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The Summer Commute

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The daily train commute every day can be such a drag. I started not wearing panties in the hot weather and I just loved the way it felt. So, it wasn't much of a leap that in the summer holiday months, if I got a bit of privacy when there are fewer people on the commuter train, I could amuse myself with my fingers and my pussy. It started out as simple thing like raising a foot to the edge of the empty seat across from me and slipping a finger into my crevice, just to see how it felt. Of course over time I got more brazen, opening my legs a bit more, rubbing my labia and clit with more vigor until a delightful orgasm ensued.

Alas the novelty wore off and it was less thrilling, unless the section of the car was totally empty so that I could spread my legs, fold my skirt up to my waist and just jerk with abandon like a mad woman. Or, I'd just get more brazen with people around. Fortunately, most are not bad looking men. I'd usually start with a little flash and see what reaction I'd get to a quick look at a glistening snatch. Some were hilarious at pretending not to notice but turned to look every time I moved. Ha! Finally I got brave enough to try something new.

There was a really cute younger guy in a business suit sitting across from me and the two seats next to us and across from us were empty. Only he could see me. I feigned to fall asleep and as I did I slouched in my seat, turned sideways a bit. I spread my legs a little more, feeling my skirt ride up more and more so that I could feel a distinct draught. I shifted again and brought my hand along my thigh and rested it on my exposed vulva letting one index finger tip just slip in. I murmured a bit as if dreaming and began to rub my clit and labia as though involuntarily scratching an itch. I could feel my glistening fingers get covered in juice as I heard him squirm and cough a bit in his seat. I just kept my eyes closed a bit longer, frowned and jerked myself with a bit more intent, wondering how long I could keep up this innocent cover to my naughtiness.

I slightly opened one eye and I could see that he had squirmed because he had pulled out an engorged cock and his balls from his pants and was jacking off with the hope I remained in a slumber. Fabulous!! No need for pretense now! I just straightened up and slid down my butt on the seat and placed my feet astride him, giving him a full view of my fingers at work. I smiled as I half opened my eyes.

Poor guy! I think I seriously startled him but, no matter. I had Plan B. I reached into my bag and pulled out my favorite travelling dildo. I just slipped it around until it was good and wet. In one uninterrupted move, I fully slid it into my vagina. With that, I thought his eyes would pop out of his head. I smiled and went to work, making delicious slurpy sounds as I pumped it in and out. I unbuttoned my blouse, to put my needy nipples on display and I enjoyed hearing him groan. The electric charges from my nipples to my clit were overwhelming and I gasped and chirped in the early throws of a serious, full orgasm.

His face got redder and he grunted a bit involuntarily and then spewed a load in a few arcs onto the floor, coming like I had pushed his 'Emergency Ejaculate' button. I started to jerk my bottom on the seat. My legs quavered and my body trembled all over. I felt a hot rush as I gagged out the biggest 'Uunngghhnn!', in one great orgasmic burst. Even the loud noise of the tracks and rattle of the car couldn't cover my sharp burst of audible pleasure.

I could see him suddenly cover his lap with his case and wave to riders down the car thinking of coming to investigate the disturbance. Smiling he just said 'Its all right. She was just dreaming..'. I felt secure enough to finish the show, lazily putting away my toy and gently massaging my labia with sodden fingers, which I licked one by one. He quickly regained his erection and stroked its rigid veined shaft with such a serious look on his face. I kept my legs apart and ran my fingers up and down both sides of my labia and exposing my unsheathed clit, he came again, holding his spent cock as he caught his breath.

I cleaned up a bit and folded down my skirt. He repacked his gear and zipped his fly. I asked which stop was his.? He said about five ago!



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