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The Time in the Tent

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I got such good feedback from my last tale I decided to write about another experience of mine. This happened on a camping trip with some family friends back when I was 15.


When I was growing up we had these family friends who were basically my parents best friends. They had a son and a daughter and their daughter Christine was about six months older than me. We hung out a lot but did not go to the same school so when we did get to hang out it was even better. So anyway our families had organised this camping trip for the weekend and Christine and I were super excited because for the first time we would be allowed to share our own tent, no parents and no pesky brothers to annoy us. The night had been fun sitting around the fire eating marshmallows, singing songs but eventually our parents told us it was time to go to bed. I was assuming it was so they could keep drinking and probably get a bit wilder without the kids. Our brothers crawled into their tent which they had set up way back from everyone else's probably so they could talk about video games all night long and Christine and I had set out tent up on the other side of the campsite. Our parents tent was in between the fire and our tent so we figured we could giggle and talk for a while too. We got into the tent and immediately stripped down to our underwear and slipped into our pyjamas, I was wearing an oversized pair of flannel pyjamas with pink and purple hearts all over them. Christine was wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a big Guns 'n' Roses T shirt. We didn't have much in the way of breasts back then maybe budding A cups. Christine was very slim and was basically all nipple where I had small handfuls. We were laying in our sleeping bags chatting about school and TV and then the topic of boys we liked came up, so boys on TV boys at school and how we had seen a few without their shirts and Christine said whenever she saw a hot boy with no shirt she got tingly all over with goose bumps. I said that I would get butterflies in my belly. Eventually the chatter slowed up and eventually died out (we could still hear our parents laughing quite drunk now) and we were both laying on our backs looking at the roof of the tent, it was only a small tent, a three man tent so with both our mattresses and all of our gear stuffed down near out feet we were probably only a metre apart, the full moon semi illuminated the tent and just as I was dozing off I caught a rustling in Christine's sleeping bag. I was squinting basically asleep but I couldn't mistake her hand under the bag moving up and down near her crotch. Now I wasn't a prude I had masturbated a fair bit by the age of 15 but to see she was doing it well my pussy got instantly flooded. She was looking between the roof of the tent and over at me to check I was asleep and she really wasn't as sneaky as she thought she was being, she must have been pretty hot and I couldn't stand it anymore, I ran my hand down my body and slipped my hand straight down my pj bottoms and undies in one go and holy hell my juices were everywhere. I slowly moved my fingers up and down my slit hoping she wouldn't be able to see me but once I started to get excited my hand got a bit more frantic and her eyes flicked down and saw what my hand was doing, she instantly looked straight back into my eyes rolled over on her side moaned out loud and kept going. By this point I think it was an unspoken word of permission for us both to go for it. so here we were staring into each others eyes panting and moaning and hands rubbing under the sleeping bag, all we can see of each other is from the chest up when suddenly she stops rips down the zipper on her sleeping back and throws it off her. The second she is free she spreads her legs and drives back in with her hand. With the bag out of the way I can hear her pussy sloshing she must have been so wet. I can smell my own arousal coming from my sleeping back so I do the same I unzip and get better access to my steaming pussy. The next thing to come off for me is my pj bottoms, I kick them off and wonder how wet my undies must be but I don't stop I keep going. Christine copies me this time and kicks off her boxer shorts too and I still remember the undies she was wearing, they were white and there was a small break heart over the crotch with heart / breaker written on each side of the heart. As she slipped her hand back into her undies they got pulled down a bit and I could see some of her hair down there too. I was getting close to orgasm by this point and I'm pretty sure she was too, it was getting harder to stay quiet, the sounds of our wet pussy slopping, our fingers plunging in, looking deeply into each others eyes and then it happened, my body sparked and my hips lifted off the mattress and started bucking in the air, I was cumming and cumming hard, my body fell back down and I looked over and saw Christine thrashing about on the mattress obviously in the throws of her own orgasm. As we calmed down and slowly pulled our hand out we were smiling at each other Christine raised her hand to her mouth and licked her fingers, I had never done this before but it looked so good so I did too (this is now part of my regular masturbation) mmmm it tasted good. We then rolled onto our backs again and drifted off to sleep, not a single word was said between us the entire time and I think that was the hottest bit. I do always wonder though if the boys or our parents ever heard us, we were not exactly quiet. Susie



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