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The Shore House

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The story of how I met my wife.


Ten years ago I was asked to be in a shore house by a bunch of friends. They needed ten people and I was the final person. I knew five of the guys and had never met the other four. The house was on the beach and we slept two in a room. The four guys I didn't know were good guys who I became good friends with. My roommate, Greg, had a girlfriend, Sue, who was a teacher and lived at the house all summer. I knew Sue and was cool with her sleeping in our room. We always talked and I once walked in on her getting dressed and she did the same to me. On the weekends Sue would bring down a friend who would either leave late at night or sleep on the couch. One weekend she brought down her friend Jean. Jean was our age and worked in the city. She was very uptight and some of the guys didn't like her. The first time I met her she was a little cold but pleasant. We talked some and she even gave me a smile. I gave her my bed and slept on the couch.

During the week Sue called me and asked if I was still coming down on Thursday night. I told her I was and she asked if Jean could get a ride from me. I had no problem with it and said ok. I picked her up at the train station and we drove down to the shore. We had some small talk and Jean told me she may doze off because she was tired from a long week. I told her enjoy. After she fell asleep I would look to make sure she was okay. I noticed she was very cute and had a very tight body. Jean woke up about ten minutes before we arrived and told me thanks for driving her. That night the three of us went out to dinner. Jean turned in early and I was reading a book when Sue asked me if I thought Jean was cute. I said yes and Sue just smiled.

When I woke up the next morning I smelled coffee and eggs. I came out of my room and Jean was making breakfast. I told her thank you and she just smiled and said no problem. After breakfast I showered and while getting on my bathing suit Jean walked in. She yelped and said she was sorry and closed the door. I shook my head and pulled up my shorts and went to the deck. Jean was telling Sue what she saw and when she saw me again said sorry. I said it was okay and Sue told her she did the same thing before. Jean was very sorry and I told her it's okay again and don't think about it again. After going to the beach and getting set up Jean and Sue took off their shirts. I was right, Jean had about 36c breasts and a six pack. She was a hard body. Sue was only a 38A but had killer legs.

After going in the ocean we sat down and started to read and BS. While we were talking a girl who Jean worked with came up and they started to talk. So Sue and I took a little walk. As we were walking Sue again asked me what I thought of Jean. I told her she was cool and fun to be with. Sue smiled and told me Jean likes me. I stopped and said what. Sue said Jean called her on Monday and thought you were cute and had a good sense of humor and wanted to spend time with you. I was shocked. Sue then told me she walked in on you just to check you out and liked what she saw. We walked back and I told Jean and Sue I was going into the water. Jean decided to come and Sue told us she was going to get lunch ready.

We went into the ocean and were both body surfing. Jean was good at it so we were both competing for waves. We both got a good wave and the next thing I know we are on the beach and Jean is on top of me. She smiles and tells me she caught a good wave, but a shark bit my leg. So I decided to ride the shark in. We both laughed and out of nowhere Jean kissed me. After we broke our kiss I just smiled and asked what was that for, walking in on me naked? Jean smiled and kissed me again. We walked back to the house holding hands and when Sue saw us she had a big smile. Sue told us she knew we would be perfect for each other.

That night Jean stayed in my room and Sue slept in another. We were both laying in shorts and tee shirts. Jean started to laugh and told me the look on my face when she walked in was like a deer in a headlight. I told her you suprised me and I had no idea what to do. Jean smiled and told me she had an idea what to do. She stood up and took off her shirt and shorts and was naked in front of me. I was surprised and then stood up and stripped. I was hard and she said there he is again and grabbed my dick and started to pump me. We laid down and kissed and our hands roamed each other. I sucked her nipples and she pushed me on my back and started to jerk me off. In a few minutes I was ready to cum and she jacked me off much faster. I came so much I think I blacked out. Jean then looked me in the eye and gave me a kiss. I felt my way down and started to play with her pussy and clit. In a few minutes she was moaning and had an orgasm. When I kissed her she told me no one has ever given her an orgasm before. We ended up spooning and fell asleep that way.

The next morning when we woke up Jean told me she loved me and I told her the same. When we walked out of the room Sue was smiling and asked if we had a good night. I told her the best ever, and Jean just smiled and said thank you. Sue told the both of us to go shower and brush our teeth to get the smell of sex off us. After showering together and getting dressed Sue told Jean to call home. Sue then pulled me aside and asked me what I thought of Jean and I told her the mother of my children and Sue just smiled.

Jean stayed the summer and we moved in together in the fall. After dating for a year I proposed and we were then married at the shore. We have one boy and one girl and spend every summer at the shore.



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