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The Stuff of Dreams

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The happened last night while I was lying in bed, thinking of how much I missed my lover. We live half an hour apart, and both have different work schedules, so regularly we only get to see each other every second weekend. This is generally tolerable, even though I do have a strong sex drive. Well the next time ill be able to see him, it will have been four weeks. Yeah. I bet you can imagine me last night, and it was only the middle of those four weeks, alas.
So, here I was, tense as anything. I generally don't go for the clitoral stimulation, because, partly I think, I know exactly where my g-spot is, and how to pressure it. I was lying there, working myself up, thinking of him, touching me, running his hands softly all over my body, sucking on my breasts and nipples, whispering unimaginably arousing things in my ear, and making sweet love to me. I was very wet, without even touching myself. Sometimes an over-active imagination is a great thing. Finally I let my hand drift down, caressing my breasts, my stomach, my sides and hips, gliding down to gently play with my clit, then ever so slightly, touching my dripping wet pussy. I brought my fingers to my mouth to taste myself, then I wet my two fingers, and trailed my thumb back down my fit, but not overly muscular, body. I ran my fingers up and down my slit, then plunged them suddenly into my pussy, hard and fast on my g-spot, as I couldn't take it any more. I should mention that when I orgasm to my g-spot, I do that wonderful thing known as female ejaculation.my hand, and the towel I had put underneath myself, were soaked.
As I was coming down, I played gently with my clit, squeezing it, and rubbing it all over. Suddenly I felt this twinge of pleasure, so I messed around for a bit more untill I found it again. My sex drive recovered and my curiosity having been poked rather pleasantly with a finger, I pursued this new sensation. I found that if I use my first and middle finger on either side of my clit, well lubed, that I could create some very pleasant feelings. There would be no sleep for a while. My thoughts again turned to my lover, I turned up the pace, imagining him inside me, going hard into me, our bodies close, our skiing perspiring with the effort, our breath coming fast, I orgasmed to the most amazing feelings that I've ever experienced. I screamed out his name, moaning and squirming beneath the covers, at the mercy of myself and where I could take me, not being able to stop it I moaned his name once more, then fell, exhausted, back down to earth, all but passing out, my head pounding, my mind spinning from the exertion of it all, the new feelings, the sensations that were driven through me, and the thought that I had cum more than I ever had before. If the towel was there to keep the sheets dry, it wasnt doing a very good job now, folded over as it was. I half consciously tossed the sheet into a heap somewhere in close proximity to the laundry basket, wiped up a bit more, then fell into a deep sleep, my dreams accompanied by my lover, as I dreamed of his smile, I relived the nights actions, only with him there to assist me.
~Prophet of Dreams~



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