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The Summer of 1962

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The Summer of 1962
I had engaged in sex play with other boys all my life, but until that summer of '62 it was limited to touching each others cocks with our hands or rubbing the heads of our little boners together. Sometimes at night I awoke with a hardon and felt it throbbing with a pleasurable feeling, but in the morning it was like a dream.
I had touched another boy's cock at boy scout camp the summer after sixth grade. David and I shared a tent that year and one evening we talked erotically until we each had a hard-on. He said his cock had hair around it. I had never heard of such a thing. He opened up his sleeping bag and showed me. I got up from my cot, went across the tent and touched his hard cock, feeling its length and running my hand through the hairy bush around it. He had a magnificent hard-on, stiff and throbbing with adolescent horniness, a hairy bush around the base. It was curved a bit and rested against his belly, the head perfectly proportioned to the size of the shaft. It must have been six or seven inches long. I had never seen a male organ of such proportions. It looked positively beautiful to me.
He touched my little hairless hard cock, too and it felt good. But that was all we did. Maybe he jerked off later in his sleeping bag, I don't know. Probably. We never did anything with each other again. I was just out of sixth grade then, didn't even know about what an orgasm or jerking was.
Sometimes some of my friends and I would get naked together and feel each others stiff hairless cocks and talk about "getting girls," even humping the crack of each others asses (with no anal penetration or orgasm).
But two years later, in the eighth grade, on a Sunday afternoon I was alone in my room. I had heard other boys talk about "...jacking off until the sperm comes out..." but I had never done much of it. I played with my cock and it felt good, it always did, but didn't know about orgasms, yet. One Sunday afternoon I was in my room and I decided I was going to play with myself until...something...happened. I got my hairless prick hard and started stroking it kept stroking. I had such a small little erection that I could only handle it with two fingers. At first I felt nothing, but I kept on pumping it. Then, there was a slight tingle in my balls. Oh, this was nice! I kept it up and the tingle got stronger and stronger, good and warm, building into little teasing pleasure tickles. I was loving this. Then, the feeling got stronger, a lot stronger. I pumped my little hairless hardon even faster. Yes, this was nice and it was getting nicer! The feeling seemed to start at the base of my cock and engulf the whole lower half of my body. The little pleasure tickles became tiny throbs, each one getting stronger than the last. Then the dam burst and my entire guts seemingly started to throb. The most exquisite pleasure I had ever experienced pulsated through me. My legs and feet moved involuntarily with my orgasmic throbs, a solid ripple of orgasmic sexual pleasure going down the inside of my right thigh and into the hollow of the arch of my foot. God! It was nice! I hadn't expected this, and I pumped my little cock furiously, not having any control any more, completely engulfed in my first ever orgasm. I just wanted to continue this marvelous sensation. I kept pumping my little cock until the throbbing subsided. God, it was nice. I knew it was a sin, but it by God felt good and I intended to keep on doing a lot more of it. If this was a mortal sin, it just might be worth going to hell for! After that, I masturbated every day, stroking my cock so much that it got sore. I jacked off in the bathroom at home. I knew I liked other males in a sexual way. We didn't start taking showers after gym class until I was in the ninth grade and we were in the new high school. Prior to that, I only had the chance to see other guy's cocks while changing at the local swimming pool.
I loved taking showers after gym class at school, seeing all the naked cocks bobbing in the locker room, in the erotic steam of the gang showers, bare little hairless cocks like mine, and the larger hirsute organs of the more developed boys. I had to be careful not to get a hard-on myself while looking at this smorgasbord of all these lovely examples of male meat. Some of the boys were not circumcised and had huge cocks with complete foreskins. I wanted to have them in my hand, to caress and masturbate them until they felt the same "good feeling" I got when I played with myself. Jocks, cocks and steam, teenage erotic cravings, forbidden lust for sex with other males and the pleasant pulsations of my own throbbing boner as I jerked off in the bathroom after I got home from school marked my ninth year of school.
I started looking at other boys' cocks more and getting horny. I had been having homoerotic fantasies a lot as I masturbated. The idea of sucking another boy's cock, taking a male organ into my mouth and giving pleasure to another boy, appealed to me. I would look at some of my friends hairy cocks and wonder what they looked like when they were hard and how it would feel to take one in my mouth, and what my friends would think if they knew what I wanted to do something "queer" to them. I wondered what it would be like to watch another boy have an orgasm and see them squirt their cum.
I was fourteen years old in the summer of 1962. It was that summer that I had my first truly erotic experience with another person. My friend Bobby and I became homosexual lovers, bringing each other to orgasm all summer, starting with the first time we camped out together in my tent pitched in the grove of trees behind my parents house.
One day at the swimming pool a classmate of mine, Bobby, asked me if I wanted to camp out with him. I said sure and felt my cock start to get hard. I hoped there would be a chance for some sex here. Another friend of mine whom I played strip poker with told me that Bobby had a big cock. I wanted to find out and I wanted to play with his cock and maybe suck it.
Bob and I camped out in a tent in the trees behind my parents' house and played strip poker. I lost, but Bobby was down to his jockey shorts. I wanted him naked. We talked about girls, in a tits, ass, and pussy way and we both got hard-ons. He stripped off his briefs and we were both naked. He had a beautiful prick, a thick, stout circumcised cock with a nice brown bush that had two symmetrical whorls of pubic hair on either side. I immediately fell in love with it and wanted it in my mouth, to suck it.
"Can I feel your cock?" I asked.
"Yeah. Sure. go ahead.'"
I reached over and put my hand around his prick. He sighed as I touched him. I moved over and drew myself close to him. I wanted his cock, his maleness, his pleasure organ, his cock, his tumescent teenage manhood in my mouth, I wanted badly to suck him. In my mind, that would be the ultimate homosexual act, taking another boy's cock, his hot, hard, sex organ, into my mouth.
I knew he and Bill, another schoolmate of ours, had sex play together, but I didn't think they sucked each other's cocks. I had stayed overnight at Bill's house and we played with each others hard-ons but without orgasm. Bill even told me that he had stuck his cock into the crack of Bob's ass and humped until "...a big old glob of sperm came out..."
"I got an idea," I said to Bob, "Let's suck each other's cocks at the same time." I had no concept of what sixty-nine was, this was just a spontaneous idea. I knew I was taking a chance with this bold proposition, but I wanted sex with him, I wanted his cock in my mouth. And if we both did it together, one couldn't chicken out after getting his rod sucked and call the other one "queer." I didn't know how Bob would react. After I made my bold proposition, I held my breath.
"OK, sure," he said with no hesitation, turning around toward me.
I was delighted at his response! We lay on our sides. It was definitely going to happen, I was finally going to suck a cock! Bobby's prick, his teenage manflesh was erect and in front of my face. I admired the head, its color and tumescence. He had nice balls and his crotch had a clean, somewhat spicy smell. I felt his warm breath in my own crotch. I took his cock in my hand and gave it a squeeze as I admired it. I let it go and watched it pulsate, fully erect and throbbing with his pulse. Slowly I put my lips closer to his beautiful cockhead. I let my open lips touch it and gave it a lick with my tongue. I tightened my lips on it and slid them over Bobby's cockhead, gently sucked it and took it into my mouth. I was doing it at last, sucking a cock, and a beautiful one at that! I opened my jaw wide to accommodate his lovely organ and took it in as far as I could, until I felt it start to gag me. Still sucking gently, I pulled my head back. I opened my eyes and saw his lovely, hairy teenage balls in front of my face. I felt his warm lips on my own cock.
Soon we were engaged in a hot teenage cocksucking sixty-nine, our heads bobbing as we lay on our sided my tent, sucking each others stiff rods, the silence broken only by the sounds of mutual fellatio. I liked having his cock in my mouth and I continued sucked his beautiful prick until my jaw ached. And I kept on after that. I was hot for this boy. I loved his clean crotch smell and the feel of his pubic hair on my face.
This was the first time I had checked another guy's gear out up close. I liked sucking him with my eyes open, watching his hairy beautiful balls in front of my face as I sucked him. I stopped, needing a bit of a rest. He kept sucking me, and I was turned on seeing my cock in another boy's mouth. I watched him as he sucked me, his eyes closed, just rhythmically pumping his head up and down on my cock. It was no problem for him to suck my little cock, it was only about four inches long and completely hairless. I couldn't get his beautiful boner all the way in my mouth. We stopped after a while with neither of us attaining orgasm. It never occurred to me then that it was possible to suck a cock to orgasm. But now I was a cocksucker, we both were, and I loved doing it. I was hot.
I decided to ask another daring question. "You ever jack yourself off?" I asked Bob. I was sure he didn't, it was a horrible sin and I was certain that I was the only pervert on earth who played with himself until orgasm.
Wow! Bobby jacks off too! "Oh yeah? How often?"
"Coupla times a week. How often do you do it?"
"About the same." That was a lie. I did it every day. Sometimes twice a day. "How long's it take you to get the good feeling?"
"Justa coupla minutes."
It always took me linger, I had to work hard for it. "Can I jack you off?" I asked. His body was lithe and slim, tan marks where his trunks had been. He was beautiful.
"Oh yeah, go ahead." He closed his eyes.
Bobby lay on his back. He had a slightly stocky build, with nice legs. His cock stood at full erection, still glistening from my saliva. I reached for it and squeezed it slowly pulling the skin toward the glans. He moaned. I slowly drew it back toward the base. His hips tightened and he pushed them forward. I continued to slowly masturbate his cock, watching it with fascination. His cock was beautiful. I was on my knees beside him stroking his cock with my left hand and watching him.
"Yeah," he said, responding to my pumping, "that's good...mmmmm..." He moaned and started to breathe heavily.
"Ooooohhhh....that's nice....yeah...just like that..."
I started to pump him faster. He started to tremble and I kept pumping him. He was grunting on every stroke. This was it, he was going to have an orgasm for me!
He closed his eyes and grunted as his cock started to squirt ropy strands of hot teenage cum into the air. It splattered all over his torso. He giggled when he opened his eyes and saw his sperm all over his belly. It was great, I loved bringing him off!
"My turn to do you," he said, and reached for his T-shirt and wiped the cum off of each of us and took my hard little cock in his hand. I lay back and let him stroke me, his fingers deftly masturbating me. I looked at his naked body as he jacked me off, and I reached out and stroked the cheeks of his ass. Except for his brown crotch bush and his crew cut, his body was smooth, hairless, and beautiful. He kept pumping my cock deftly and the familiar tickle started. Then, I came in a frenzy of pubescent orgasm and drew my legs up as he finished me off. He laughed and said it was funny the way I drew my legs up when I came. My cock was covered with a thin, clear liquid. Bob wiped it up with the T shirt.
We relaxed for a few minutes and then opened our sleeping bags up and zippered them together so they were one big sleeping bag. We cuddled against each other. His warmth felt good. His back was to me, and I reached around and felt his cock and I was soon hard again, pushing my crotch against his ass. It was getting hard again. I rolled him over and got down between his legs and started sucking him again. He closed his eyes and moaned with pleasure as I sucked his cock. After a few minutes I started stroking it with my hand and he had another orgasm for me. He sucked my cock again and masturbated me to another orgasm. We jacked each other off two more times that night. I went to sleep nestled to his back, my crotch pushed against his ass, reaching around and fondling his cock and balls in the night.
I woke early the next morning still cuddled against him, my hand still on his balls. I started rubbing him and got him hard again. He let me go down on him and masturbate him to orgasm again. He reciprocated, and I watched his crew cut head bobbing as his lips went up and down on my cock.
We sucked each other's cocks and jacked each other off all that summer. There wasn't ever a night we spent together that we didn't each come at least four or five times. Bob always brought a "sperm rag" along that we used to wipe up our juice (I would love to do him again today and I would swallow every drop of his precious cum).
When we were alone we couldn't keep our hands and mouths off each others cocks. I sixty-nined with Bob in his bedroom, on the screened in porch at his parents' house, in back of his house in the tent, in the tent in the trees beside my house, in my bedroom, everywhere. I kissed his balls, and we even kissed each other on the mouth once, but didn't get off on it. I tried anal penetration with him once, but he said it hurt so I didn't try it again. We would watch each other jack off, and at the point of orgasm, stick our cock into the cleft of the others buttocks and shoot off. The summer of 1962 was a summer of mutual masturbatory delight and adolescent cocksucking. We were lovers for the entire summer and then never again. I only saw Bob's cock once after that, and that was when we were changing into swimming trunks beside a creek. It was still beautiful, and I wanted to suck him again, but we were older and never had sex together again.
I still love cocks and will fellate and masturbate other men in roadside toilets and public bathrooms. The sight of a man stroking his prick until it is hard is a delight, and I love to peek through a hole in a stall and watch a man piss and then masturbate his flaccid cock into a stiff hard-on. --Anonymous



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