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The Tough Guy Club

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This actually happened, although I might have changed a detail or two so as to protect identities.


I learned about masturbation when I was younger. I hadn't yet grown any hair, well, maybe a strand or two, but I could ejaculate a few drops of clear liquid. I figured masturbation out for myself. I was anxious to share it with my friends, but being socially awkward, I had no idea how to bring it up, and of course, no one invited me to jerk with them. They too, were awkward. From what I know now, with the perspective of 13 years of personal growth, I realize I could have simply asked, and if presented right, my friends would have jumped at the opportunity.

Instead, we had to make up some weird reason to get naked and fool around together. In fact it was really I who instigated the beginnings of the Tough Guy Club.

I was horny. I was very interested in seeing my friend Matty naked, ideally with a boner. My imagination didn't even stretch to potentially jerking each other off. Just seeing him naked would do. So, I started talking, as I had taken to doing lately, about sexual things, mixed in with 'guy' things. And I just said...

Hey Matty, where do you suppose guys feel the most pain?'

He answered just as I figured he would, 'In the balls, of course.'

'Matty, would it be sensible for guys to strengthen their weakest parts?'

'What do you mean?'

'Well, if a guy could feel less pain in the balls, and elsewhere, he'd be more invincible right? He wouldn't be stopped dead in his tracks, if he were hit just a certain way. And that would be good, right?'


'So Matty, I'm thinking, if a guy could somehow have his balls handled in a rough way, he'd become stronger, more invincible.'

'Right-o. And I see where you're going with this Jake. If we were to practice on each other, toughening each other up...Well, it seems to me that would be a good thing.'

Oh, I was so happy he said that. So excited in fact, that I felt something in my stomach, almost like a fear, a fear that your wildest dream is just about to come true.

'So Matty, it might seem a bit gay, but I think it would be worth the effort, don't you?' (In those days among our circle of friends, being 'gay' was considered something to avoid at all costs.)

'Jake, you know what? If we don't cum, if we don't even get hard, I think it is just fine.'

'Well Matty, there's something about that. I don't think it's gay. I think it's just a natural reaction, but I'm hard just thinking about it. But I agree with the ejaculation part. What do you say we give it a try, and see what happens.' I said this last part shakily. I was actually quite nervous, and I was hoping he didn't notice.

'Yes Jake, but we've gotta keep it top secret.'

Shaking a bit, I answered, 'Yes, of course.'

Turns out we didn't have an opportunity for a couple of days. 13-year-olds are hard-pressed to find privacy. But on Saturday, my parents left for the weekend, and my older sister, who was supposed to stay at home, didn't. So I had the place to myself. I called Matty right away. It was almost impossible, I was shaking again but I said it, 'Hey Matty, come on over and let's try the ball toughening thing.'

And he came right over! We had never seen each other naked, and so with great trepidation, we started playing an abbreviated version of strip poker. And in ten minutes, Matty had nothing on, and just a minute after that, neither did I. We both had raging boners. I was happy to see he had even less hair than I did 'down there.' Whereas I had like three strands, he had absolutely none.

Anyway, he suggested that I go first, since it was my idea. He had me lay down on my bed. He sat cross-legged next to me on the bed.

I was so nervous I could hardly talk. I noticed that Matty too had a short of shake in his voice.

He tentatively reached over and very lightly touched my scrotum. It tickled. He tried touching it again, and it tickled so badly I almost jumped off the bed.

It took almost five minutes for me to settle down, and I almost peed a couple of times, I guess from the tickling sensation. But finally, he was able to lightly massage my scrotum.

I asked him to massage more firmly, to build up and up to more pressure until I couldn't stand it any more.

It started to feel indescribably good. My balls actually wanted more squeezing. They almost sort of itched for a firmer squeeze. Matty complied. And continued squeezing harder. Then it started to hurt, but not too much, and in a good way. A couple of times, I had to ask him to change his grip. Evidently, there are sides of the balls that are more sensitive than others.

Then it happened. To my mixed delight and horror, I shot cum all over my stomach and Matty's hands. I was horrified, because I took this as a sign of being gay, which worried me greatly at the time.

Two minutes later, I had my clothes back on, and was telling Matty 'Bye.'

Two days later, even with my worries of being gay and all, I was ready for more. But it was his turn this time. He practically begged me to 'do him' this time. So I did. And you know what? He shot cum almost from the moment I started touching his balls.

OK, so if my best friend who I look up to, Matty, shoots comes with another guy's touch, maybe it isn't so gay! (Such was my thinking.)

Fast forward a few weeks, and I'll just tell you that we did probably toughen each other's balls a bit. We also tried a few other things that got us ejaculating. It was always some form of a massage or hand job. We had found a place in the woods behind my house where we knew we could do things in top secrecy, and we were squeezing each others nads pretty much every afternoon.

Let me know if you find this information useful or interesting. Because if you do, I'll tell you all about what happened next: We got essentially the whole neighborhood involved in the 'Tough Guy Club.' Some girls too. Even today, my lovely wife participates in versions of what we discovered in the Tough Guy Club.



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