 'Come in.'

Lindsey walked in and she asked about why I looked so flushed. I was a bad liar but I gave it my all and I said that I was cold. She then looked at me mysteriously and she said she new what I was doing and that it was perfectly normal. Suddenly, Lindsey put herself on top of me and she said she knew that I wasn't done yet and if I would like her to finish me off. I couldn't believe it my own cousin was going to touch me and make me have the best orgasm of my life. I laid back and I relaxed. Lindsey then took her finger and thrust it into me, She smiled at me as a writhed around in pleasure. Then finally I screamed. My body jerked everywhere. I started shouting Lindsey's name and my body writhed everywhere. Then finally I calmed down and I look at her pink face and all and I hugged her.

I then shyly asked her if I could touch her breasts. She obliged and she opened her shirt for me. My mouth immediately dropped at I saw how hard Lindsey was. I asked if I could touch and she took off her shirt. I took that at a yes and I started to caress her body. I felt the soft and suppleness of Lindsey's skin. I leaned in and I started to rub and suck her beautiful nipples. Lindsey also started to moan she frantically slid her panties down and she started to rub. In no time at all she had an orgasm. I stopped sucking her breasts. Then finally she left to go to sleep. She was turning to go but I said wait.

'Thank you, so much, Lindsey. I never had an experience like that before.'

Lindsey smiled at me and she hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then she slowly disappeared through the door.

- xxbrokenwishesxx



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