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The Sleepover To End All Sleepovers

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FICTION. Big emphasis on that.

A few years ago, I had this friend named Josh. He was, in a word, beautiful. It was because of him that I found that I was bisexual.

He had shining black hair and was toned and fit. He was about 5'10' and his abs showed through his T-shirts.

I was black-haired as well, and I was thin, and not as muscled as Josh. I was taller than him, reaching 6 feet.

He and I always hung out after school. We were inseparable. He came over to my house on several occasions, but nothing much had come of it sexually between us. At most we had looked at porn and we jacked in separate rooms, him in the bathroom and I in whatever room we watched porn in.

Tonight that was going to change. I was incredibly attracted to him. I always had been. Anyway, we had set the date of the sleepover on the first day after school let out for summer. All through the last week of school, I was anticipating this day. As the last bell of the day rang, I found Josh and we both walked to my house.

My parents had trusted me from day one. They never suspected anything. Due to this fact, my parents allowed us to be alone for three days while they were away on business. What a mistake they made in trusting me!

In any case, we got to my house at about three thirty. Obviously since it was summer, it was hot. To make matters worse, our air conditioner had broken. A person could only stand the heat if they were clad in only their underwear. So, to be comfortable, Josh and I stripped down to our boxers. I was worried about him giving me a boner, but God must've been shining down on me in that moment.

We had seen each other in our boxers before during PE, and at my house, but I had never seen him in his since I had been attracted to him. This was going to be difficult.

To kick off summer break, and our sleepover, we played our favorite video game, Timesplitters. We played for a few hours, to kill time until we were going swimming in my pool. We were going to swim at night, since neither of us had done that before.

I was starting to change into my swimsuit, but Josh had left the room. I wasn't thinking and I went looking for him in the nude. He was just outside the door, facing away from me.

I asked him, 'Are you kidding, dude? We've seen each other in our boxers all day. What's a little bit more skin?'

He replied, 'I don't want to be called....you know,' he lowered his voice, '...gay.'

I didn't intend to embarrass him, but I burst out laughing. 'That's what you're worried about? Jeez dude.'

After a few seconds he softened up a little. 'Yeah, you're right. Sorry, man.' He paused and looked at me. 'Are you naked?'

'What?!' I exclaimed. 'Sorry. Here, I'll put my trunks on.'

'No, wait. That's cool. I like being naked.' Josh said. His face lit up for a moment. 'Dude! What if we skinny dipped? That'd be AWESOME!'

Needless to say, I agreed wholeheartedly. Josh dropped his boxers, and we went out back. We started to swim and it was wonderfully sexy. Josh had stopped swimming for a moment. He was facing the wall of the pool and his eyes were closed. I knew that he was using the pool jet to get him off. I snuck up behind him and waited till he stiffened (no pun intended). I knew he had cum and I tapped him on the shoulder.

He freaked out. He started to panic and worry what I was going to do. I assured him that I was jealous. Now I wanted to get off.

We then went back inside, still nude, and I grabbed my computer. We went into my room and started to watch the porn on my hard drive. We watched the scene before us.

The porn was showing a two girls masturbating each other. It was giving me a massive boner. I glanced over at Josh. He was looking at me too. When our eyes met, he got kind of nervous.

After a minute I just couldn't stand it. I had to jack, and I couldn't wait.

I asked Josh, 'Dude, could I just jack right here? You don't have to leave, it's alright.'

'O-okay.' He was reluctant, but he stayed. I pumped my hand up and down on my shaft. I massaged my glans and milked my dick for pre-cum. I always did this, but Josh had never seen me jack. I looked over, and he was watching me. He stood and kneeled at the edge of my bed.

'Do you want to do this?' I asked him.

'Uh...uh...I guess.' He wanted to, but I could tell that he was nervous about jacking another guy. I told him to get up on the bed. While he was getting up, I grabbed him by the waist and kissed him passionately. He fought at first, but he relaxed very quickly. His hand started at my chest and slid sensually down to my cock. His other hand was on his own. Between kisses, I said that I would take care of his now-throbbing erection.

It was just as beautiful as he. It had to be at least seven inches long. It was thick too. I could barely fit one hand around it. The head was huge and very pink. His cock had veins all over and he was practically gushing precum. I could feel it flooding my hand. I rubbed the clear, sticky liquid all over his dick and started stroking.

Now that I've described his dick, I should describe mine. Mine was six inches, but just as thick as Josh's. My head was larger than his, but I was lacking the veins. My precum was just as prodigious as his. He was stroking mine tenderly, like it was a treasure.

Our moans filled the air. We kept kissing. I slid my tongue into his mouth and Frenched him. Our moans deepened and our cocks got even larger. I could see his abs flexing and his body was slick with sweat and water from the pool. I could feel my body do the same.

Before Josh even told me he was cumming, I could feel his wonderful cock spasm in ecstasy. His sperm sprayed wildly everywhere. It got on our chests and faces. Soon after I came as well. Our cum mixed on our bodies. We left the cum on. We hung out like normal, but we were drenched in cum.

We remained naked for the rest of the three days. We swam most of the time, but we jerked each other at least ten more times during the sleepover. We slept in the same bed together, naked. It was there that I professed my love for him, and to my surprise, he did the same. We are still a couple to this day.



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