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The Taxi Driver and I

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A True Story


I love wanking with straight guys.

I'm not gay but bi curious I suppose, but I don't want sex with guys, just masturbating together.

There's an honest sexual excitement about it and a lowering of boundaries that usually exist.

This is a TRUE story.

I set up the situation intentionally to achieve the outcome I wanted.

I have a thing for Indian/Pakistani guys.

They are very sexual, but often for cultural reasons they are unable to get as much sex as they'd like, and this can often make them willing to do things straight guys wouldn't normally do.

Here in the UK, there are many Indian/Pakistani immigrants, now often second and third generation, but in many towns they still maintain their culture strongly, live in distinct communities and follow their own cultural norms.

Interaction can be difficult, but I've found the easiest way to get up close and personal with one is in a taxi. So here's what I did....

I went to a large town about 20 miles from where I live. Dressed smartly and carrying my laptop bag. Early one evening, about 8pm, I went to a taxi company near the railway station that is fully Pakistani Muslim owned and run. I asked for a cab.

Within minutes I was sat in the front passenger seat with a sexy, Pakistani bear taxi driver next to me. We exchanged some small talk and I opened my laptop on my lap and attached the broadband dongle.

'These mobile broadband things are great' I said 'You can surf and check your email anywhere'

He agreed and continued to drive. I continued to use my laptop and a minute later I said, 'But most of my email is always spam' I added 'Usually porn. Some of it's quite good, though'

He once again agreed and I clicked on a previously saved MMF hardcore film and pressed play.

The volume was up loud and suddenly the noise of a woman groaning sexually filled the cab. I looked panicky (good actor, me) and quickly fumbled to lower it.

This got his attention, but after a very quick glance over, his eyes returned to the road.

A few seconds passed. The movie continued to play and I commented, 'Oh, it is a good one this one' and allowed the screen to move slightly towards him so when he glanced over, he caught sight of the hardcore sex on screen.

Now I had his attention.

For the next five minutes or so, he was glancing over every few seconds and I was getting excited. He adjusted himself in his trousers, not obviously but I also did the same myself.

His English wasn't brilliant. Obviously born outside the UK, but he started to chat more.

'I never get to see that kind of thing. No privacy at home with the wife and kids' he stated.

'That's a shame' I replied 'Nothing better than some good porn at the end of a long day'

As we headed out of the town into the rural area before reaching the outskirts of my town, I decided it was no or never....It might work, it might not.

'Pull over and you can watch it with me for a few minutes' I said.

No reply. Seconds passed. Maybe a minute. Then suddenly as a lay-by approached, he slowed the car and drove in. The taxi stopped.

No words were exchanged between us. But I moved the laptop on my knee and pointed the screen in a direction that allowed both him and me to see the action.

I allowed my hand to gently rub my very stiff cock through my trousers. He adjusted himself again, too.

I spoke.

'God, I really need to cum' I said 'this has got me so horny'

I rubbed myself more and he looked over. Emboldened by my actions, he did the same.

Not wishing to frighten him, I slowly moved to my zipper, prepared to stop at any point, if he reacted badly. As he did not, I lowered it and slipped in a few fingers to caress my cock.

He slid his own hand into his trousers.

It was dark outside and the bushes sheltered us from the road and the very occasional vehicle which passed by.

As I rubbed, I slowly allowed my cock to appear, bit by bit as I watched his reaction as I commented enthusiastically at the on screen action.

'I wish we had a girl like that in the back of the cab' I said 'We could really give her a good seeing to between us'

He watched me and this thought must have done it for him as his belt undid, trousers opened and an average sized, but very thick, cut cock and masses of pubic hair burst out.

I immediately did the same. We never looked each other in the eye, but we could both see each others cocks and the screen.

I began to pump. So did he.

I took out my balls and played with them.

He was taking all his cues from me now and did the same.

The air smelled of cock. He were breathing heavy and he started to groan. He grabbed a tissue and just in time allowed it to capture a large stream of cum as it oozed from his cock.

The sight of this and the smell as it reached my nostrils sent me over the edge and I groaned.

I grabbed the tissue he was still holding at the tip of his now exhausted cock, and allowing my hand to feel his cum brought it to the tip of my cock, his cum now smearing over mine as I shot my load into it too.

The tissue was drenched. As I caught my breath, I lowered the window and my tissue hand and arm reached out as if I were throwing the tissue away.

However, I screwed it in a ball and closed my palm around it, bringing it back into the taxi and as I put my cock away, allowing my hand to slip it in my trouser pocket.

The driver was engaged in sorting himself out and didn't notice.

He drove me home and said goodbye as if nothing had happened.

I went into the bedroom, undressed and retrieved the soggy tissue. I raised it so my nose and allowed it to smear my lips.

It smelt great and was still pretty fresh. I rubbed it on my face, down my chest and over my cock and balls. Using the residue as lube as I stiffened and began to wank again.

As a finale, I balled the tissue and put it in my mouth and sucked the final remnants of our combined juices as I shot my second load in 15 minutes, surprisingly this was even greater than the first, landing on my neck, face and in my hair.

I collapsed on the bed and fell asleep.



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