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The Tale of Two (Her Point of View)

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This is a fictional story written from the viewpoint of the female protagonist (kristen). The same story will be re-written and posted from the Males point of view (Mathew) shortly. I hope you enjoy reading it.


Hello, my name is Kristen, and well; I'm about to tell you a story involving my stepbrother Mathew. Before I jump into the gritty details I'm going to fill you in on how this all happened.

It all started back when I was just five years old. My mother was very ill and at that time I knew nothing more than that. On August 18th, 2001 she passed away from a form of cancer that was relentless in its attack on her. So there we were, just my dad and I; all alone, facing the world together. Nobody can argue that being a single parent isn't easy, I would think more so for a father raising a daughter, but that's just me.

My father took my mothers death extremely hard and it would seem that because of it, he became very protective of me. As I aged both mentally and physically our interactions with one another changed. Gone where the days he would sit with me in my PJ's while I watched Barney on his lap. He stopped bathing me when I was seven and stopped brushing my hair shortly after. Once I hit puberty he tried to have a serious talk with me but had to call his sister in for support.

Well, Dad never dated much when I was younger and I don't know if it was because I just started dating or if he was scared that soon he would be all alone but he ventured out. When I said earlier that my Dad was very protective of me I wasn't joking. I had a very strict curfew for dates and it was required for him to know where we were going at all times. This, of course; made my progression into a woman sort of difficult.

None the less I found ways to get some private time with my boyfriends and we ended up exploring each others bodies quite frequently. One particular night I invited my boyfriend over to our apartment while Dad was on his first date since my mother died. Steve and I went all the way that night; opening the flood gates on my repressed sexual urges. Yet this story isn't about that, in fact it would seem the cataclysm that brought forth the end of my virginity would become the same one that would end my Dads title of 'Widower'.

A few weeks went by after my Dads first date when he invited me out to dinner with his girlfriend. He talked about Carol a lot and she seemed like a really nice lady; I really looked forward to meeting her. My father had me pick out a gift for her before we went to meet up for dinner. I had no idea what to buy a woman, let alone a woman dating my father. I walked through the perfume aisle and recognized a fragrance that reminded me of my mother. I almost picked it out, but thought in doing so it would just remind my father of my mother and that just seemed inappropriate. I settled on a different fragrance; much more flowery but still very pleasant to smell.

Upon meeting Carol for the first time I was taken back by how pretty she was. So much so that I gave my dad an approving nod and his face began to blush. Carol was about 5'10 with short blonde hair and a nice tanned skin tone. She was wearing this little black dress with a cutout at the back exposing her skin. She had a minimal amount of jewellery on but what she was wearing really brought out her stunning green eyes.

Dinner was very pleasant and I saw why my father was infatuated with this woman. She had a kind voice and seemed to have an astounding amount of patience towards the wait staff who couldn't seem to do anything right that night. She told me she had a son named Mathew and that she would really like us to meet sometime. Being an only child I often wondered would it be like to have a sibling; specifically a younger or even older brother.

A year went by so fast and soon my Father was pacing nervously in front of me.

'What do you think, am I doing the right thing? he said.

'You do like her right?' 'A year is enough time before you marry, right?'

'Hows my tie? God I hate these things.' 'Is that the music?', 'I'm doing the right thing right?' he questioned again.

'Yes Dad, you love her; she loves you and you deserve to be happy, now go make her Mrs. Landt before someone steals your bride!' I said back to him.

It was a great wedding, but Mathew and I still didn't hit it off all that well. Worst part was both of us knew that after they got back from their Honeymoon we all would be moving into a new house together. While my dad was away on his honeymoon I finished packing our things. As I looked into my now empty room I began to cry. I was really going to miss this place, this haven; this sanctuary my dad and I called home.

The house was nice; my dad made sure that both Mathew and I agreed on the house before he purchased it. In doing so we already had our rooms sorted out. Both mine and Mathew's room had an attached bathroom, the same one. Neither of us really liked the idea of sharing a bathroom; but our parents assured each of us that it was just what families do.

It took us nearly two weeks to unpack everything and settle into our new home. Mathew and I worked out a schedule that allowed us both to have equal access to the bathroom and it worked surprisingly well. Every night I went to bed I made sure to lock the bathroom door from my side of my bedroom. I really wanted my privacy at night because even though it was a new house; this was still my normal body and I still had urges.

A few more weeks go by and Mathew and I still don't talk that much. Our parents were about to take a trip down to see some of Carols friends in Chicago; leaving me in charge of Mathew. Mathew looked a lot like his mother, short curly blonde hair with a nice tanned looking skin tone. He was just a bit smaller than his mom but he really had a huge growth spurt over the summer. He was starting to bulk out; his arms and legs kept up with his height, something you don't see much at that age.

It was the second night our parents were gone that; to this day, I barely have the words to describe. Mathew and I started to stay up late since the adult supervision wasn't around to tell us to hit the sack. Of course no parents, no curfew and an endless supply of soda meant I was using the restroom much more frequently than normal. I remember looking at the clock as I rolled myself out of bed that night; 2:36am. I really had to pee and in my half sleep state assumed the light in the bathroom was just left on by accident.

When I opened the door I was frozen, there before me with his naked butt pressed against the bathroom sink was Mathew masturbating. His boxers were in a tuff around his ankles barely covering the white socks he still had on his feet. His left hand was on the sink while his right hand was doing all the 'manual' work. His eyes were closed, his back was arched and his head was pulled back with his face pointing towards the ceiling.

I wasn't even breathing, but I could feel and hear my heart beating and the quickening pace from the shock I was in. He hadn't noticed I entered the bathroom, his oblivious nature was probably due to him being accustomed to his perceived privacy. He started making small, yet forced, whimpering sounds and I could tell he was close to cumming. At that moment I snapped out of my daze and quietly shut the door behind me. So there I was, my left ear pressed against the door listening to his final groan. I heard the toilet paper roll tumble and was relieved he thought about cleaning up after himself. I kept my ear pressed against the door and heard him panting slightly before the door handle on my side jiggled. Mathew must have gone to unlock it; I wonder how that made him feel when he noticed it wasn't locked?

The next morning I couldn't take my eyes off of him, no matter what he did I envisioned him in that bathroom; standing there with his naked body resting on the bathroom sink bringing himself to orgasm. For whatever reason I felt closer to Mathew now then I did just a day ago. Was it because it finally dawned on me that Mathew is more than just a step brother, but in fact, a young man of his own?

The day went on and I still couldn't get last nights events out of my mind. Mathew and I spent most of the day watching TV but, I began asking him more questions to try and get to know him better.

'So, you inviting any of your friends over for a sleepover anytime soon? I asked him.

'Uh, probably not, I'll probably just keep staying over at Josh's house, uh; why?' he asked in return.

'Oh nothing, was just wondering if the house would be full of rambunctious boys soon, that's all.' I said with a slight smirk.

'You going to have any of your friends spend the night?' he fired back quickly in a taunting way..

'Well, I don't know; I might have Jessica over next weekend but I have to warn you she takes like three showers a day. So don't expect much access to the bathroom if she's around.' After I said this I felt it had different meaning then what I intended it to. I didn't know how he perceived it, but I was now quite curious for his response.

'Uh, ok I guess; but please let her know the other door is mine.' he stammered out.

I decided to get bolder and hit him with: 'Yeah, don't worry I'll make sure she gives you your privacy at night.' with a wink, and the look on his face was priceless. He turned nearly two separate shades of red and quickly put his head down so I wouldn't see. I reached over and tapped him on the shoulder and said: 'Don't worry about it, nothing to be embarrassed about, everybody does it'.

'Everyone but you, right?' he said defensively towards me.

'Well actually yes, yes I do; if you must know.' 'Why did you assume otherwise?' I asked him.

'Nothing, I just thought you were going to pick on me about it or say something to my mom.' I interrupted him, 'You mean 'our mom', and no Mathew I'm sure your mom already knows; it's normal stuff for boys your age.'

'Hey look, I didn't mean to embarrass you or make you think I was picking on you. I would never do that to you Mathew believe me. You can do whatever you need to do in our bathroom, I wont say a thing to anybody.' and with that his head jerked back and his eyes widened.

'I don't do that in the bathroom, why would you say that!' he said before standing up and turning away from me.

I chased him down the hall towards his bedroom before he slammed the door in my face.

'Mathew come on, don't be like this.' 'I know you do it in the bathroom and I don't care, just make sure you lock the door next time.'

Suddenly his door flew open, 'Oh my God! You spied on me, you spy on me? Why would you do that?' 'Where you spying on me last night?' he yelled at me.

'I wasn't spying on you Mathew I promise. I had to use the bathroom and when I opened the door I saw you; but I shut the door and let you be.' I said back to him.

'I knew it, I knew you did' he said before he turned around and went marching towards his bed with heavy steps.

I felt so awful; this enormous feeling of guilt swept over me like a thunderous cloud. How was he ever going to trust me now, how was this family going to co-exist if we were constantly fighting? I walked into his room and sat down on his bed next to him. I wrapped my right arm around his shoulders and pulled his head towards me.

'Mathew its ok, I promise. I wasn't trying to spy on you and would never pick on you for doing that. Besides you looked kinda hot doing it, like you were a star in an adult movie.' I said to him trying to calm him down and bring him to my side. He sniffled a little bit and begged me not to tell anyone.

I decided at that moment that the only way I could convince him that I wasn't going to say anything was to give him some leverage over me as well.

'I'll tell you what, since I saw you I'll let you see me, then we will be even; ok?' I asked him.

'What do you mean?' he asked.

'I saw you playing with yourself so it's only fair you see me playing with myself I guess.'

He questions back, 'Are you messing with me, are you serious?'

I slowly moved my hand back across his shoulders and down his left arm before clasping his hand in mine. I stood up swiftly and started walking away, pulling him and making him follow me. We went through the bathroom straight into my bedroom until I sat down on my bed. He let go of my hand and just stared at me, not really sure what to make of it I suppose.

'Ok look; I'll let you watch just for a minute and then we are even, ok?' I said sternly.

I saw him swallow hard before he responded with a cautious 'Ok'.

At this time of night I was just wearing a pair of pajama bottoms and a T-shirt, but figured I'd give him a show when removing them. I grabbed the bottom hem of my shirt in both hands and slowly lifted it up over my breasts. Then crossed my arms and grabbed the shirt again pulling it off my body. I stood there topless for a moment with a slight smile on my face before slipping my thumbs into the waistband of my pj's.

I slid my thumbs out to the side of my hips and closed my legs tightly. I rocked back lifting my feet off the ground and positioning myself onto my back. I rocked one more time to lift my butt off the bed slightly and with a quick swoop my pj's were now at my knees exposing myself to Mathew. I turned my head to get a better look at Mathew, his inability to move at that moment made me giggle slightly to myself.

I finished removing my pj's and proceeded to prop myself up on my elbows before spreading my legs slowly. Mathew's head cocked ever so slightly to the left as to garner him a better view.

'Ok, now as we said; I don't tell and you don't tell, we're even right?' I said getting no response. 'Right Mathew!?' I asked again very sternly breaking him from his fixated trance.

'Uh, yeah; right, right' he puttered out.

I could see that Mathew was begging to tent a little in his pjs; the sight, the knowing that he was getting aroused really started to turn me on. At first I only contemplated doing this as to make him feel better about himself, yet now; now I was begging to think I might actually enjoy this. I slowly slid the back of my right hand down the side of my neck before using it to cup my right breast. I was really going to give him a show, be the sensual and sexual self I knew I had in me the last couple of years.

I removed my hand from my breast and began to slowly pat the bed.

'Here, come sit; get comfortable' I said to him. He didn't' hesitate one bit, although he began walking a little odd as if in doing so I wouldn't be able to tell he was now fully erect. For whatever reason the compression of him putting his weight onto the bed was extremely erotic to me. He turned himself slightly and his eyes joyfully danced their way up my body. He looked nervous and excited at the same time; something I too was feeling as well.

I placed my hand on my stomach and then slowly lay myself flat onto my bed, I spread my legs open a little more until I felt them collide with Mathews. I raised my hand up so only my fingertips were touching my skin and slowly used them to explore my exposed abdomen. Each sweeping motion of my fingers brought a chilling sensation down my spine. I moved them lower, dredging them through the manicured hair I desperately tried to keep pristine. I began removing all of my fingers except my middle finger and slowly slid it down between my lips. I used the rest of my hand to cover myself completely before my left hand wrapped itself around my chest, and my back arched itself from my bed slightly.

I exhaled deeply before pushing my middle finger inside of me, feeling it slip inside, forcing itself into the dampness of my woman hood. The wet, warm and filling sensation was something I've never been able to ignore during first penetration. I moaned slightly and then slid my left hand down my body to meet my now busy other hand.

Again I pressed firmly with my middle finger and used it to part my lips as my right hand kept plunging itself inside of me. My legs began to open and close slightly, brushing against his each time they opened; feeling his warm extremities on my own was invigorating. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Mathew with his right hand in his boxers rubbing himself slowly. I was fixated on him, so much so that I actually stopped what I was doing until he looked up at me and it snapped me back to the task at hand.

I pulled my hands away and slid them back up my body, over my bellybutton, across my breast and finally up my neck and over my chin before placing the tips of them into my mouth. The taste of my juices on my fingers made me shudder and groan, met by the groans of Mathew who seemed to be enjoying the show. I contemplated stopping at this moment but the feelings were just too intense to quit now, not now.

I began sliding my hands back down my body, when suddenly, I felt Mathews left hand land slightly above my right knee. A gentle tug sent my legs spreading apart until my right leg was now on top of his left leg. His hand slid down to the inside of my leg and as I moved my hands down, he moved his hand up before meeting me at the innermost area of my thigh. He paused for a moment, I turned my head toward him slightly and simply nodded.

The back of his hand slid over my pussy, brushing my hair back before snapping his wrist and pressing his palm down as it cupped my pussy completely. I raised my hips off the bed, grinding myself into the palm of his hand. I slid my right hand down and placed it over his, our fingers intertwined into a tight clasp. I released his hand and then started to guide his fingers to my opening before letting him explore on his own.

His fingers were clumsy, his nails would sometimes dig into me and a quick grunt and flinch would be enough to let him know it wasn't a pleasurable feeling. A few minutes go by and he's still exploring at a snails pace; something I was not interested in at this point of my horniness. I placed my hand over his once again, but this time I pushed his index and middle finger directly over my opening sending them inside of me slightly.

Oh how the feeling encapsulated me, I was so wet at this point that his fingers slid in pretty easily up to his middle knuckles. I began to slowly grind my hips into his hand, my butt lifting off the bed when I wanted him to press into me deeper. I was really starting to buck my hips and he was finding the rhythm easy to match. My free hands now had the opportunity to play with my breasts and sensitive nipples. Squeezing and pulling them as my step brother finger fucked me without inhibition.

I was on the verge of coming, my body began to quake and I began holding my breath for longer and longer periods of time. Finally, I raise my legs up slightly and press them together; trapping his fingers inside of me as my walls clasp onto them. My body shakes slightly as my orgasm overtakes me, sending me to that calm and blissful place only it can do.

Mathew removes his hand, his fingers glistening in the light shining down on us. He slowly places them under his nose and takes a big whiff before placing his middle finger in his mouth. I watch eagerly as he slowly pulls the finger out across his lips as his taste buds analyze what I taste like. He then pulls down his boxers and uses that hand to stroke himself.

I place my right hand on his shoulder and pull him back onto the bed before I turn on my side to face him. Taking my left hand I slide it up his left leg before grabbing his steel hard cock in my grasp. I can feel his heartbeat through his veins as I begin to squeeze it. I slide my hand up and down his hard shaft and then over his soft mushroom tip. I can feel his cock twitching with each stroke bringing forth small amounts of pre-cum.

Within a minute his hips are bucking and his breathing becomes erratic and aggressive. I can tell he's close to cumming and now I will know what kind of cummer he is. I bring my hand up his shaft and then proceed to use my thumb and index finger to play with his frenulum and the areas closely surrounding it. The first contraction pulls his cock from my grasp before a thick stream shoots onto his stomach. I grab him in my hand again and jerk him once up causing another stream to shoot out and land on my hand. It was so hot, hotter then I expected it to be both physically and mentally.

His final spurts dribbled out, using my fingers I messaged his cum into whatever body part it landed on, either his or my own. By the time he was done cumming and I was done massaging it in like lotion we both turned to each other and gave a slight smile.

The rest of the weekend went by pretty uneventful; however a couple weeks later we revisited this experience but now we are masturbating each other at the same time. His fingers are now like those of a well experienced lovers; hitting my hot spots with little effort. I've started to develop feelings towards Mathew; feelings I'm still trying to comprehend what their meaning is.



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