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The Slit in My Jeans

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The origins of this story are a bit unusual so you have to believe that I am not making this up. Let me first explain that I'm a tall, thin woman with long blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice shape, though I'm slightly self conscious of having long legs and being fairly tall at 5' 11' in height. In retrospect I guess I'm a bit too open to suggestion.

When I went to visit my conman ex-boyfriend at a minimum security prison, he told me to take a razor knife and to cut a small slit along the inseam in the crotch of my jeans. Cutting carefully along the seam meant that it hardly showed. This gave him the ability to feel the inside of me when we were together in the common meeting area. He seemed to really get off on it and I had craved his touch. The slit had not been visible to others. It let us engage in the nearest thing to sex without getting busted for it.

I had been very self conscious at first but I 'came' to enjoy it. We would sit at the side of a table facing each other, our legs intertwined. We would take turns holding hands together in our laps and he would then take one hand and begin to rub the inside of my thighs. We would keep innocently talking and laughing and he would slip one or two fingers into the slit. He would lightly caress my labia at first and then make little circles around my clit. As I became wetter and wetter, he would slip his fingers further into my vagina until I began to cum. I learned to laugh or cough a bit louder as each orgasmic wave hit me and as my vaginal muscles clenched his fingers inside me. He said that each time, the memory of it had given him experiences to jerk off to dozens of times.

It had been another 'con' on those around us and that had been the turn on. Getting off while those nearby and those watching either had not noticed or felt they could ignore it, had made me hot! The idea of cumming in a room full of strangers had become a major turn on. I began to look forward to my little trips in my 'special' jeans.

Driving back I began to masturbate myself in the car, slipping my own fingers into my hidden, special slit in the inseam. I'd even stop for coffee at a roadside diner and as I sat at the table, I'd part my legs under the table and give myself a good fingering until I would silently cum. Surprisingly no one had noticed when I had left, the wet patch between my legs.

I was so into it that I kept a quiet vibe in my purse and after I had made myself good and wet, I could part my legs and slowly push it in and out of my vagina while staying fully dressed. I had made me so hot! The idea of masturbating with my clothes on surreptitiously, had really become an immense turn on.

One night I had met a guy that I really had liked from work and we began to chat about some very personal stuff. He had asked if things had trailed off with my ex-boyfriend and I sadly admitted that they had. It had led me to discuss my 'special jeans'! He said that he didn't believe me, so I guided his hand to my wet crotch and let him feel for himself! I could feel a great ridge rise in his lap, so we adjourned to the privacy of his car. Once safely inside, I widely opened my jeans covered legs so that he could go to work on me with my vibe while I jerked him off. Slipping the vibe in and out of my vagina through the slit in my jeans had made him incredibly hard. With no one nearby, we just cut loose and each came in loud, noisy orgasms. He remarked that if a vibe would fit in my special slit in my jeans, so would a hard cock... but that is another story...



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