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The Self-suck - It's in Your Reach!

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The old joke goes: 'why do dogs lick their balls? Because they can'! I don't know about licking balls, but a while ago I found out that I could do what I always thought impossible-lick and suck my own cock.

Like a lot of guys I had tried before, just to see if I could, but without results. I figured it was impossible. Then I read an article, and it fell into place. Here's my technique.

Start by stretching a bit-especially the neck, and also the lower back. Try to touch your toes with your legs straight. It definitely helps the end result if you're limber.

I lie down on by bed, which is up against a wall. Lie about an arm's length from the wall. Take a pillow and fold it, so it's a little thicker, and place it under your head. This gives support and leaves you facing more towards your feet. Trust me, when the time comes, the pillow helps.

Then, using your arms to support your back, lift your legs up, over your head, until your feet are touching the wall behind you. Now, it's just a question of walking your way down, bringing your cock closer to your mouth. It may help to suck in your stomach a bit if you're a bit thick in the middle.

** Be careful-if your back starts to hurt, it's worth taking a break, stretching, or stopping. You can seriously screw your lower back and neck up if you push too hard**

Anyways, I use my left arm to keep myself in position-elbow taking my body's weight and propping me up, and left hand pressed against my ass or thigh to bring me just that extra bit closer. Also, if you're into anal play, you can use this hand to go at it while you, um, go at it.

With my right I stroke-it's best to be nice and hard and as long as you can for this. I'm not very long to begin with, so I find it helps to use my right hand to pull my cock closer, or to push on my perenium (the 'root' between my shaft and anus) to bring my erection out more fully.

Anyways, with patience you can actually get your cock close enough to lick or suck. The first time I fooled around with this, and my tongue actually touched my swollen head, I had a Eureka moment (like, 'shit, I'm actually living the dream'). It didn't take long before I could suck my head into my mouth. Brilliant.

It may not be the most comfortable position, but it's definitely cool to try it out. As I mentioned, be careful because you can potentially do damage if you overdo it. In any case, I think pretty much anybody can do it, so why not give it a shot?

Good luck!



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