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The Twins and I

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I never suspected these guys loved masturbating as much as I did.


I met Jason and Jeremy (real names) at the beginning of my eighth grade year. They were identical twins and were in the ninth grade. Their dad was in the Military and was stationed in our hometown and they had only moved in a few weeks before school started. My house was only a few blocks from their's so we met on our daily walk home from school. The first time I saw them I was sort of attracted to them because they were both a little taller than me with blonde hair and brown eyes and everytime they took off their shirt I would admire the treasure trail they had.

It didn't take long for us to become good friends. Everyday we would walk straight to their house to play video games or just hang out and eat all the snacks we could. Their mom was a nurse and she would always be at work until late and their dad didn't get home until around six so we always had the house to ourselves every afternoon. Everyday was pretty much the same until one day they pulled a fast one on me. We were all sitting in their gameroom, which was a large open room over the garage with a big t.v. and a couch and about four or five bean bag chairs. Jeremy and I were playing a game when I noticed that Jason had left the room. I thought he had gone for more snacks but after a while I asked Jeremy what was taking Jason so long to get back. He said I should go look for him and see what he was doing. I made my way down the stairs from the gameroom into the kitchen and there was no sign of Jason. I decided to go check Jason's bedroom to see if he was there and I found the door half open. When I pushed the door open, Jason was laying naked on his bed just slowly playing with his dick. He looked over at me and said, 'It took you long enough.'. Just then Jeremy walks into the room with a big stupid grin on his face and started taking off his clothes too. By this time I had a huge rise in my Levis and they both noticed. It turns out that Jason and Jeremy had been jackoff buds with a guy where they lived before and had only been able to do it with each other since they moved and had been trying to figure out a way to get me in on their game. They had decided to introduce me to the idea in this manner so they could see my reaction. Well, it worked.

After seeing both of them naked it didn't take much for me to shed my cloths too. There we were, 3 teenaged boys, naked in my friends room. So I asked, 'What now?' That's when we all piled onto the bed and just started looking at each other's junk and talking about the difference. Mine was about 5' with a little patch of hair at the base but their's was 7' and fat with a lot of hair. Jeremy took the lead and explained that he and his brother jacked each other just about everyday and asked if he could jack me. Well you know I was quick to move closer to him and he reached over and just rubbed my dick very slow. It was the first time anyone had touched me there and it felt like electricity shot through my whole body. He only had to do it for about three minutes and I erupted all over his hand and my leg. They both laughed because I came so quick and so much. Then it was my turn to jack off Jason while Jeremy told me how to do it. Jason liked to have his nut sack lightly touched especially at the bottom. And then right before he shot his load, he would spread his legs wide so I could lightly touch his butthole. About three seconds after I touched his butthole, he shot like three ropes of cum all the way up to his chin. I had never seen so much cum at one time. Then Jason did it to Jeremy while I watched and he talked me through it step by step. Jeremy liked to start off with a slow tight grip up and down and work into a very fast and hard jackoff. He only wanted his balls played with during the whole process but that is all. He took a long time to shoot his load, which I later found out was normal for him, but when he did it didn't shoot as far as Jason's but it was just as much.

After that day we would get together almost every afternoon. We would usually walk into their house and go straight for the fridge for snacks and drinks and then go right to the bedroom where we would take off our cloths and begin to get each other off. Eventually we started experimenting with doing other things with and for each other but those things can't be mentioned here. Most times it was the three of us together however there were a few times when it would just be me and one or the other twin.

Jason and Jeremy moved away after my 10th grade year because their dad was sent to a different military base. I kind of lost touch with them after that but I will never forget all the fun we had with each other especially during sleepovers. So if you two read this I'm sure you will know who I am.



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