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The Touch of an Older Man

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Last night, I interrupted an evening of masturbation to watch an exciting game on TV at a nearby club. It turned into the most amazing night of masturbation that I've ever had!


I went up to a local coffee shop to watch the Giants/Phillies game; it wasn't very crowded-most real fans were at sports bars around town. I wasn't going to watch, as I was masturbating at home and I checked the score, and it was too exciting to miss.

About the fifth inning an older man came in and sat next to me, saying that the game was too exciting to miss. We immediately hit it off, watching the game and going through the torture that Giants fans have come to love. (Apologies to all you Brits and others who don't know what this means). He was quite gentle and warm and had a radiant smile. I took him to be one of the brainy intellectuals that frequent this coffee shop.

The game had a happy ending, and we got up and left at the same time, saying our goodbyes. I hesitated at the door, it was raining and I'd walked to the cafe, and my new friend noticed, and asked if I wanted a ride home, so I hopped into his car. We started driving, and then he asked if I wanted to go to his place for a drink, to relax after the game. I actually wanted to get back to masturbating and enjoying my porn, but his offer also seemed very enticing, and so I went.

He had a lovely small house and garden, and when we got inside, I immediately noticed some lube next to the computer, and I got the feeling that he, too, had been masturbating before the game got too exciting! I have to say, it kind of weirded me out for a minute and I must have been staring at the lube and the tissues and the computer, because my friend (his name is Allen) said 'Oh, you caught me! I was enjoying a little Saturday night porn before I went out!'

He flashed a radiant smile that melted all my weirdness, and my mind flashed to my own computer, loaded with porn, and how I'd shoved my still erect cock into my jeans to go watch the game, but was still horny and thinking of my dick all through the game. I stammered, and was about to tell him that I jerking to porn, too, when I'd left, but before I could say anything, he said, 'I'll continue after you've left, unless, of course, you want to join me, I don't suppose you like that sort of thing.'

I was a little in shock, but I said, 'Oh, I do! I was masturbating, too!'

'Oh, delightful,' he said, 'then you'll join me, won't you? It's always better with two!' I said I would be delighted.

He quickly went into the back room and rolled out another comfortable chair and put it next to the computer, and then laid out drinks and snacks, all the while talking about the pleasures of masturbating, and how Saturday nights he reserves for 'penis pleasure', as he put it.

When everything was set up, he stopped for a moment, searching for words. 'I usually strip naked when I masturbate; do you mind?' I was still so shocked, I really hadn't thought about that, and so I just said ok. He began to strip, and I felt awkward and didn't know what to do, so I dropped my pants and folded them on the back of the couch, and went and sat down. Then I felt funny in just a shirt and sweater, so I took those off too, and tossed them away.

Allen was already stroking. His cock wasn't fully hard yet, but was already very big, round, pale, and thick, with tufts of grey hair around his crotch. Half erect, it was already bigger than mine, and his hands were soft and pale and very gentle as he massaged his heavy, swelling cock. I couldn't take my eyes off it.

'Yes, it's quite large, isn't it? I'm a bit of a sissy, but I DO have a big cock!' He looked over at me, 'Yours is quite beautiful-nothing to be ashamed of at all!'

He put a slide show on his computer-a wide collection of very tasteful, erotic, kinky porn of all kinds-and we settled in to stroking, next to each other.

'Don't you just love your cock?' he said, 'nothing in the world beats it!' He closed his eyes and stroked for a while, slowly. Precum was oozing from his slit, and his legs were spread wide, so I could see his balls for the first time. They were as large and warm as his cock, almost touching the chair even though his hips were tilted up, grinding a little as he stroked. This funny little man was actually VERY sensuous!

He opened his eyes and took in the sight of me staring at him. 'I could feel you watching me,' he said, 'it's very stimulating. You don't mind if I watch you, do you?' He was short and slumped in his chair, and his gaze went past my elbow directly to my cock. I was quickly at a point of edging...I had to let go and let my cock pulse in the air, to keep from cumming already. I was hot!

'May I touch it?' he said, and I nodded. I let go, and he slipped his hands between my legs, cupping my balls softly, before gently stroking my cock up and down...long, light brushes. OMG, it was so awesome. More gentle strokes and tugs on my balls, and then lightly swirling the precum on my tip, then slipping his finger between my lips, coating them with my own precum. And again. It tasted SO good.

Then, he touched his own tip, coated his finger, and placed it on my tongue, saying, 'Enjoy. Savor...the nectar of arousal, shared between men.' His grip tightened on my cock, and I surrendered to his hands, as erotic cocks, labia, nipples and bodies dissolved and reappeared on the screen.

An hour passed as he gently and slowly teased and tortured me until my whole body was writhing with his every touch, yearning, begging for more.

'Would you like to cum now?' he finally said.

'Oh god yes!!!!'

'Then stand up, please.'

I stood, and he pulled a very short footstool from under the desk, and put it in front of me. His cock was a little erect, but not fully. I was so stiff, I thought I'd never stop! He touched my cock again, and gently leaned over and took my nipple in his mouth, and slowly began sucking, then pounding it with his tongue. With his hand, he was stroking himself, and his cock began to swell. When it was erect, he stepped onto the stool and put both our cocks together in his hands, squeezing them. I let out a gasp, and almost came! His cock, still a little soft, felt so good against mine..wow!

I looked down and saw his cock. I was ready to cum at any time, but I wanted him to cum, too.

'I want you to cum,' I told him. 'Are you close?'

'Cum then.'

'Oh yes, I want to!'

'Cum. Are you ready?' I said.

'Almost. I'll cum when I feel you!' he stroked some more.

'Now!!' he said, and his grip on our cocks, squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing, grew to a frenzy.

I grabbed his ass and pulled tight, and felt my load pumping, pumping hard between us, and then I felt his cock and his ass stiffen, and then grinding against mine, and then the warmth of his cum on my belly, and dripping, sliding in gobs with mine, down our thighs.

'Shall I take you home, now?' he said. He was on the floor in front of me, cleaning cum off the carpet. I was rubbing my crotch with a towel he'd given me.

It crossed my mind that he would want to sleep with me, but I wasn't into it. 'Yes, thank you, that would be great.' His big cock was dangling between his legs as he crouched on the floor. It was beautiful.

I could hardly get dressed, my cock was so tender, and, well...I was feeling so erotic. But in a moment we were outside, ducking the rain, looking for his car, and in a few minutes I was home. The box score of the game was on the screen, and behind it were several open pictures of pussy. I closed them all and thought about Allen's cock, and how it felt next to mine. Before I left his car, we had made a date for another Saturday night, after the World Series.



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