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The Twins Move In

Posted by: Author: Age: 34 now, 14 then Posted on: 7 comments
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Double the pleasure, double the fun.


When I was 14 a set of twins moved into my neighbourhood. As my friend Tom and I watched them move in we noticed them setting up an above ground pool in the backyard. We introduced ourselves to the twins. The twins Keith and Karl said that they had just moved in from out-of-state. His dad's company had transferred him to a new office in our area. Tom and I commented on how cool it was to have your own pool. The twins invited us over that Saturday to swim. Tom and I eagerly accepted.

Tom and I showed up at the twins house Saturday as arranged. The twins parents were gone and would not be back for several hours. The twins told us that his mom did not want us tracking water to the house so we would have to change in the garage. The garage had a door directly to the backyard so it was easy. As we stripped to change into our swim trunks, Tom mentioned that he had thought about the twins girlfriend all night. He started asking questions on how big her breasts were and how often did she let them touch them. As Tom talked about it his dick started getting hard. We all noticed his dick getting hard so our dicks started getting hard. Watching someone else's dick get hard makes me so horny.

Within just a couple of minutes there were four very hard dicks standing in the garage. The twin said that they would have to take care of the boners before they could go swimming. There were several chairs and a love seat in the garage. We each grabbed a seat and started stroking. The twins dicks were still identical. Their dicks were about 6 1/2 inches long but what appeared to be twice as thick as mine or Tom's. The shafts of their dicks were very dark, and they had a very pink circumcision line up to a very dark bulbous head. I know Tom and I have an above average dicks and compared to the other guys I have seen my age our thickness is normal or slightly above average. But compared to the Twins dicks Tom and I have pencil dicks. Where our fingers wrapped completely around our dicks their fingers couldn't touch when they grabbed their dicks.

Almost immediately the twins started jacking each other and playing with each other's nuts. It was so freaking hot watching two identical people jack each other. My brother and I have jacked each other so the brother thing was fine, it was just watching two identical people jack each other was freaky. Tom and I started jacking each other, something that we've done before. Soon Keith said we all should stand in a circle so we could take turns jacking each other. So we all got up and stood in a tight circle to where our dicks almost touched and we took turns stroking each other's dicks. I wrapped my hand around Keith's fat dick and I could not touch my fingers on the other side. Keith jacked Tom, Tom jacked Karl, and Karl jacked me and then we would switch. Soon you could tell we were all ready to explode. Our thrusts became harder as our strokes became faster. I can feel the twins dick in my hand hardened even more as I watch their dick head swell. Our breathing became harder and Carl let out a moan and said that he was getting ready to cum. Tom also said that he was there, that he was going to cum, but it was Keith whose dick exploded first. His body stiffened as his dick spasmed in my hand. I watched as a rope of cum shot across and hit Tom in the belly dripping down onto his dick. The sight was too much for me and I thrust forward one last time and froze as my cum arched over and hit Karl in the chest. That started a chain reaction where Tom and Carl started shooting their cum all over Keith and myself. I pointed Keith's dick over at Tom and we started spraying each other which each others cum.

It was so hot watching all of our dicks so close to each other spreading cum over ourselves. As our dicks dripped out the last drops of cum we let go of each other's dicks. Karl raised his cum covered hand up and brought it toward his face and stated that was one of the best. He brought his hand to his mouth and started to lick the cum off of his finger and stopped. It was kind of the unwritten rule that you don't put cum in your mouth. You can help a buddy by jacking him but that was as far as you could go otherwise you weren't playing straight. I think we all knew that we tasted our own cum but none of us would admit that we wanted to taste each others cum. We looked at each other and Tom said what the hell, and took a small lick of the cum off his finger. Keith shrugged his shoulders and took a lick of cum off his finger. They all looked at me and I smiled and took a lick off mine. I have no idea who's cum I had in my mouth, probably a little of all of ours. I do remember it was very pungent. I have secretly tasted all my friends cum when they weren't looking, even my brothers cum. I thought it was great fun to be able to do it in front of these guys. Comments?



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