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The Secrets between Susan's Legs

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Sex ed at 15.


It was so bloody unfair! My older sister's best friend Christine, who is about 18 months older than me, had shown me her breasts. I thought they looked really great, especially her big dark brown nipples. Then she took my breath away by promising to show me her pussy. WOW! As a 15 year-old THIS was the real deal-my first look at a real, genuine girl's cunt. I'd seen them in pictures...but to see one LIVE! For the next week I was busting my balls every night with sheer excitement.

The big day arrived. Heart pounding I scrambled through the bushes to our agreed secret rendezvous. And I waited for over an hour. No Christine! Two hours-zip! When I dragged my sorely disappointed body home I asked Jill, my older sister, whether she'd seen Christine. Naturally I didn't say anything about the secret arrangement. Jill looked surprised and told me Christine's family had moved to another city 3 days earlier. Gahhh!!!! Totally disillusioned I crept to my room and had a good wank, thinking about what might have been.

It was a few weeks later when I started to notice that Susan, a cute little redhead in my history class, was making eyes at me. One boring Friday afternoon she dropped a pen near my feet and when I bent down to pick it up, she opened her legs under her desk, letting me look up her skirt. Hmmmmmmm!, she was wearing thin pale blue panties and I could see how closely they hugged her genital region. After Christine I was kinda weary of girls, but this looked promising! I handed her pen back and let her see the bulge growing in my pants. That afternoon we walked home from school together, holding hands. When we got to Susan's street, she pulled me behind a tree and we shared a nice little kiss. And I got to squeeze her left breast through her blouse. Phone numbers were traded and I raced home to let off some steam...and other things.

Sunday afternoon and my cellphone rang. It was Susan, wanting to know if I'd like to help her feed her older brother's cat. Huh?? Turned out her brother, who was a doctor, was away on an extended holiday and Susan had the key to his house. Oh yeah! Heart pounding I knocked at the back door. Susan let me in. She looked fantastic in an orange crop-top, showing her bare midriff, and tight jeans. I drooled at the sight of her gorgeous little arse as she led the way...to the spare bedroom. Hoo dah dah!!

A book was lying open on the bed. Correction. A sex manual, with explicit colour photos, was lying on the bed! It seemed that Susan had been looking at a page on the penis, and though I could maybe help out? She asked, and kissed sooo sweetly, how could I refuse? Before long my pants were off and I was sitting on the side of the bed with my cock at full alert. Susan was blushing and giggling as she took off her top and bra and sat beside me with the open book in her lap. While she examined my genitals in intimate detail, I ran my hands over her body, gently squeezing and rubbing her small, cone shaped tits. Her nipples were smaller than Christine's and were deep pink. Eventually I got to push her jeans and panties down to her ankles. Below a small tangle of pubic hair I got my first look at her genitals. My cock twitched and warm shivers ran up and down my spine We kissed some more then she asked if I would mind 'ejaculating' for her.

Hell Yeah! I was ready to squirt any time she wanted...but first I wanted to see her genitals. Susan lay back on the bed and, using the reference book, I spent a long time identifying all of her lovely intimate little places. When I gently rubbed her tiny pink clitoris Susan yelped and sat up-I hadn't wet my finger, I was told. Apologetically I made sure my fingertip was well lubricated and before long Susan was moaning and purring and writhing. Soon I was allowed to ease a couple of fingers GENTLY into her tight little vagina. More moaning, purring and writhing then Susan's hips bucked and, with a long OOOOOOHHHH!! ARRRHHHHH!! HUUUUHHHH!! she started spraying my hand! At first we both thought she had peed. God, she was embarrassed. On closer reading of the sex manual we found out that girls could 'ejaculate', when touched the right way, just like boys.

Now it was my turn. I lay back and Susan started stroking my cock, the way I showed her. A few minutes of this and she was rewarded with a big, thick jet of semen squirting all over her lovely little body. We kissed and petted a lot more that afternoon before finally feeding the cat.

We had several more sessions over the next six or so months. And just after her 16th birthday Christine let me...but I can't tell all!



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