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The Snowy Night

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The Snowy Night
I am a 17 your male and i love to masturbate. I also have a gf who's 17 and she finally admitted that she masturbates too! But i didnt know that until one snowy night. But before i knew that i bugged her about trying it and this and that and she would always say no. We are sexaully active but ive always wanted her to masturbate cause its not bad and its alot safer.
Anyways it was a friday and the weather didnt look that bad at all.She had won some free movie tickets so what we where planning go to the movie,the head up to her house and hang out until i had to go home.Well we went to the movie got out and there was about an inch of snow on the ground.Well she lives in the mountains and some how i made it up to her house but her drive way was covered in snow.We had taken her car and my car ,which is a 4x4 was there and i really didnt want to go home.After alot of fighting and shouting i finally convinced my parents to let me stay there and i would crash on the couch. My gf mom was cool about it but she said that we had to sleep with the door open.So when she said that we knew sex was out of the question.
Well we lied there and just made out for a while and started talking.She finally said "Matt i have something to tell u that your going to happy about." She paused and then said "Matt, i masturbate and have always masturbated. I love to do it and whenever i can i do". She smiled when she said and the entire time i smiled. I told her "Heather why didnt u tell me this in the beggining?Thats soo fucking cool!!!". Then i said "Well i dont think where going to get to have sex so do u want to do it in front of me"?and she said"No ,it still feels dirty but maybe".
She then stuck her hands down my pants and started to play with me(and by now i was fully hard i have a 6 1/2 dick with a width of 3 1/2 and i love to masturbate so when i hear about it from my sexy gf well believe me i was hard) she grabed my balls and tickled them so i squirmed and told her to stop she then grabbed my shaft and started to stroke it. She switched hands off an off and for about 45 min and i told her that it felt good but i dont think im going to cum.So then i started to finger her and it was the same with her it felt good but she was going to have an orgasim.I then said "well u know what, u go first and ill follow".She said alright and stuck her hands down her pants and started to finger her self.Damm i loved that,the thought of a beautiful girl masturbating and belive me shes beautiful. She a brunette with a 36 c and a shaved pussy.She started off slow and then i begain by stroking my self.She said that she could get off in about 3 min and i knew that i could in about the same time, but its different doing it in front of your partner.Well she fingered away and i stroked.We did it for about 25 min and i said well u know what let me help u out.I bent over and kissed and started to suck on her beautiful neck and she moaned a lil and said "no matt, suck on my tits" I smiled and leaned over and grabed her perky right tit and started to suck on her tit.She moaned a little more and started to finger her self faster and faster well i sucked.I kept sucking on her right tit well i fondolded her lift tit.She then got faster and i could hear her fingers going in and out and the sound turned me on.She then shivered and said "u can stop now,and wow that was a good orgasim"
i smiled at her and said "its my turn" so i layed on my back and started to stroke i went from fast to slow to fast stroking my hard dick but i couldnt reach the point of orgasm. So i asked her" hey sweetie,would u please tell me about how u masturbate".She said"alright,first what i do is i stick my fingers in my wet pussy.Then i get the palm of my hand and rub my clit well i finger my self.And then i move from side to side back to back and in and out and mmmm it feels soo good".By then i had reached the point so i said "ok" and leaned over and shot a nice line of cum on her bed.And said "ohhh god that was good".I leaned back over and kissed my gf and told her"thank god u masturbate.And why couldnt u have told me sooner,u know how much fun we can have now.She smiled and said "well have to see"i smiled back and kissed her on the fore head and said "goodnight ill see u in the morning"and we feel asleep in each others arms. 
well thank u for hearing my story and for and girls that dont admit that the masturbate,just admit it cause its not bad for ya and its really a cool thing to admit thank u for reading my story



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