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The 'Sex' Talk

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My Dad gave me the 'sex' talk at just the right time in my life.


I was in 10th grade. Everything seemed to bother me. I was a bitch at home, hated school, and always mad at something. One day my father told me we have to talk. Of course I brushed him off, expecting his 'talk' to be about my bitchiness. But he persisted. He picked me up from my only friend's house after school and drove to a distant spot at a local mall parking lot and turned off the car.

He started telling me that he knows I have a lot of pent-up sexual energy. I couldn't believe my ears. He said what I'm going through, everyone goes through. He and Mom went through that when they were teenagers. He said it's kind of like the move Teen Wolf, when Michael Fox thinks he's the only wolf, only to find out his father was one too.

Anyway, he told me I should not get involved with boys yet because the emotional ties would create worse problems for me. And disease and pregnancy were always a threat if I fooled around with boys. And I said I would set limits not to go too far with a boy. (I had already started fooling around with a boy, my brothers didn't like him because he already had an illegitimate kid and was paying child support. I didn't care about those things at the time).

I didn't know where he was going with all this, but he said there is a way to relieve my sexual tension and that is to masturbate. I was so shocked that he was telling me this.

He said it's perfectly natural and everybody does it and it's nothing to be embarrassed about. I was still kind of frozen there, not knowing what to say. Then I said everybody? and he said pretty much yes. Then I said even you? and he just grinned. 'Yewww' I said and we both laughed. That broke the awkwardness and I relaxed a lot and we started talking.

It was obvious that he had planned this talk for a long time because he pulled out a large envelope. He told me it's very dangerous to think setting limits will work because lets say my limit is kissing only. So what happens when the boy puts his hand on my boobs? I would say don't do that. But next time we are kissing again, and he puts his hand on my boobs and I say don't do that, he could say come on, we already did that what's the harm? And eventually that limit would fall. So I would set another limit, say no touching my legs. Same thing would happen. Or I would start feeling so good, I wouldn't even care about my limits anymore. And eventually I would have sex and get pregnant or something.

So while Dad was telling me this, he brought out a sheet of paper he made, with pictures on it, showing a progression of people in various stages of making out, from just kissing with their clothes on to topless, to naked, to intercourse. I couldn't believe he was showing me all this. He said one stage leads to the next and I shouldn't even get started because that would likely happen to me.

So then he want back to masturbation. He asked me if I knew what that means. I kind of knew but wasn't really sure. So he said to open the glove compartment. There was a book about masturbation in there. He said he bought it for me. He said I could ask him any question about sex and stuff and he would always answer truthfully and never laugh at me for asking.

In the book he marked certain pages with check marks and 'x's. He said the 'x's I shouldn't do, but the checkmarks are ok. And if I wanted anything checkmarked he would buy it for me.

Dildoes and vibrators were all checkmarked. Even butt plugs. But zucchini's were 'x'ed.

Anyway, we went back to telling me I could ask anything and he would not be judgemental. So I decided to test him and I asked him a question that was bugging me for a long time. I said 'what does 69 mean?' because I kept hearing people saying that at school and laughing about it and stuff.

So he said it's when two people give each other oral sex at the same time. Their bodies sort of resemble a six and a nine written on top of each other. But then I said 'what's oral sex?' and he told me. I was secretly shocked because I didn't know people did that kind of stuff.

He passed the test though, because if he answered that question, there's probably nothing he wouldn't answer. So I started to really trust him then.

So when we got home, I read the masturbation book cover to cover. I never did that before with any book. It took me a few tries to get it right but when I got my first orgasm, I couldn't believe how fantastically good it felt and I kind of made a lot of noise.

Next morning he said he was glad I finally got going with it. I could feel my face turn bright read. I said how did he know, and he said he heard me.

From then on I masturbate at least once a day but usually two or three times. And I dumped that lush 'boyfriend' too. They were right, he was a loser.

I now have a nice boyfriend and I'm glad my Dad and brothers were looking out for me. By the way, my boyfriend and I masturbate each other. That's my limit for now and we are sticking to it. So dad was wrong about that. But he was right because I stopped being such a bitch at home and things don't seem to bother me much anymore. My acne cleared up too!



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