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The Seduction

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How we imagined the reunion would be. These are text messages of two lovers that are separated by time and distance.


Narrator(N): She initially just wanted to be examined by a cute doctor. She's been imagining the seriousness of the interaction. On the other hand, panties of the sexy variety would be chosen, cause you never know. Yes, a brazilian cut would be best! Perhaps just being ready, or getting ready was the sexiest part? The deviancy. The wonder, and just to look at his face so serious with intent so pure, excited Baby.

Baby is smiling and staring

Baby: I miss you. I'm well, besides this really bad cough

Narrator: Shawn, a doctor, notices her body only peripherabily at first and takes a couple glances down. But not enough for her to notice.

Shawn: Oh ok I'll take care of you. The medical assistant will set you up and I'll be right in.

Narrator: Shawn leaves to his work space to turn on his computer to pull up her x ray.

Baby is left in the waiting room thinking...

terribly naughty thoughts. Her imagination runs wild-he walks into the room, stares straight at her without saying a word, grabs her face, kisses her intensely. Almost angrily. He then rips her shirt off, grabs her arms tightly and presses her into the wall, he hungrily places his lips on...

Medical Assistant: 'mama, mama, I'm going to take you back so we can take a look at that cough.

Baby jumps, startled and suprised that she got so lost in her thoughts, she refocuses and starts to remember all to well the smell, the touch and the feeling of him. How his touch made her tremble and how when he looked into her eyes she felt as if he was looking into her soul. His energy was so strong over her that she recalled how vulnerable she was when she was near him, powerless. Nothing else seemed to exist. Flustered and frightened she stands up to leave the hospital in fear of what may happen or even what she wanted to happen. As she walks away...

Narrator: She wasn't normally so prone to thinking terribly naughty thoughts before Shawn came back into her life. Her voice was always sexy but there was something about their chemistry that made her voice huskier, fuller and more intoxicating. Her timbre could rouse his penis with one note.

He had a way with her as well and he took full advantage when he could. Just a couple months prior he had her voice recorded. At first it was simple fun things like his text message ring tone...in a whisper, Baby's husky voice would breath,'excuse me boss, but you have a text message'. He would also reject her phone call just so that he can listen to her voice over and over. She wondered why.

Then he asked her to call him when she was masterbating! He has always had a fondness of female masterbation and asked her for this favor.

It didn't take her long to comply with his request. At times the sexual tension between them is too much to bear. It was a Thursday, she was at a photo shoot and she was climbing the walls. She had been touching herself intermittently throughout the shoot, subconsciously getting herself ready for the performance. Her panties already wet, she could feel the wetness every time she moved. Enough was enough and Baby went into one of the dressing rooms, locked the door, sat on the couch, hiked her skirt up and put one of her feet on the arm of the chair. The rest of her body slumped down and her hips were not able to remain still.

Her ass lifted off the cough. She rubbed her pussy through her panties, the friction is usually enjoyed but there was no friction because Baby was completely soaked. She pulled the red panties to the side and feverishly rubbed her clit with her third finger. Biting her lip and tugging on her erect nipples.

...This is Shawn, leave a message...beeep...

light breathing at first, which becomes irregular, 'S h a w n' Her wetness could be heard in the background. I've been thinking about you...' Her sentences fragmented and disjointed but sexy. Her eyelids heavy, half way open and then closed, imagining his cock being slowly grinded into her as they became one. She catches her breath in three short inspirations and a moan expired into the phone to her lover. Her hips buck again and she cums, breathing heavily...Baby lays back, spent, her foot falls back to the floor but her voice deeper but quieter says, thank you, 'I will cum again'



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