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The two girls across the street

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When I was growing up, I lived across the street from two sisters. We became friends at an early age basically because of proximity reasons. They were easy to hang out with. We all remained friends throughout our school years. My age was right in the middle of them. Beth was a year older than me and Kate was a year younger. They both looked a lot alike as well. Brunette hair, blue eyes, same skin tone. Beth was just a little taller and had bigger boobs and a rounder ass. When I became of age, I developed crushes on the both of them but never told them. I guess I didn't want to ruin our friendship and I was pretty shy. Anyways, this is my story the summer I was 15.

The three of us were hanging out like any other at their parents house. Both sets of parents were off at work so we had free reign of the house. It was sweltering hot and no one had air conditioning or a pool. So we were all dressed pretty scantily. I had on shorts and a t-shirt. Beth was dressed in short shorts and spaghetti strap shirt. Kate was similarly dressed but with no bra since she had smaller boobs. We just doing what we normally do: chit chatting, playing video games, watching movies. They're was a particular movie on with a steamy sex scene. I was immediately turned on by this and became uncomfortable. I shifted my eyes on my right and saw that Kate was visibly enjoying the scene. Her eyes were wide and she had a big smile on her face.

"Maybe this is a little too racy for you," Beth chimed in. I had a feeling she was enjoying it as well but wanted to spare her little sister from the scene.

"No, no," Kate said."I like it." I just laughed, trying to hide my obvious excitement. Beth was about to hit the fast forward button but stopped. She knew she couldn't win. After the movie was over, Kate couldn't stop talking about the sex scenes. She asked us if we were ever did anything like that. I just shook my head and said I wish which caused laughter. Beth said she never went that far with her last boyfriend. I was always a little jealous of that but was relieved when she ended it. That conversation died down a little bit until Beth announced she was going to the bathroom. Being a teenager, the sex scenes and the following conversation left me with a semi-erection. As Beth got off the sofa, I could see Kate eyeing me. She immediately grabbed at my crotch as Beth exited.

"Hey, stop," I said instinctively, pushing her hand away.

"But I wanna see," Kate said. "That movie was so hot and I see you liked it too." Her hand moved back to my hard on which was at full capacity now. I was enjoying myself too much to put up at fight now. She massaged my cock through my shorts while I softly moaned. I pulled her closer as she unzipped me and pulled it out. "Oh my..." she mustered as she grabbed it again and stroked it. She didn't really know what she was doing but it felt great.

"Slow down." I said. Kate slowed down the stroking and got into a good rhythm. Now that felt really good. We both had completely forgotten about Beth until she walked back into the living room. Now my eyes widened as I tried to put my hard cock back into my shorts.

"Oh my god, you two," Beth finally said

"Whatever, we were having fun," Kate said. "Go away if you don't like fun." She fiddled with my shorts again and pulled it back out. I was so turned on so I just let it happen without speaking. Beth just stood there and watched Kate give me a hand job. "You're doing it wrong," she said after a minute. Now I thought Kate was doing great.

"Well show me then," Kate said. She stopped stroking me but still had it in her hands. Beth came over and sat down on the other side of me. She looked me in the eyes and took my cock in her hands. She said nothing and started stroking me. I was in total heaven. A handjob by two sisters. I had a huge grin on my face.

"Enjoying yourself?" Beth said. "Try this." She stopped and spit on her hand and went back to stroking. Did that feel so good. Kate got down on the floor and started pulling off my shorts. I got up for a second as they both stripped me down. There I was totally naked with two sexy sisters. Beth went back to stroking and she bent over a little so I could see down her shirt. Her boobs were fantastic. Kate sat down beside me and turned my head towards her. She planted a sloppy kiss on my lips. We started making out and she put my hands on her boobs. They were small but her nipples were very hard. They felt so good.

"Hey, look over here," Beth said. I turned to her and she started kissing me. She stopped stroking my cock and pulled me close as we kissed. Kate immediately grabbed my cock and went to town. I started lifting Beth's shirt and she helped me pull it off. She unhooked her bra and let her tits fall out. They were perfect. She held them together and I took a nipple in my mouth. Kate was getting a little jealous so she stopped stroking me and cleared her throat. I looked over and she started stripping. Kate pulled her shirt over her head revealing her little boobs. They might have been little but they were really nice. Then she dropped her shorts and her panties. Kate had a nice little muff of pubic hair. She came over and straddled me, planting a big kiss on my lips. She rested her pussy on my hard cock. This was just getting better and better.

"Hey, don't get too crazy now," Beth exclaimed. Kate and I were too busy making out. My hands moved to her ass. I could feel her wetness on my cock. Beth was watching us and she spread her legs. I saw her hand disappear into her shorts. I took a hand off Kate's ass and placed it on Beth's shorts, trying to pull them down. She got the hint and stripped them right off and started playing her wet pussy. I brought my hand back under Kate's ass and started rubbing her. She stopped kissing me and started moaning.

"Get off me and lay down," I whispered in her ear. Kate obliged and spread her legs. I started rubbing her again. She arched her back and got really into it, moaning loudly. Her sister was sitting up beside her watching us and fingering vigorously. Kate came hard, her juices dripping all over my fingers. As her orgasmed subsided, she told me to sit next to Beth. I nestled in next to Beth as she fingered herself. Kate took my cock in her hand while on her hands and knees next to me. She started stroking again, her face inched away. Then suddenly she licked the tip and took it all in her mouth.

"Kate..." Beth whispered. I don't think she approved but she was too turned on to do anything about. Kate sucked my cock, going up and down, until I felt the urge a minute later. I tapped her head and she pulled her mouth off just as I started to cum. She stroked it again as I came all over my chest and belly. Right as I finished, Beth had a shuddering orgasm next to me. Kate started playing with cum, massaging it all over me. They both gave it a little taste and I tasted Beth's juices on her fingers. Kate got up and curled up next to me. We all sat there holding each other, breathing heavy and sweating. This was just the beginning of out adventures that summer.



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