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The Tight Jeans

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Jet, my bubbly neighbor, asked me to accompany her to shop for a pair of pants one afternoon. I delightfully accepted the request and drove her to the department store.

She wanted to get herself a pair of demin pants - a sort of a fitting one. When she had chosen a couple of pairs to try on, she went to the fitting room leaving me behind some feet away.

When she had put on the first item, she peeked out the door of the fitting room and signaled me to go and see how the pants fit her. I watched her move around checking from the mirror how the pants appear at all sides. We both noticed that the pants were too tight on the belly portion but it fitted perfectly well at the butt and the thighs. She said she wanted to try on the second item, and asked me to just stay at the door while handing me her bag.

She faced opposite me, facing the mirror as she tried to pull down the pants. Since the pants were too tight, she had difficulty pushing down from the waists and hips. And I was just watching while leaning at the door pane and holding the door. She managed to push the pants down to her knees, but accidentally her panty went down with pants. And she only noticed it when she tried to let her lower legs loose off the pants. As her back was totally on me, I saw her buttocks, butt cheeks and slice of her butt. I felt an instant horniness in me seeing her in such a situation.

We looked at each other through the mirror, and she was kind of embarrassed with the situation. I could not avoid looking at the direction of her mound, but not for so long as I tried to take my sight out of the fitting room and allowed her to gain her composure and fix herself.

I was still looking outside the fitting room when she called my attention to show me the second pair of pants which she tried on. It fitted her better than the first. She noticed me looking at the direction of her groin area, and she reached out her hand and gently tapped my head with her fingers (maybe a way of saying 'stop looking there!').

Jet paid for the item and we strolled a bit in the mall before we headed to the parking lot. When we were inside the car and as I about to start the engine, I noticed that she was intently looking at me. I looked back to her and our eyes met. She was very serious in her look. Then, she said 'I was sooooo embarrassed with what happened a while ago. I want to slap your face, but it was not your fault! And I really hate you!' Her tone was full of embarrassment rather than rage.

I responded with a rather low tone 'Just forget that. That will just be between us. If I have seen your body now, it was an accident. Not your fault.'

There was a complete silence for about five minutes. Then she asked 'what are you thinking now?.' And I answered 'None. I just thought your body's lovely', as I smiled at her. She smiled back, and said 'let's go home'.

We reached home and we went directly to her room (where we usually hang around when we are not busy). We just smiled at each other. She was not her usually bubbly and vivacious mode, maybe because of incident in the fitting room. I started to feel uncomfortable with her unusual silence. So I just tried to make the mood more relaxing by telling some jokes and made-up stories. Soon she began to smile and giggle. Eventually, she was herself again.

I said that she should try the jeans again for us to see if it's really okay with her. She suddenly stood up and removed her pants. That's when I noticed that she was wearing a very skimpy white silky bikini, and I realized that it could easily be pulled down as it had happened in the department store a while ago. She did not put on the new one and took her time standing and rotating in front of me with only her bikini and tight blouse on. I suggested she remove her blouse, and she did teasingly. And she asked me if I like her figure, her body. I simply nodded, and commented that 'I am actually aroused looking at your body!'. And she said 'I noticed that even while we were yet at the department store. You just love to look at my mound, don't you?'.

She continued: 'Now, I want to show you more than what you have seen a while ago'. Then she removed her bra, and exposing her breasts to me. I was seated in a chair fronting the bed, and she sat in the bed fronting me - caressing her breasts. Then slowly, she laid in the bed, and began to caress her own body, her breasts, her belly, her shoulders. She gave a pinch on her nipples. Her eyes were closed.

I unzipped my pants, pulled down a bit, and squeezed gently my dick inside my brief. Then I looked at her again.

She had bended her knees and opened her legs apart, and slid her hand inside her skimpy bikini. She continuously rubbed her mound, and made some circular stroking motion. She gasped for breath and gave out some soft moaning sounds.

Her stroking became faster and quicker. Soon enough, she was moaning a bit louder, her body trembling and her head shifting from side to side. Her hand was steadily stroking inside her bikini, her other hand caressing and rubbing her breasts. It took about more than five minutes before she finally trembled for several seconds, her belly stiffened, her legs stretched out... I moved closer to her, rubbed her thighs, then slowly bended her knees and I asked her to relax. I removed her hand from her bikini and slowly pulled down her bikini. She opened her legs apart and I saw her pussy, the lips were wet, the clit was red and soft. And an amount of some sticky transparent fluids were dripping nicely from her opening. I gave a good circular stroking using my fingers at her genitalia, concentrating at the clit and the lips. Then she started to tremble and quiver again. Then I slipped my middle finger in her opening and slid it back and forth, till she gave a loud moan, then she stiffened her legs and squeezing my hand in between.

She was gasping for breath and soon she relaxed and said to me: 'Oh, I am sorry. I was so horny. I can't really help it. I hope you didn't mind.' And I embraced and hug her, assuring her that everything was perfectly normal, and it was just good to have such an experience with her.

She thanked me for understanding and promised that she would return the favor...



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