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The Sound of Him Coming

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Being bi-curious, I often fancied my mates as a teenager, and would have loved to masturbate with several of them. However I always promised myself I would nevr force anyone of them to masturbate with me if he didn't want to and thus ruin a great friendship. Instead I kept my thoughts to myself and wanked off over them at night.

My mate John whom I met at college was one such mate that I fancied. He was tall and slim, a bit gangly really, and with untidy mousey hair, but somehow very masculine. As well as being good for having a wank over, he was an affable, easy-going bloke - great company and we always got on like a house on fire, so when he suggested we go on holiday to California together to celebrate the end of our finals, I jumped at the chance. It promised to be a brilliant trip, whatever. At the same time I secretly harboured a hope that sharing a motel room with him for two and half weeks with him, might provide an opportunity for a wank together.

We flew to LA in the September that year where we rented a car and drove up to San Francisco and then inland to Death Valley and the Grand Canyon, finally returning to LA for the flight home. The weather was glorious (of course) and the scenery was almost overwhelming to our north London eyes, and we often chatted across the room for a few minutes after getting into our beds and turning off the light.

Mostly we starting by chatting about what we'd done that day but it we usually digressed onto some other subject, and one night the subject somehow turned to sex and masturbation, and we spent some while swapping notes and stories about our experiences and things we liked doing. This was a big wind up and by the time the conversation lulled I had a throbbing hard on from thinking and talking about it and was desperate to wank off.

After a couple of minutes silence, lying there each with our own thoughts, John spoke again "Penny for your thoughts?" he asked. Seeing a possible opening I replied "I must admit to feeling somewhat aroused after that conversation"

"You me too" John answered back.

I hesitated for a moment, but in the end I had to ask: "How about a wank together, we could maybe watch each other"

"That sounds fun" John replied "I could cope with that"

We turned the light back on, each pushed down our duvets, and for a moment just stared at each others erections, comparing them. Then John said "in your own time". Taking that as my cue I started stroking slowly. A moment later John started stroking.

The sight of John stretched out on his back wanking was one of the most beautiful sights I have seen. Determined to make the most of the opportunity I kept my strokes slow, and watched him intently, noting -amongst other things - the line of his firm thighs, washboard abdomen. He was holding his erection well out almost vertical and it magnificent. It somehow completed him, made him look more masculine and handsome than ever.

Presently he started bucking gently and I observed how his muscles flexed. Then he started sighing, or rather, whimpering as if he was in pain. Then finally he panted a couple of times and bucked higher and more violently. A second later a great fountain of semen shot high into the air and arched back down onto his abdomen and chest making a glorious spurting, splashing sound into the bargain. Another shot followed shortly after, and then a third, and once again there was this glorious sound as he came.

At this point I couldn't hold myself back any longer and, didn't want to anyway. And with the sight of John milking out his last few drops over his semen soaked abdomen and chest, and with the memory of the sound of him coming still reverberating round my head, I brought myself off and had an almighty come all over the sheets.

I've never heard another bloke make a sound like John made that night, on the other few occasions that I have got off with other blokes; I've never made a sound like that during coming myself, no matter how hard I've come; I don't think I will ever forget it, and nor do I want to



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