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The Sybian Safe Room Opens

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A couple of weeks ago I submitted a story about our first encounter with a Sybian. After the experience and seeing the effect it delivered to Renatta, we decided to purchase a machine. The day of our return I located a Sybian on an on-line auction site and purchased it and also ordered several attachments.

We decided to duplicate the method of Lucinda and offer to rent rides on the Sybian to recover part of the cost and laid out the ground rules. We also discussed excluding people we know as it would be too awkward.

Renatta and I have both been ultra conservative sexually and have never experimented in any group activities but had been amazed at how turned on we had gotten during the performance with Lucinda and decided to make that a part of our offering, that if we were operating the machine and participating the rental feel would be waived.

The Sybian arrived Christmas eve and we had family and friends over through Christmas and never got a chance to play with it. We set up the Sybian in our safe room which is actually underground in the basement accessible through a closet so the noise would be well insulated when it was in use.

The day after Christmas I left for a three night hunting trip with four clients seven hours away. I had a perpetual hard on during the trip thinking of what was going on in our safe room while I was away.

On the third day of the trip we had an incredible productive hunt and reached our limit for the day. When we arrived back at the hotel one of my clients had a message that his child was ill and being admitted into the hospital. Since we had all ridden together we decided to head back a day early.

For seven hours I had a throbbing aching hard on I couldn't wait to relieve once I made it home.

Upon arriving home I had a disappointing sight as I found one of Renatta's best friends, Dina over for a visit. Dina had recently gotten a divorce. She is a travel nurse with Auburn hair, beautiful green eyes and the most perfectly proportioned body I have ever seen. Now in her early 40's I have been amazed at how fit she has remained.

As I walked in they were startled to see me. I was just telling Dina about my Christmas present' Renatta remarked as I entered the room. 'Oh she's sitting on it' I commented thinking we were talking about the new sectional sofa which was the official gift.

'No she hasn't sat on the one we were talking about, but I think she really needs to' Renatta added. The aching went up a notch as I have always fantasized about what Dina looks like naked. A couple of comments were made by Dina as to how she could never do this in front of anyone. They were obviously enjoying a good buzz from what was not their first glass of wine and since I was behind we opened another bottle.

After a couple more glasses I stated I really need to put up my gear in the safe room if anyone wants a look at the Sybian. Dina agreed in the event she wanted to take us up on our offer at another time.

Dina was wearing jeans and a snug fitting sweater. As we walked down the steps to the basement she spilled her wine on her jeans all down the right leg. Renatta offered her a skirt in the closet leading to the safe room and carried her jeans to soak in the washer.

As I put up the hunting gear Renatta began to demonstrate the Sybian to Dina. I could see her flushing as she described having eight orgasms until she could not stand the previous night while I had been away. Dina is a big fan of the magic wand and said she couldn't imagine anything being more intense.

Sensing an opportunity which might never come along again I stepped in. Just sit down a second and keep your skirt on so you can get an idea of its capabilities. We put on the flat attachment and Dina mounted the sybian.

In a few seconds it was obvious the sybian was working as Dina began to twitch. I kept the sybian between 10 and 20% to keep the buzz going then after a few twitches turned it up a notch. It became obvious an orgasm was right around the corner so I turned off the power and said 'what do you think'?

'If you don't turn this damn thing back on I'll never speak to you again' Dina breathlessly exclaimed.

'Ok but you won't believe how much better it feels without the panties'.

Dina stood up and removed a sexy orange thong. Her auburn pussy hair was neatly trimmed I noticed in the quick glance she allowed before covering herself back with the skirt.

I think bras seem to hamper the sensation a little too Renatta added much to my delight and surprise.

Dina removed the bra from under her sweater and said we would have her naked before long at the rate we were going.

I cranked the sybian back to 20..30...40...50 and then O MY GOD I'M Cumming was echoing through the bunker. Tears began to stream down Dina's face as she continued to hump the silent machine.

'Ok my turn' as I looked around Renatta had stripped and was holding the medium sized attachment in her hands. She pushed Dina aside switched attachments and slid her smooth pussy onto the dildo and was off to the races. She grabbed the controller and had obviously learned some tricks because in less than a minute that tell tale squint and spasm erupted as her orgasm exploded.

This time it was me pulling her off exclaiming my turn. She dove onto my cock and began pumping it as I achieved an orgasm in no time.

As I came back to earth the Sybian was humming again. I looked up to see Dina sliding down on the large dildo attachment. She was now naked and my suspicions were confirmed. She had the most beautiful tits with pink puffy nipples and a firm B cup. Her tits and well defined abs began to quake as she rode the sybian to two more orgasms.

The rest of the night is a blur, but Dina has some thought of how our Sybian is going to become quite a money maker.

Could I be jealous of the Sybian, no way, I haven't had this many hard on's since I turned 20.



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