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The Texas Wankers

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I hope my friend eventually reads this... I know he'd pop a boner and have our fun as usual.


I am R and we'll call my friend E. Anyways, my family and I decided to visit Houston for a small endeavor - I used to live in Houston. I always stay with my friend E., and he and I have always been closer than close (but not in a gay way). He was always very athletic and I was more of a runt academia person; we were the typical 'opposites attract' best-friends and always seemed to find a way to get along. As he and I grew, we both began to notice our pubescent changes, and although we had always been close, I was soon ushered off to Louisiana at 14, before we could ever do anything.
It wasn't until 4 years later that we finally got to 'interact' and know what it is to be CLOSE friends.
As I was saying, we made an endeavor to Houston and everything was the same as normal. Go eat out at our families' favorite restaurants, hit a movie, watch another movie at his house, and my favorite thing - PORN! My computer had not been working for a year, so I was starving for some good eye candy! Anyway, he and I were up late that night, and although this is the typical 'male-bonding' story, I found funny details. He and I both began to get strong hard-ons. I would look to his trousers occasionally to see if he was hard. So then it began.
'Um,' I said cautiously, 'have you jacked off before, like in front of another guy?' He looked at me and surprisingly, and cautiously he said yes. Obviously I had missed something in the past years I was away! We had always had those 'talks' and truth or dare games, and I guess I was just fed up, so I asked, 'Do you want to masturbate?' I asked as reverently as possible, knowing how fidgety he could be.
Then, he looked at me and nervously said, 'Yeah' and smiled. He pulled out two blankets and I frowned, but we both checked to make sure we were both going to 'do it' as we lifted our underwear from under the sheet and threw them on the ground. We were both naked now under the blankets- I was blonde and blue-eyed, which is sexy I'm told, and he had black hair and brown eyes. E was that guy you see in Calvin commercials and he had always been twice as tall and just as skinny and lean. I was smaller, like more hobbit like, but I'm told cute. Both of us were and still are that attractive, and both of us knew that the jackoff in Houston would change our lives.
As he searched for porn, I began to wank and looked once again to his crotch, but he had no hard-on yet. I tried and tried to have fun under the blanket, but I couldn't, so it just came off, and there stood my respectable 5 1/2 inch cock in it's furry and enthrobbed glory (being it's 5 inches in girth around) and he saw me.
He said, 'R, what are you doing?' But then he understood and he said hold on. He got out from under the covers, opened the door while butt-naked, and tiptoed out to his bathroom where he grabbed two throwaway cups. He ran back into the room, and I saw his 6-inch penis swing violently as he ran into the room and handed me a cup.
'Might as well finish,' he said, and both of us started to go at it. He wanked furiously and almost as though he was on a mission. We talked about how his penis curved and how mine was straight and how we used techniques. I was just happy to finally be wanking with my best friend, and I went as slow and softly as possible.
I was excited though, and as he and began to finish up, I asked, 'Are you done?'
'NO not yet,' he replied. It was almost humorous to hear myself say that. As we both tensed up, sitting on his bed now, I saw him slow down and knew that the cup had caught his cum.
'You finished?' he asked me, with a nervous shake. He had enjoyed it a lot, and so had I. When I did cum, it wasn't much, but that was the night that has solidified all my wanking sessions since. We both looked in each other's cups and found that our cum looked almost the exact same. We stayed up and talked about all we could and shared our lives and sexual encounters.
It was an interesting night, and there are more interesting ones to come.



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