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The Steam Bath

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I thought sice I'm in a typing mood, I'd do a follow up story on 'My vocalist' March 27, 2003 and May 10, 2003 and 'My Roomie', yet to be printed.
As I stated before I had one other bi experience about 10 years after my Roomie & I played.
A good friend of mine took me for a day at the steam bath (in Jewish 'The Svitz'). In the 1920's it was the hangout for the notorious 'Purple Gang.'
We swam, got in the hottub & sauna, finally a good hot shower. I'll call him 'Tom'
Tom said after our massage we'll have dinner. I said I really didn't want some guy giving me a massage, but he said it's paid for if you don't like it leave.
So in I went. The room was nicely lit, some light jazz playing.The guy came in, maybe about 30, nice looking, white tee shirt & shorts. I took off my robe and laid face down. He covered my ass with a towel. He started on my neck and shoulders with a warm oil. Man it felt great so I thought let him go ahead.
After my back and neck he started on my legs, calves and so on. I was really relaxed. He got up high on my legs near the towel and was putting the warm oil on the insides of my legs near my ass and balls. I thought that was a little weird but didn't stop him.
Next thing I knew his hands had slipped under the towel and he was massaging my cheeks. By then I had a raging hardon. He took the towel away and started putting the oil inside my ass crack and rub it, finally he got to my asshole, which after all the other stuff was clean . The warm oil and his fingers rubbing the opening and also my balls was great, he finally asked if I wanted to turn over. I thought hell yes my 6 inch cock was like a rock.
I turned on my back. He sort of laughed and smiled. He started massaging my chest, then legs, then he finally got to my cock area. He teased it with his hands and oil. Finally standing at my feet he put hands and oil around my cock.
He asked if he should continue. I didn't say no. He came up beside me I noticed he was naked, nicely built and a cock the size of mine. He started rubbing my cock with one warm, oily hand --very slowly-- spending a lot of time around the head. I had to reach out & touch his cock. He put some oil on my hand. We started jacking each other. There was enough room for two on the table. He laid beside me and we kept rubbing each other's cocks and balls. Finally I couldn't hold back and shot my cum at least 8 or 10 inches and he came allover my hand.
He got some hot wet towels and then he left. I got dressed and went to join Tom and have some dinner. Tom was sitting with a very nice looking gal, maybe 35 or so. After a few minutes the guy who I was with came over and joined us. I'm thinking 'What the hell? The employees eat with us????' Tom started laughing, the guy wasn't an employee there; he was a friend of Tom's. I HAD BEEN SET UP BY THIS BASTARD TOM!!! While he was in the other massage room with this fucking and whatever else.
I thought, 'You pricks aren't going to get the best of me.' I leaned over and told this guy(Jerry), 'You give the best handjob and suck the best cock I've ever had.....' *G*
Later Tom and I and the gal went to his place and had some fun.
This place still is in business. It's in Detroit Mich. I'm not going to say the name, but is a legal business. Last I heard weekends are couples only, $50 a person or close to that.They have group or couples hottubs, nuderooms,or bathing suit rooms and I've heard party rooms. And excellent food.



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