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The Sunday Supplement

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Story of a young married couple and their Sunday Afternoon entertainment.


After reading all the masturbation stories on this site for many months, I have finally plucked up the courage to reveal a masturbation story that occurred when I was a young married woman.
With the calls of young children always uppermost in a young family's mind, one way my young husband and I found to spend extra time with ourselves was to grab a couple of hours in bed together when the children had a nap on a Sunday Afternoon.
I know personally of a great many others who did the same.
Perhaps not the most romantic of occasions, but a couple of hours when we were not tired after looking after the young children all day and then just wanting to sleep when retiring for the night.
These sessions at first normally consisted of straight sex between us, but one afternoon after going through the usual sexual routine I mentioned to my husband I felt I was not completely satisfied.
He straightaway offered to put this right with further sex but I told him it was not more cock I wished nor oral sex but I felt I wished to satisfy myself, just as I had up until, and in the few quieter moments I had to myself, after our marriage.
I almost shut my ears expecting him to rant and rave a little, at what could have been determined I suppose,as an attack on his manhood.
I was pleasantly surprised however when he asked if he could watch me play with myself, as it was something he had never witnessed before.
He was such a novice he even asked what I used to help me bring myself off.
'Was it just my fingers?' he asked.
'No' I replied, and pointing my finger in the direction of a candle standing on a nearby cupboard asked, 'Would you pass me that please?'
The candle and I had become friends, unbeknown to him, as and when time allowed in my busy schedule, whilst he was at work.
My husband's hands were trembling with excitement, as he eagerly passed me the candle.
He didn't know it, but he would become even more excited within a short while.
With the culmination of both my own juicy pussy and my husband's semen in my cunt still from where he had made love to me earlier, the candle slipped into my aching pussy with no trouble at all. The excitement and urge my husband had already created within me was soon re-awakened, as I slowly built again an orgasmic feeling within myself, by thrusting the candle as deep as my pussy would allow, whilst at the same time rubbing its glossy outer against my swollen clit.
My husband kneeling watching me from close by between my legs only served to heighten this pleasure within.
I was starting to feel the pleasure continuing to build, when I all of a sudden stopped what I was doing and asked my husband to fetch a banana from the fridge in the kitchen.
This may have seemed an odd request, but as a teenage girl I had brought myself to orgasm many times with fruit and vegetables that I had taken from the family kitchen, and after washing and scrubbing gave myself a great deal of pleasure, at night, before sleep under the blankets in my own room.
(I kept a little knife in my room to slice them up and to dispose of them down the toilet to avoid being caught)
Quick as a flash my husband was on his feet, descended the stairs,grabbed a banana from the fridge and returned in quick time, peeling it as he went.
Removing the candle from my now aching pussy I plunged in the hard, cold firm banana and continued to pleasure where I had left off.
In no time at all I was ready to come and the pent up rush from where my husband had failed to satisfy me burst forth with love juice streaming from my leaking vagina, covering the quickly softening fruit.
As my juices continued to flow I made sure the banana was still loosely embedded in the love tunnel it had just pounded to great success.
I looked at my husband, who was by now standing with his prick in his hand slowly rubbing it to hardness once more due to this wanton sexual display by his young wife who proceeded to say 'Eat it out of my cunt'.
Straightaway he sunk to his knees on the floor between my legs and started to lick, suck and chew the banana from my pussy.
He made sure his tongue caressed my clit as he did so and I had two more orgasms as he ate and licked me from my cunt.
There is something that is a great turn on for me when seeing a man feeding from my pussy.
Sunday afternoons after that saw the introduction of other items other than fruit being eaten from my pussy, following sex with my husband. Well chilled chocolate snack bars and vegetables were used.
We used to lay an old cloth on the bed to avoid stains. My husband started to find out from where 'the taste of paradise' came. I loved to masturbate for him as well as for myself, and the thought of being eaten out afterwards became a real turn on for both of us.
Well after a great many years I finally plucked up the courage to tell my story which took place around thirty years ago.
After hearing tales from fellow female workers over the years I am not the only person to have had strange things in my cunt I believe, with tales of wine bottles in particular, being a great many females claim to fame.
So what about a few more true stories to liven up what is becoming a growing masturbation debate.
Its great at last to hear and read people on a once taboo subject. So keep posting, for just like when young, some of the stories on here are still a turn on for me sitting and reading them from the computer. They even on occasions still are the cause of my fingers wandering to a spot where all females, young or old, derive a great deal of pleasure.



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