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The Skanky Shorts Skirmish

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My brother and I were very sexual together in our teen years. I was 16 and he was 15 when this happened.


Once we were both in high school, our parents insisted that we make dinner one night each week. I appreciated them for that, actually. They wanted to be sure we could cook at least a few basics so that when we were on our own we didn't have to rely on fast food and delivered pizza.

It was our turn to cook dinner on this particular night. I enjoyed cooking, but my brother just kind of put up with it. Dad was still at work and Mom was in the other room, so since we were unobserved, we were losing time by kissing and fondling when we should have been chopping and sauteing. My brother was in a very randy mood, and while it was fun, he was getting a little rambunctious. Anyway, I was grating cheese when he came up behind me, put his arms around my chest, and started dry humping me from behind. I could feel his hard dick pressing into my ass, and my hard dick was pressing into the edge of the cabinet. Suddenly, our Mother appeared. We froze. I felt that I should say something, so, grasping, I said, "Hi, Mom, I am just showing him how to use the cheese grater." At that moment, my brother squeezed me a little harder and exhaled sharply.

I am pretty sure our Mother thought it was just horseplay and nothing more. She said, with only a hint of sarcasm, "Yes, that cheese grater is a complex piece of machinery. Well, I am going to my book club. Dad will be home at the regular time. I'll see you for dinner." And with that she was gone.

My brother let go of me and I turned around. His eyes were wide and he exclaimed, "I just ejaculated in my pants, while Mom was standing there!" I looked down at his crotch and, sure enough, a wet spot was starting to appear. That must have been the moment he squeezed me and exhaled sharply. I was already hard and horny, but that just made me crazy horny.

"You," I said, "are one sick puppy!" He laughed and I said, "But so am I. Drop your pants but leave on your undershorts." He did as he was told and I unzipped, pulled out my dick, and started jacking for all I was worth. It took less than thirty seconds before I was ready to cum. I stepped toward him, grabbed the waistband of his shorts, pulled them away from his body, and ejaculated, shooting my semen into his shorts.

With a look of astonishment on his face, he yelled, "Fuck!" as he massaged his crotch, jerking off through the fabric, until he started to shake and said, "I'm coming again, oh- my -god!" I watched as his semen started to seep through the fabric.

We started to move in for a kiss when we heard Dad's car in the driveway. "Oh, shit!" I yelled, "Get out of here and change! I've gotta get this food ready!" My brother grabbed his pants and ran from the room as I zipped up my pants and tried to catch my breath as I went back to making dinner.

That Saturday, Mom and Dad went into New York to see a show and do some shopping, so we had the place to ourselves. My brother took me into his room, dug around in the closet, and pulled out those shorts he had been wearing that day in the kitchen. They had never been laundered.

"I've been keeping these as a surprise," he explained, "Every night after lights out I have been jacking off in these shorts. They have a lot of stuff in them now!"

"Oh," I said, "That is so skanky! I can't believe you have been doing that!"



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