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The Thrill of Watching

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The Thrill of Watching
About 20 years ago, when I was a teenager, I had what was probably my most exciting masturbation experience ever. One day after school, my mother asked me to return a tool my father had borrowed from some neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison, who lived down the street. I said sure and then promptly forgot about her request. Around 9 o‚??clock that evening, my mother saw the tool still sitting on the kitchen table and told me to bring it over to the Harrison‚??s house immediately.
When I reached their house, I didn‚??t see any lights on, so I went around to the back and put the tool between their screen and back door. As I was about to leave, I heard a noise, sort of a muffled cry, which made me stop in my tracks. Thinking I heard someone in distress, I walked slowly into the Harrison‚??s back yard. I didn‚??t see anyone, but heard the noise again, this time coming from their house.
I walked towards a window where I could see a small amount of light coming from a crack between some curtains. I peeked in and could make out a bedroom. Just as my eyes were beginning to adjust to the darkened room, I heard the noise again and realized I was looking at Mrs Harrison, just a few feet away and completely naked. I should point out that I knew little about the Harrison's, other than they attended the same church as my parents. They were an older couple, probably in their early 50s, living alone. Mrs. Harrison was plain looking and dressed conservatively. I never thought of her as particularly attractive.
But now I was staring at her nude body, which looked quite nice for her age. She was on top of her husband, straddling his naked body. I knew little about love-making and so was quite surprised to see her on top. She was rocking back and forth, but at times she would move her rear end up and down. When she did that, I could see the shaft of her husband‚??s penis glide in and out of her. At the same time, Mr Harrison‚??s hands were massaging his wife‚??s breasts, and from time to time, she would lean forward so he could suck on them.
As this was going on, Mrs. Harrison kept moaning and grunting, occasionally saying things like, "Oh God, that feels good," and "your cock feels so deep inside me." For a somewhat innocent teenage boy, I found this incredibly exciting to watch and listen. I remember my heart was pounding and soon my own penis was as erect as Mr. Harrison‚??s. I glanced around and saw their backyard was private, with plenty of trees and shrubs blocking the view from other homes.
In the darkness, I unbuckled my belt, dropped my pants and began stroking myself as I watched the bedroom. By now, Mrs. Harrison was becoming quite excited. Her movements were more frenzied and she was grunting both louder and faster. Suddenly, she let out these long cries of pleasure and I remember seeing the flesh on her ass quiver and shake as she began to climax. Then it was Mr. Harrison‚??s turn. As his wife remained squatting on top of him, I heard him groan and lift his pelvis off the bed. It was at that moment that my own penis went into spasms, shooting semen all over the grass.
Afraid they might hear me as the quieted down, I quickly pulled up my pants and tip-toed out of their back yard. When I returned home, I went straight up to my room and masturbated twice more before I finally fell asleep. --Chris



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