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The Suckling

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I just stumbled onto this site not too long ago, and I love it. This happened a couple years ago and it's perfect for Solo Touch. So here goes:

A couple of summers ago my older sister, Rachel, (older by two years) just had her first daughter, Madison. I was staying at their place for a couple of weeks to help out and of course see my new and beautiful niece.

My sister's husband would go to work each day leaving Rachel and I with Madison. Our Mom was coming up the next day to help as well and it was turning out to be a great break for me. I had just finished my third year in college and I was really starting to focus and find myself.

Anyway, the day before Mom came, it was mid-morning and Rachel was nursing Madison openly in the living room while I was bustling around picking up stuff and doing ramdom cleaning.

Rachel and I have always been quite open with each other in all respects like most sisters. Even with sexual stuff. I mean up until this morning we had never 'lezed' out like a lot of sisters on this site seem too, but we were pretty open about masturbation. Growing up we had touched each other with curiosity, touched ourselves in front of each other, stuff like that. When we were teenagers we discovered masturbation on our own, but we talked about it a lot together, and a couple times Rachel would come in to my room while I was masturbating and it was no big deal. I'd keep going and she would watch a little and laugh and that was about it. I had never really seen her orgasm, but we talked openly of how and when we would play with ourselves.

When she went off to school she came back with tales of having full-on sex with boys and when I started to get sexually active with boys I told her all the dirty little details. It was great.

So it really was no big deal to see my sister with her breast out nursing her daughter on the living room couch. I stopped moving around and plopped down in one of the living room chairs to take a break and gently watched my sister and her daughter for a moment.

'She's hungry today,' Rachel said looking down to her daughter's lips surrounding her own milking nipple.

'Looks like it,' I agreed. 'Has nursing started to hurt yet?'

Rachel sort of shook her head. 'Not really the sucking part yet, but having constantly swollen tits isn't fun.'

I took in the sight of Rachel's breast. 'Yeah, that tit is looking pretty heavy. I bet Matt isn't complaining though.' (Matt's her husband.)

'No, he's definitely not,' Rachel said while adjusting Madison's head a little.

'So do you let Matt get a little taste of your homemade vitamin D?' I asked with a laugh.

Rachel smiled. 'Oh yeah. He's tried it. But I don't think he likes it too much. I think it weirds him out a little to milk me. Which is strange, cause I thought all guys would totally get off sucking milk out of willing tits.'

'No kidding,' I agreed. 'I mean does it get any more Oedipal than that?'

We both kind of laughed a moment. I suddenly was becoming aware that this talk and seeing Rachel feed Madison was making me strangely aroused. The mental image of Matt milking my sister stirred me. In fact, my sister herself was making me wet. She has always been beautiful with her dirty blonde hair, her bright eyes and perfect lips and smile. And with Rachel, even with some of the extra weight that came with pregnancy seemed only to make her more voluptous, more glowing.

Well, Rachel finished with Madison, put her breast back into her shirt and went to the nursery to put Madison down. I went to the Kitchen and took care of the dishes in the dishwasher, but I was just getting hornier by the second.

When Rachel came back out of the living room I quickly finished to go out to join her. 'Hey, Rach, let me see how big your tits really are now.'

Rachel was nonplussed. 'You want to see both of them?'

'Yeah,' I said and came over to sit with her on the other end of the sofa.

Rachel sat up a little and began unbuttoning her blouse. 'They feel like bowling balls lately...'

My pussy was rushing with anticipation.

Rachel reached back and undid her bra. Boom! Her full mam's dropped in their thick nippled glory. The word 'swollen' didn't do them justice.

'Shit, Rach! They're gy-normous!' I squeeled.

'I know,' She said as she gently raised them with her hand. 'Here, hold them,' she offered and slightly leaned to me. I practically lunged at her.

'OMG!' I said as I delicately fondled my sister's breasts. And I mean I touched all over them. Not one inch of breast, areola, or nipple was left untouched. A tiny trace of milk dribbled out of Rachel's right dark red nip. Then Rachel let out a deep moan.

I cleared out the lump in my throat. 'Are you as horny as I am?'

'Yes...' Rachel murmured. Then she told me that nursing makes her pussy so wet she has to be careful where she is and what she's wearing.

'Rach, would it be too weird if I sucked on your breasts a little?'

Rachel's eyes came alive. 'No. I think that would be off the charts erotic. But I'm going to need to masturbate if you milk me, Sis.'

'I've been needing to masturbate all morning,' I confessed. Thrill of anticipation was running through both of us.

Quickly, I ran to the bathroom to get a towel for Rachel to sit on while Rachel stripped totally naked.

'I can't believe we're doing this!' She said sitting her plush white ass cheeks on the towel and then opened her thighs to me, exposing her willowing pubic grove and swollen pussy ridgelines that opened up to Rachel's redened birthing canal.

I tore off my clothes, and I kid you not pussy juice was running down my legs. I descended on my sister and put my lips around her huge nipple. The moment I began my suction warm, dense mamary milk flowed into my mouth. I then picked up a sucking rhythm and with one hand I helped my sister play with her hairy pussy. Rachel moaned more, closing her eyes a little. I drank and drank. I suckled down my own sister's milk as she masturbated. Rachel then reached around and played a little with my pussy under my ass crack. We both got dilirious. I think it was close to an hour. Finally, Rachel had a huge orgasm and shook all over the couch. I was forced to release my mouth from her nipple and milk squirted and oozed out from her tit as she continued to ride her orgasm. It was incredible! (As I recount it I am furiously jilling myself, so please excuse spelling and typos!)

As she rested, I finished myself off with my own fingers right there on the living room floor.

We did it again more after that. Once we couldn't wait and ended up locking ourselves in the bathroom. While our parents and Matt and Madison were all in the kitchen, I sucked on Rachel's bared tit and masturbated her while I drank her milk.

Never got caught, thankfully. I don't know how you explain something like that. Anyway, My sister and I only masturbated together while she was nursing. We just got caught up in the eroticism, I guess.



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