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The Show

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The Show
About 99 years ago .....well more like 20 years ago I dated and later lived with a wonderfully sexy woman named Joanne. In retrospect she had to be the most sexual woman I have ever been with. Truly a great appetite for passion and genuine sense of adventure sexually speaking.
One night she comes home after parting with her girlfriends and having a cute little alcohol buzz about her she starts relaying a story her friends who where sharing an apartment together and some perv guy/ neighbor who was finally evicted from the building. ( I know my writing skills suck ...so I hope this is making sense!) Anyway it seems this guy had the habit of hanging around the laundry facility and spa areas of the apartment complex and when there where just women no other men around he would strike up some mindless conversation with the women all the while sporting (what they described as a HUGE) boner tenting in his sweatpants and acting as if nothing was unusual.
One tells of a time when she was almost sure she caught him jacking off under a stairway. Anyway Joanne says her friends where understandably pretty freaked out by the guy and where relieved he was evicted. yadayada.  
So I ask her if she has ever seen I guy jacking and she says she caught her brother in the shower ...she thought...only for a split second.. And it aroused her often as she played the moment back in her mind. ( here brother and her where both adopted and had different natural parents...I'm unclear if that qualifies as incest!)  She quickly ....like.... defends her brother by saying something like , " well it's only natural..... and I chime in with the notion that if everybody who ever masturbated where put in jail there would be like 11 people free in the world......
Anyway.... She suddenly gets the "eyelids at half mast" look that I know pretty well and I stand up ask her if she wants to shower with me. She stands too and begins nibbling on my ears and neck. Sexy smell of perfume and wine about her. Then she whispers in my ear, " I wonder if I can get you hard without even touching it" her voice was breathy and very sexy to me and all I can reply with is something extremely cerebral like , " uhhh... it working!" ( what a clod!) Meanwhile she continues to purr sexy things into my ear and begins to run her hands over my chest and thighs...sometimes gently scratching and clearly avoiding my cock. My cock is bent , bloated, and feeling very confined in my shorts and jeans. I'm thinking," lets start in the shower, make our way to the bed, and let me ravage you there !" I take her hand and attempt to lead towards the bathroom when she plops her butt down on the coffee table. She is eye level with my crotch, sexy eyes alternating glances from my eyes to the bulge in my pants. She begins massaging my thighs through my jeans and won't quit staring at my straining albeit clothed cock and says something like , " yes.. it IS working .... take it out for me"
I'm thinking BJ for starters!  And begin the process of unbuckling my belt and dropping my drawers. I confess to remembering how fucking nice it felt to finally let it spring free of its confines.  My hard on is only about 2 feet from her face and all I can think about is how fantastic her mouth and lips are going to feel on me. I shuttle step up trying to bring it to her when she firmly grips my hips, holding me back and says, " Mmmm..... not so fast I wanna see you do it. " At this point I'm completely missing the point and the eroticism of the moment and ask, " Do what!?!?!" She looks me devilishly straight in the eyes and says , " jack it off...I wanna see you do it."
It seemed while I was anticipating a delicious fuck she was still reveling in some kinda brother/ guy in the laundry room/etc fantasy . So ....What the hell? Seemed an OK way to get things rolling and I wrapped my hand around my cock and began to slowly slide it up and down the hard shaft. Her lips parted slightly as she began to breath faster while her eyes did not leave my cock for what must have been about two minutes when she again looked into my eyes and said, " THAT looks so fucking HOT! But we gotta do this right!" Then she directed me to sit on the couch as she began to undress. After she took her sweater off she looked at me and said, " Don't stop....keep stroking it" I smile and tell her to ,"inspire me".
DAMN if she didn't start doing this corny yet sexy kinda strip tease thing, slowly unbuttoning her blouse, loosing the bra, fantastically bending over and wiggling her ass as she dropped her khaki pants. I'm on the couch making a concerted effort to keep the pace of my stroking slow ...precum bubbles making silly smacking sounds as my hands work my cock and fondle my ever tightening balls. Finally I was into the eroticism of the moment. A beautiful sexy woman performing for my viewing pleasure and me openly showing my appreciation and excitement for what clearly was a turn on for her. The whole strip tease thing lasted maybe 4 or 5 minutes but was electric.
With my legs spread and hands still playing she maneuvers between my legs and kneels down to rest her head on my thigh with her face just a few inches from my stroking hands and damn purple cockhead. She asks me to keep jacking off for her and wants to know if she can hold my balls while I do it. ( ? ) She cradles and sometimes tickles my balls with her hands and fingernails as I get REALLY ready to cum. I don't even have to tell her how close I am as she observes my balls rising and tightening against my body when she says, "Wait!!!!! not yet!!" and proceeds to literally JUMP to the opposite end of the couch, spread her legs, and moves her index finger in small quick circles over her clit. I can see her wetness has well lubricated her sweet pussy and the uppermost of the insides of her thighs. The room has the delicious scent of aroused female in the air and I just watch her and stroke my cock more gently than I can ever remember.
It was my 1st time to see a real live woman masturbate and to call it a thrill was an understatement. She looked so sexy, and erotic and every other word imaginable to describe intense beauty and human sexuality. I witnessed her orgasm as her buttcheeks clenched and lifted her hips off of the sofa. She was convulsing to a degree ....like little small electric shocks where buzzing her intermittently and I was mesmerized and wide eyed.
When she came back to earth she said she had to watch me shoot it , had to watch me cum.  And was EXTREMELY vocal ...just about begging me to cum. It worked. In no time at all the 1st jet of cum spurt onto her ankle. The second with a surprising amount of force caught her squarely on the neck and chin. The balance of my cream rained down on various places on her tummy.
Very memorable event for me!!



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