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The Twins

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I am the luckiest person in the world. When I was growing up there was a family living near us and they had twin daughters who were three years younger than me. Their mom and dad were really strict and would not let them date until they were seventeen. So, they hung out with me a lot. I had a girl friend at the time but spent a lot of my time with the twins. One day when I was sixteen and they were thirteen we were walking in the woods. We came up on this place that I really enjoyed going to. It was a sunken place in a hillside with lots of trees around and there was a natural spring right in the center of it. Lots of days I would sit there and just enjoy being outside.

That particular day the subject of sex came up. The girls knew I was dating and they were becoming interested in boys. I asked the girls if either of them had ever had sex and they both said no. They wanted to know if I had ever done it with a girl and I told them I had, once. Well, one thing led to another and before you know it we were all three naked. Let me tell you, they had pretty good bodies for thirteen year old girls. They were not quite ready to go all the way with a boy but they sure wanted to play.

We were not naked long until my dick was hard and they was fascinated by it. It was the first real one they had seen. I asked them if they ever masturbated and they said no. So, I figured it was my duty to show them how. I had them spread their legs and told them to finger their pussies, which they did. It was not long at all until one of them had an orgasm. She could not believe that anything could feel so wonderful and started encouraging her sister to have one. Pretty soon her twin sister had her first orgasm.

They then wanted me to show them how I masturbated so I started jerking my hard cock, which was throbbing and leaking precum after the show they had just put on. It didn't take long until I shot my load. The girls were so excited and loved watching me masturbate. I then told them that I could masturbate them and it would feel even better than them doing it themselves. I spent the next half hour playing with their young virgin pussies. They were laying side by side and I had both hands on their pussies. The one who came first when doing it themselves was also the first one to cum with me playing with them. I soon found out that she was no doubt the hottest one of the two.

By the time they had cum a couple more times I was hard again and I had them jack me off. I found out that day that four hands are even better than two. By the time we left our secret spot, as we called it we were all very satisfied.

It was in the summer time and we were out of school so we started going to that particular spot every day. We would get naked and play with each other. Many times one would jack me off while the other spent her time kissing me and letting me suck her tits. Then they would switch places.

That first summer was the greatest time anyone could have had. During school when the weather was warm we would meet there after school. We spent most of our time there for the next two summers until I graduated from high school. I really hated to leave to go to college but I had to do it. I was close enough that I could go home on weekends because I wanted to be with my twin darlings.

The twins finally turned seventeen right before their senior year in high school and their mom told them that they could now go out on dates. They asked me to take both of them out on their first date. The three of us went to a drive-in movie that night. Things got so hot in the car that night that the windows fogged up. The three of us made out in the car and then again later after we left the movie.

By that point in life, although I really loved both of the girls, I was attracted to one in particular. One night we talked and the one who was always so quick to cum said she kind of liked this boy and he had asked her to go out with him. That was fine with me because it was the other one that I liked. The one that I liked best was not the one who was always so quick to have an orgasm, but once she got aroused she was just as hot or hotter than her twin sister. Before she went out with the boy she liked she asked me to be the first boy to fuck her. I did both of them the same night.

From that day the other twin dated other boys and I dated the one that I liked so much. About a year later I married the one that I loved most. I am probably the only man who has ever gone on their honeymoon with two girls. Yes, that is correct. My wife and I left for our honeymoon and her twin sister met us at the place where we were staying and she spent the entire honeymoon with my wife and I. We all three slept together that week.

About six months later my wife's twin sister married. She has never told her husband about what happened between the three of us. About once a year my wife's twin sister flies home and stays a week or two with me and my wife. It's still fun after all these years to get in bed naked with the two of them and start playing and masturbating. I might add that my wife's twin sister can still cum quicker than my wife, but not as many times as my wife.



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