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The Sleepover

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Michelle and I had been best friends for practically our whole lives. We first met each other in kindergarten and ended up being best friends all through primary school. The two of us were like sisters and I felt like I could tell her anything. Grade after grade, we were inseparable. That all changed at the end of primary school when her parents divorced. She had to live with her mom on the other side of town, which meant that she had to change schools and I could only see her on the weekends. I was heart broken, but we vowed to stay best friends and hang out as much as we could.

As we started going through puberty we began talking about our bodies and what we thought sex would be like. I remember sometimes imagining what she looked like naked and I wondered if she ever imagined me too. We were both pretty girls, but we looked very different from one another. She was Chinese and very tiny. I, on the other hand was a pale, redhead and I had developed a more voluptuous body than her. She would alway tell me that she loved my curves and that she wished that she could have breasts like mine, which blossomed into c-cups almost over night and made the boys stare.

She, by contrast was very thin and flat chested, but I would always tell her that she had a beautiful body too and guys like thin girls too. In the summer between grade nine and ten, when we were both 14, my parents went away to Florida for two weeks and left my older brother and I to look after the house. Within a few days my brother decided to go on a road trip with his friends and left me alone for the whole weekend, so I called Michelle and invited her to say over. She didn't get to my place until late so we decided just to stay up and watching movies all night.

After the first movie was almost over Michelle looked over at me and said "I'm bored. Do your parents have any porn. "No", I answered "but my brother might have something stashed away in his room". We both left the movie playing and went to his bedroom. After looking around in every secret place we could think of, Michelle said, "Try behind his sock drawer". I pulled the the drawer out and looked into the dark space. "What is this", I said excitedly as I reached in and pulled out a blank videotape. "Oh,my god!" I exclaimed, "do you think this is a porn movie or something?" "Maybe", replied Michelle, "It is unlabled. And why else would he hide it there?" We both looked at each other and smiled. "Do you wanna watch it?" I asked, knowing she did before I even said it. We both giggled as we ran back into the living room.

"Have you ever watched one of these before?" asked Michelle as I ejected the movie we were watching earlier and popped in the blank tape. At first, the tape appeared to be a genuine blank; playing nothing but white noise, and we were both disappointed. I was just about to eject the tape when the screen flashed and an obscure image came into focus. It looked like the bathroom down the hall from us. Then my brother walked into frame, naked apart from a t-shirt, with his erect penis in his hand. At first I hesitated in shock, then I pushed the eject button and out came the tape. "What the fuck", I said in horror. "I can't believe we just saw that. I'm so grossed out". Michelle began to laugh. "Michelle, you can't tell anyone about this, okay? Oh my god, I'm so embarrassed". "Why" she said with a tear of laugher in her eye. "What do you mean 'why'? I don't want anyone to know I saw my brother's dick. That's gross". "No" she said, "why are you embarrassed? You didn't do anything embarrassing?" "No" I said, "but I'm embarrassed that we almost saw my brother jack off."

Michelle looked at me with a naughty grin on her face. "I'm not", she said, "I'm kinda turned on by it". I looked at her and smiled sarcastically. "Easy for you to say, he's not your brother. It's not weird for you". "So" she said, "are you telling me you never thought about his dick before? I know he's your brother, but...you're not even a little bit curious?" For a moment I thought about it, then I replied. "Okay, I admit " I have thought about it, but what if it's weird and what if someone finds out?. I'll be mortified". "Don't worry about it" she said and touching my shoulder, "It'll be our little secret".

Michelle had a way of talking me into pretty much anything. She looked so cute and innocent that I couldn't say no, no matter what it was. "Okay" I said finally and sighed. Despite my protest at watching the tape, I was actually kind of curious by seeing it and I was glad Michelle talked me into it, so I pushed the tape back into the machine and sat on the couch next to her. For a few seconds, my brother moved the camera around the room until he found an angle he liked, then he began stroking his cock slowly. The camera was focused closely around his penis and I studied it eagerly. It was very hard and veiny and I was surprisingly turned on by it. I kept think to myself how wrong it was to be excited by it, but I couldn't help myself. I kept imaging jerking him off and sucking his dick while I watched.

I glanced over at Michelle and I could tell she was getting horny too. "What do you think?" I asked. "Of the video?" she said, "I like it. You're brother has a pretty nice dick". "Ya" I agreed, "I know, I'm kinda surprised". "Have you ever done that before?" she asked. "You know...masturbated?" She looked at me sincerely. "I've tried it" I said. "Why, have you?" "Ya" she admitted, "a couple of times". For a few minutes the two of us sat silently watching my brother massage his cock and I could feel the sexual energy in the room. My pussy was getting very wet and I kept wondering if Michelle's was wet too. My brother poured some baby oil on his dick and began working it in, stroking his cock harder and faster. He was getting very hard and I could tell by his breathing that he was close to finishing. We both sat transfixed on his cock, waiting to see it cum. After another minute of intense stroking, my brother slowed down and he began to moan.

Suddenly the tip of his penis burst, shooting a long stream of thick white semen through the air and onto the bathroom floor, then another and another. After several spurts it finally stopped and began to drip and go soft. The camera moved into a handheld position as my brother focused the camera closely on the puddle of cum he had made on the floor. Then the video ended.

Michelle was first to break the silence. "That was kinda cool. I've never seen a guy cum before". "Ya, me neither" I said, "I didn't know that much came out". Ya", said Michelle with a chuckle, "it just kept shooting. It was really hot, though? You're brother's got a big load". For a moment we just sat there and thought about it. "So", said Michelle with a pause, "be honest. Did you like watching your brother or was it too weird for you?" "No" I admitted, "not really. It was kinda fun actually". "How would you feel if your brother saw you're pussy?" she asked. "I don't know" I said, "it would be weird, but kinda a turn on too, I guess". "What about me?" she said as soon as I finished. "What" I said, "how would I feel if you saw my pussy?" "Ya" she said shyly. "I don't know? We've been best friends for so long. I'd be cool with it. Would you be if I saw yours?" She pretended to think about it but I could tell she liked the idea. "Ya" she said approvingly.

I could see that she was getting excited by our conversation and it was obvious what she was driving at. "Do you wanna show each other? I said causiously. "We can compare them?". "Sure" she said excitedly, "I'm kinda curious". We both sat nervously across from each other on the couch, too shy to make a move". I finally worked up the courage and initiated. "How about I start", I said. I stood up and took off my t-shirt. Michelle stood up after me, lifting her tanktop over her head and dropped it to the floor. I then began to lower my jeans and she followed along, peeling off her black nylon tights.

For a moment, we stood there, nude apart from our panties and looked at each other's body. Michelle had a gymnast's body, very small and toned, and I was very turned on by it. "Michelle" I said sinserely, "you have an amazing body". She looked down at herself and smiled. "Thanks" she said, "Yours is beautiful body too..., but I tell you that all the time. I really wish I had boobs like yours, They're so beautiful". I cradled them in my hands and we both laughed. "Do you mind if I touch them?" Michelle said as she walked closer to me. "I've always wondered what boobs feel like". She raised her hands up to them and gently squeezed them. Michelle's tiny breasts barely poked out of her chest but liked that about them. I put my hands on her chest and played with her nipples, which were very erect. "Do you wanna keep going?" I said as I slid my thumbs down the sides of my panties. She nodded her head and did the same.

Together we slowly lowered them to the floor, watching each other as we did. Michelle's pussy was very cute and bald, like a little girls would be, and I could see that she was wet. "Asian girls are so lucky they don't have to worry about hair" I said jealously. She looked down at her pussy and laughed. "No, I have to wax it" she admitted, "for my swim competitions". "Oh" I said, a little embarrassed, "well, it looks really good like that anyway". She moved her hand down and touched herself. "Do you mind if I touch it?" I asked shyly, "it looks so smooth". She moved her hands behind her and said, "If you want to". I put my hand between her legs and slid my fingers over her pussy lips. "Wow" I said, "it's so soft. I should wax mine too".

She touched my pussy gently with her fingers and smiled coyly. "Oh, but you're red hair is so sexy" "Let's sit down again" I said. We sat back down on the and faced each other. "I'm so horny right now" I admitted, "I really wanna play with myself". Michelle thankfully agree, so I spread my legs in front of her and laid back so that she could see my pussy, then I started rubbing my fingers between my lips. At first, Michelle just watched me, then she opened her legs and played along. My pussy was getting very wet again and I could see hers was too. "Have you..." Michelle hesitated for a moment then continued. "Have you ever tasted your pussy juice before?" "No" I said curiously, "have you ever?" "No", she said, "but I'm kinda curious about it". "I'll do it if you do it too" I said.

She slid her middle finger inside herself getting it as wet as she could, then she put it to her mouth and licked her juices off. "Now you do it" she said and I did a she asked. "How does yours taste?" she asked. "Kinda like honey, I guess. What about yours?" She thought for a moment, than said "I don't really know?". I looked down at her wet pussy lips for a moment and said "Can I taste it?" The question caught her off guard, and for a moment I thought I had crossed the line. Then she opened her legs and smiled. I leaned in toward her and put my head between her legs. Michelle's pussy was inches from my face and for a moment I stared at small her wet lips. Then, I looked up at her and took a delicate lick at her clit. Her mouth open slightly, as if to silently moan. As I continued, taking increasingly agressive licks, she began to squirm with excitement and I felt so turned on. I kept thinking 'I can't believe I'm doing this'. Michelle's pussy tasted so good and soon, my tongue was delving into her vagina and all around her clit.

Her eyes were closed, but I could tell she was enjoying it a lot. She kept grabbing fistfuls of cushion and occasionally, she looked down at me and muttered things like; "Oh god, Amy. Your tongue feels so fucking good". After a while, she lifted my head up to hers and kissed me. Then she pushed me playfully back to my side of the couch. "Now it's my turn" she said as she crawled over to me. I spread my legs again and laid back. Michelle started playfully flicking her tongue at my swollen clit and kissing around my pussy. "Your pussy tastes so fucking good" she said. She began sucking my clit and rolling her tongue across it. As she whispered "Do you like that?", the warmth of her breath hovered over my already tingling pussy and I nodded my approval. Her tongue continued swirling around my clit and I could feel an orgasm already starting to build.

For a while, Michelle took her tongue away and slid her first two fingers inside me. I could feel them working around inside, pushing across my g-spot over and over again. Then, she started using her thumb to work my clit and continued to finger me at the same time. I never felt anything like it before. My pussy was buzzing and I wanted to scream out load. Michelle was staring lustfully into my eyes, waiting for me to lose it. I felt like jumping her again, but I began to stutter and squirm. Michelle started working faster and harder; thusting her fingers deep inside me.

Suddenly, I let loose, uttering a loud moan and grabbing the cushions. A wave of ecstacy washed over me and I felt my pussy tighten around her fingers. "Holy Shit" she said, "did you just cum?" It seemed like hours before I recovered enough to answer. "Oh my god, Michelle. That felt so fucking good. That was the best orgasm I've ever had". I leaned up into a sitting position and realized that I had completely soaked my part of the couch with pussy juice. "Holy shit" I said. "I know" she said back. "You made quite the mess". We both laughed. That night we went to bed together, but ended up staying awake until morning. We talked about sex and each other, occasionally stopping our conversation to finger and eat each other. Looking back, that was one of the best nights of my life and I still think about it all the time.



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