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The Things I Let Him Do

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It all started last year when I fell down the laundry stairs. I not only injured my tail bone but also hurt my groin, rib cage, and sturnum sliding into the door and hitting the hot water heater. I am in an on again-off again relationship but a few days after that incident I began allowing a man to manipulate me.

Darren lives in my apartment building and I had known for a long time he was a physical therapist at the rehabilatation center close by. I also knew his wife well and she is the one who told him of my problem. She told me many horror stories of how her husband worked on people injured in auto accidents and many confined to wheel chairs. Darren is in his late 40's or maybe early 50's. I didn't feel comfortable about it at first but she insisted he could probably help me.

He talked to me the next day asking about my pains and how it all happened. My boyfriend works three to eleven and I had been out of work for a few months and had no health insurance. Darren said he would come down to my apartment after work the next day. His wife called me about 5:00pm and said he would come down about 6:30. I was nervous and apprehensive not knowing what I had got myself into. I was black and blue and it seemed to make my whole body hurt.

When he first came in he was carrying what look like a flat suitcase. We just talked for a moment as he again asked me where I was injured. I had jeans and a sweatshirt on at the time. He just looked at me and asked if I had a robe I could put on and that it was ok to keep my underware on. I am sure I blushed when he said that but went into my bedroom to put the robe on and instinctively leaving my bra and panties on. When I walked back into the living room that flat suitcase became a table he told me to lay on.

He first had me lay face down and without saying a word lifted my robe up to my waist. He began more or less pushing down on my tail bone asking me where it hurt the most. He sort of asked me but basically told me he was going to pull down my panties and before I could respond just did it. I knew my rear was exposed to him but as he rubbed me the pain did somewhat subside. As he massaged me he kept telling me he didn't want to embarrass me and that he did this type of treatment everyday to both men and women.

After 15 or 20 minutes he asked me to turn over on my back and untie my robe. My first thought was if his wife knew he was going to do this. As I did untie my robe he sort of helped me expose myself and there I lay as he looked intently at my bruises. He never asked me to take my bra or panties off but did push my bra up slighly probing my sturnum and looking at my rib cage. The most embarrassing thing is when he saw how bruised my groin area was and did push the crotch of my panties over slightly where the outside of my vagina was purple and bruised also.

I shave my pubic hair all the time and think that made it all the more humiliating for me. He talked most of the time and when he did move my panties over he mentioned how sore my vagina looked. By this time my face was bright red and he knew how embarrassed I was. He again assured me that it was a common occurance for him to see people hurt much worse than I was and more exposed. He didn't touch my sturnum and rib cage much because it was too painful for me. What he did do was massage my inner thighs at times as high as my vagina. Another 10 minutes went by and I was off the table as he folded the table back up and left. As he did he said he didn't know what his schedule was and that he would come back in a day or two.

Three nights later his wife again called telling me Darren would be down in a half hour. I wasn't sure what to do but I did put my robe on still wearing my underware. He was always pleasant with me and opened the table up right away telling me to get on it. I was face down again and he pulled my robe up to my waist again. He pressed on my tail bone asking which spot hurt the most. I couldn't believe my ears when he aksed if it was ok to take my panties off. I think I was in shock and don't know what I said but must have said alright or OK. He just kept talking to me telling me why I bruised so badly. All I could think about is how exposed I was to him.

He had my legs apart and was massaging my thighs all the way up to my vagina, one leg at a time. It did feel good but I was worried that he would want me to turn over without my panties on. Not that I am ashamed of my body but my groin and the entire area around my vagina was bruised so badly it was purple. He rubbed my legs for a long time then nonchalantly told me to turn over. I began to blush even more but did as he said and this time he untied my robe. I still had my bra on and he immediatly started to press down on my sturnum and push my bra up an inch or so.

After only a few minutes he said something like, this isn't going to work well with your bra on. At that point I don't even remember thinking about anything. I was embarrassed but could tell he knew what he was doing. He had relieved much of the pain in my back and the little bit he had just pressed on my sturnum felt good. It was like I just obeyed him for some reason when he told me to lay on my side. As I did he unfastened my bra and sort of pushed me back down on my back asking me to take it off. Now I only had the robe over my shoulders but otherwise was naked.

My boyfriend would have a fit if he knew what I let this man do. He never actually touched my breasts but with his finger tips massaged inside them and up, down and around my sturnum. It was amazing to me how soothing it was. After another 10 minutes or so he began massaging my legs again from kness to vagina. I knew I was blushing the entire time but it was magic the way it made me feel and the way the pain subsided so much.

Before he left that night he said he knew it was embarrassing to me but told me not to be. Then he emphasized how he didn't want to make me take my underware off but that it was necessary if he was going to treat me properly. Then he said to think about it and if I didn't feel comfortable enough he wouldn't do it anymore. I just told him I wasn't used to anything like this but said I felt better both times he did it. He just smiled at me and said he would stop back in a few days. My boyfriend knew he was coming over but I never told him how it is done.

I would say within six weeks I had very little pain at all. He came down to my apartment at least once a week and often twice. His wife called me most of the time to tell when he was coming but he also called a few times. It was apparent after five or six times I was no longer embarrassed by it and I let him touch me in ways no one else has ever. I greeted him with my robe on but no longer wore underware. I was getting a professional massage for nothing but at the same time started to realize he was taking more liberties with me.

Instead of just rubbing my thighs I could feel his hand touching my vagina most of the time and when on my stomach could feel him opening the cheeks of my butt. It was the sixth or seventh time when it began to arouse me I think because I wasn't in much pain by that time. I began to lie when he asked if my sturnum hurt or if my tail bone and groin was still painful. My boyfriend tried to soothe the pains sometimes but was never capable. Darren started to come less frequent after a few months but still comes down to my apartment every week.

Over a period of the first three months or so is when he felt I was submissive to him. I knew what he was doing but liked the results. Slowing I think he was taking advantage of me but I never refused when he began getting me more exposed to him. I never tried to stop him from touching me and if he suggested anything I allowed him to do it. He always did it in a way where it was to my advantage or comfort. Even when I began taking the robe off and letting him have me totally naked on his table. He simply told me I would me more comfortable with it off and since I was no longer embarrassed about my nudity agreed to do it.

Right around that time is when he asked if I would like a full body massage tellng me it would be good for me. Little did I realize at that time that he would end up masturbating me. Subtle at first but more intimate as time went on and the words masturbate or orgasm have never been mentioned. He has never taken any of his clothes off or tried in any way to have me touch him. He uses heated oil most of the time massaging my whole body and has not only penetrated my vagina but also penetrates my anus most of the time.

I tried not to let him know when I orgasmed at first but now I just let it happen. He never talks about sex or says anything about me having an orgasm although he has no problem touching me anywhere he pleases. I only lay there and enjoy it now and there have been times when I orgasm as many as four times in a session. I believe the reason he never talks about any of it is because I know his wife so well. He knows my boyfriend and by this time knows I don't mention anything to him either.

I don't think his wife has any concept of what is going on and hope she doesn't. It's like we both think we are fooling each other and he only talks about the pains I have which I don't have anymore. Every time he asks me where I hurt and I just lie to appease him. He isn't stupid and I'm sure he knows I am no longer injured. His wife is very nice but a little on the heavy side. I'm sure the only reason he keeps doing this is to see me naked. I'm sure it arouses him but he has never tried to have sex with me in any way. I am addicted to the way he touches and masturbates me and don't want it to end.



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