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The Sybian as Surrogate

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True story...unfortunately for me


I'm a 57 year old bachelor now. I have a bad back, tendonititis in the elbow, diabetes, major depression, and not a woman in site. I'm also mostly anorgasmic. It was 18 years before I found this site and brought myself to orgasm with a seven-hour effort, including massaging my prostate with all kinds of vibes...long and short. My hours are now all screwed up as I stay up til 6am reading this solotouch site.
I've ventured into my arse with a 'Venus' stimulator (electrical with motors, riding my cock so hard and fast, that a hundred guys could have gotten off. You have to see this thing to believe any guy could resist it's action and friction.
Today, I tried something different. A young woman I know well had ridden my Sybian machine for women with immense success and had a copious ejaculation about 7 weeks ago. Tonight she calls me at 5:40pm out of nowhere and says could I pick her up at her place now. I said yes and did. She is petite and very very very pretty; 24 years old. She was a dancer that I met at a gogo palace years ago. Upon arrival at my house I fixed her a sandwich and set up her Sybian as she picked out the attachment that she wanted to use that would go into her vagina and send her to orgasmic oblivion, as it had before. This time though, unlike the last, I laid a towel down next to her and got my own substantial electrical machine to put right beside hers.
We started slowly as I told her to watch my machine work thinking it might excite her. She remained seated on a small dildo attached to the monster machine that she was riding....like a saddle. Finally after watching me, she started with her own controls and almost immediately started small spasms that would make her turn down her machine before going over the edge. I took my apparatus off my cock as I was only semi-rigid and began to show her the finer points of the expensive machine that she was astride.
The phallus that was vibrating and twirling inside her pussy was rubbing her g-spot in rapid motion. I made it a little more intense by taking my hand and pressing it right over her pubic region of her tummy....right against the G-spot to make her really feel it as the rubber penis inside did its' stuff...rotating very fast, while the outside vibrator did her clit til she had to turn it down some. She finished after 4 or so orgasms but was disappointed that she hadn't gushed as she had previously. She knew I enjoyed that immensely and would try and catch every drop that I could as they dripped down the side of the Sybian. She finally had had enough because she had to be at work at 8.
Before she left I made her lie down on the dining table to show her something because it seemed that she got off a lot less than most gals. I put her legs up, bent at the knee, onto a chair so that her pretty luscious lips, still soaking, were right in front of me as I stood on front of her. I inserted two fingers about an inch or more into her pussy and pressed down on her lower belly with my other hand as I stoked her right on her g-spot, next to her pee-hole. I asked did that feel good, and she replied oh yea. I started to go rhythmically faster and faster, finally inserting three fingers, and rolling her over slightly so I could take my stiff cock and slide it between the cheeks of her ass... but not in. She moaned a hard moan and came again. I think she liked the fact that I acted as an instructor. She was up for anything.
On the way back to let her off, I told her that I think I loved her a bit. That was quite satisfactory with her, a compliment sorta. She loved the Sybian, or at least she's becoming addicted to it. I sit up all night with my Venus and get nowhere except it feels good. I enjoy the stories here, especially the ones that go into gripping detail because they are true. The fakes are easy to cull out and dismiss.



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