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The Start of It All

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Reading all the stories on this site got me to reminiscing about the beginning of my masturbation experiences and just how common male/male experiences are. I never really knew it was such a prevalent activity amongst the population.

Anyway, I am sure I was beginning to realize there was a purpose to the erections that I was getting all the time. I would accompany my mother to a small town where she liked to go and shop and they had a drug store where she would shop and I would go to the magazine section. Back then, 29 years ago, they would keep the Playboy, Penthouse, etc type magazines exposing only the name of the magazine on the top shelf of the display. I remember pulling one down one day and got an instant erection while looking through the photos of the naked women. So I would always want to go with her and I would pull the magazines down that I wanted to view and put them inside a Sports Illustrated or something to that effect so I could hide what it was I was viewing. I also remember looking through the ones with only Males posing also and was intrigued by the size and the hairyness of their penises. Another thing I found intriguing was the collection of photos where man and women were together and there was a collection of liquid on her body in some of the photos and shots of the man "cumming" which I had no idea about.

This led to a fascination with both women....and mature male body parts. At this age, I had no pubic hair and had a relatively small penis and I am sure that sparked a feeling of jealousy and envy. I specifically remember the first time I got an erection, proceeded to play with it and eventually had an orgasm. I was sitting on the couch during a summer break from school with a blanket over me and my mother in a chair across the room. I got another spontaneous erection and began to just play around with it and found that if I put my thumb and first and second finger around it and moved my arm up and down that it felt good. I was doing it discretely due to my mother being in the room. This went on for some time and I just remember that fantastic feeling that everyone of us loves so much. At that age, it was a dry orgasm but still felt just the same. After that, I was hooked on the feeling.

Upon experimenting, I discovered there were all sorts of ways to get that 6-10 second feeling of pleasure. I discovered, upon my mothers possession in her bathroom vanity, a contraption called the "Home Vibrator". It was fairly quiet and had several attachments. I am sure it's purpose was for massage, but quite frankly, I didn't need a massage. I would take the suction cup shaped attachment and place it on my penis and invariably bring myself to orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

After going back to elementary school, fifth or sixth grade if I recall correctly, I began to hear a few boys talking about this "Feeling" that you could get from climbing a rope, pole or even a skinny tree where you could hang close to the trunk on a branch. So, 2-3 of us friends would spend the recess breaks climbing the various ropes, swingset poles and climbing poles around the playground area just to get "the feeling". I don't know if anyone know what we were doing when we would reach the top and just hang there bringing our knees up to our chests, with our crotches against the pole. We would just lift our knees up...hold it there then lower them then raise them back up and after a little bit of time....BANG...same exact feeling I would get from my fingers or the vibrator. In a way, the orgasm was a bit more intense. It is kind of embarrassing looking back and wondering if anyone had any idea what we were doing but I think they would be doing it too if they knew how good it felt. I was so addicted to it, I used to ask for a hall pass to use the restroom, hurry down the hallway to the old bathrooms. In the old bathrooms, there was a series of 3-4 urinals along the wall and a partition that would block the view of them from anyone walking down the hallway. It ran from floor to ceiling but at the top was a hollow support that you could grab, much like a pole or rope, and pull yourself up and mimic the motion against the partition. 20-25 seconds of this and BANG....relief and then back to class. It was kind risky cause anyone could walk in at any time and clearly see you hanging there but I didn't care. I even remember walking in on another classmate and he was doing to same thing...he stopped quickly and I told him that I do it to and I stayed and watched and then he watched me.

I began to associate the great "feeling" with human contact and used to go outside at night trying to see if I could see any of my female neighbors nude through the windows, etc. Never had much luck with this but still tried.

I had a friend that was one year older than me but was maturing at an earlier age than I was yet we played neighborhood sports and the such with the members of our community. We would eat at each others house and eventually would stay the night sometimes at one house or the other. They had an above ground pool installed so lots of the neighborhood kids would hang around there. We (my neighbor) and I would swim till past dark sometimes and one night he said he wanted to show me something. He explained how he could get this great feeling by putting his leg up over the edge and letting the water jet spray water on his penis through his trunks. I was intrigued and I watched him do it and proceeded to follow suit. Another wonderful way to experience this great feeling.

Eventually, he was over at my house and we were wrestling or playing first and goal football where we would try to stop the other guy from scoring from about three yards from the goal line (involved body contact and tackling on the carpeted basement floor). Well, one thing led to another and I eventually felt his rock hard cock on my leg during a play. I am sure I had a raging hard on, but it hadn't grown to full size. Anyway, one thing led to another, and we began to experiment with each others "parts". He was long, thick and hairy and I was hairless and not so big but he really enjoyed my cock for some reason has I was intrigued by his also.

The biggest thing that intrigued me, was the fact that he was about to shoot cum and I was not. I felt that there was something wrong with me and he explained that one day, you will just start cumming. My parents were very conservative, no cable, no adult stuff, etc in the house. His father always had TONS of dirty magazines and they had Satellite TV, playboy channel and All the good XXX). One night, were were watching a porno and both stroking on the couch and he leaned over and started to suck on my cock, just like the girl in the movie was doing. WOW, did it feel great. He would do it until I would cum but didn't have to worry about a mouthful. I eventually started to return the favor after a few more instances of this. Eventually I would let him cum in my mouth, I didn't swallow it very often cause I didn't like the taste, but it was such a turn on to get someone off. This went on for two years. By the time he moved, I had become developed and we were about the same size. We used to jack off together, 69, and we used to insert fingers into each others anus and enjoy that. Eventually, he moved away and I began to focus on females exclusively.

That was the last man on man experience until you fast forward to my Mid 20's. I was living in an apartment and going to school (lived in hometown still and school was in one of the roughest towns in the United States and was about a 30 minute drive. I remember there being a lot of construction on the expressway and I decided to take another route. While driving there, I passed up an adult bookstore on the way and made up my mind to stop and pick up a porno so I had something to watch and jack off to. After school, I went in there and looked at the plethera of movies and ended up buying one straight porn and one gay porn (out of curiosity). While in there, I noticed a curtain and saw a bunch of guys going in and out from behind the curtain plus there was a door adjacent from the check out counter where guys would stand by the door, a buzzer would go off and then they would enter. I bought my stuff and went home.

I noticed that they were open 24 hours before I left. I got home, watched some of the movies and started to jack off and edge myself watching the gay movie. It must have been 11 PM or so, and I had to work the next day, but I had to go back to see what was going on there. I remember asking the clerk what was behind the door and they said it was a theatre showing adult Movies. I paid my $7, or whatever the cost was, and was buzzed in. I remember entering and seeing several people jump...then go back to doing what they were doing when they realized I was just another patron. There were 4 rows of seats...with 4 seats to each row and I noticed that the last seat in the last row was open so I excused myself and made my way to that seat. There were 3 guys in the back row, now 4 including me. Pretty soon, there were all types of sexual activities going on in the rows in front of us and we were all fixated on watching what was going on.

I was wearing shorts, and I could eventually feel the guys leg next to me touch my leg...then move away...then touch me...then move away. This seemed like a signal but I was unsure and kept looking ahead. Eventually, I felt a finger starting to caress my thigh and, being that I was already horny from edging, stating to get aroused. After some time, his whole hand was on my leg and working its way up towards my cock. I couldn't believe it, but I was enjoying this and I reached over and started to rub him. He was HUGE (at least 9 inches and he already had a cock ring on). We proceeded to slowly jack each other off and then three guys from the row in front of us dropped their pants, climbed over the back of the seat, and all five of us jacked each other off until we had cum. Very exhilarating. After this experience, I began stopping by there a lot and also searching out more stores like that. I liked the theatre setting better than the arcade setting since it felt a bit more discrete.

I travel a lot for work and make it a point to pull over and stop-in if I notice a store like this advertising theatres and arcades. Gloryholes are another fun time but some guys take offense if I try to put a condom on them before I take them into my mouth but it is much better to be safe than sorry. If fact, I met a regular suck/jack off buddy from my hometown that was a frequenter of the theatre.

Sorry this is so long, but if anyone has had similar experiences (climbing, etc) please post a comment. Thank you for reading everyone, and I am off to wank after thinking of all this stuff while I was typing.



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