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The School Shower

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This is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me.


I was a senior in high school. We were playing an afternoon game against this really tough school. I can't explain why, but I was becoming very sexually aroused while I played! I could feel my panties because wet with sweat and most of all, arousal. In other words, my vagina was lubricating like crazy...and I wasn't wearing a panty liner.
My clitoris was driving my crazy! My pussy was betraying me while I was on the floor, running around, trying to play basketball. I kept missing easy shots because I so distracted by my throbbing clitoris. It was my worst game ever.
After the game, I stayed out on the floor to talk to everyone. By the time I made-it to the locker room, I knew that I was in trouble. I had this unrelenting urge to masturbate.
I was afraid to undress in front of the other girls because I was so wet between my legs. I was afraid that they would smell my sexual arousal or see how puffy & wet my pussy was.
So I just stood there, making excuses for my poor performance on the floor. Finally, I undress. I stuffed my sopping wet panties in my locker before anyone could see them and headed, naked, for the shower.
By the time I got into the shower, everyone was out. I was in there alone. I washed my hair. Then, I eased my washcloth over my breast. My nipples were erect and tingling for attention.
I felt erotic shock waves as I pinched them. I also felt waves of sexual desire radiating from my pussy. I felt a ball of orgasmic energy in my lower belly. My clitoris was still throbbing madly.
I really didn't want to masturbate in there. In fact, I was trying very hard not too. But when my soapy washcloth touched my raging clitoris, I felt a wave of pure lust course through my body.
I started gently caressing my clitoris & pussy lips with my soapy washcloth. I felt how stiff my clit was with arousal. I used my right hand to gently caress my clitoris with my washcloth. I put my left hand on the shower wall to lean against. I open my legs and slowly rub my washcloth over my sex. It felt so good to touch myself.
I gently pulled at my swollen labia lips. My entire pussy was tingling with pure sexual arousal. It felt wonderful. I could feel myself getting carried away by the erotic waves that radiated through my body. I knew without a doubt that I was going to have an orgasm. I was helpless to stop it!
Our school shower is really a large open bay with six showerheads sticking out of the wall. I tried to watch the shower room entrance to make sure that none of the other girls came in there.
I knew that everyone had already showered. I was the last one in. Still, I knew that I was taking a big chance. It was crazy! But I simply could not stop myself. I could feel a tremendous orgasm building inside me.
My fingers started moving faster and faster over my clitoris. I could feel the hot water from the shower pouring over my naked body as I closed my eyes and surrendered myself to the erotic waves of pleasure that radiated from my clitoris.
The urge to achieve orgasm overwhelmed me. I just went wild. I dropped the washcloth and let my fingers dance their magical dance with my clitoris. I was on the verge of orgasm. I knew that I was moaning but I could not help it. I was lost in a world of ultimate sexual pleasure.
I plunged my fingers deep into my vagina. I finger-fucked myself as I grinded the heel of my hand against my clit. Then, I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and began to furiously rub my clitoris. I closed my eyes as I pleasured myself. My whole world was centered on my clitoris. I was lost in a sexual firestorm.
Suddenly, I burst into orgasm! I came hard! My legs almost buckled under me. I leaned against the shower wall for support as orgasmic waves pulsed through me. Just as that orgasm ended, I felt myself on the edge again. I frantically whirled my clitoris around with my fingers.
I groaned loudly as a second orgasm exploded within me. With my eyes shut tight, I was totally consumed by my orgasm. I felt my entire body pulsating in orgasm. I heard myself groaning as my orgasm peaked several times within me. I was amazed at the intensity of my orgasms.
As I began to come down from my two incredibly intense orgasms, I noticed that half of my teammates were standing there, in the shower room, watching me!
I was still rubbing my pussy with my fingers when I looked up and saw them standing there, watching me masturbating. They had all seen me as I had brought myself to orgasm...twice!
Some of the girls started laughing. But most of the girls just stood there, looking at me in aw. Obviously, they had never witness a girl openly masturbating herself to the point of climax. I could not say anything because I was still dazed by the intensity of my orgasms.
I knew that I was busted, but I couldn't think straight. When I finally pulled myself together, I tried to laugh with them. I but could not think of anything witty to say in my defense. I had been caught!
I was told later by one of my friends that they purposely sneaked-up on me when one of them looked in the shower and saw what I was doing.
I was so involved in my self-pleasuring that I never saw, or heard them, entering the shower room. I have no idea how long they'd been standing there watching me. I was too lost in myself. I just know that they were standing there watching me when I went into orgasm.
The good part? The two incredible orgasms I experienced.
The bad part? One of the girls actually told the coach that I was (these are her words, not mine) playing with myself in the shower.
The coach called me into 'her' office and started telling me that I should practice more self-control. I wanted to die of embarrassment when the coach started talking to me about it. I didn't know how to tell her that I could not stop myself from masturbating once the urge hit me. So, I just stood there, in silence, listening to her.
That afternoon, I had totally lost control of myself. It was stupid...and I know it. Needless to say, I never did-it in the school showers again. I got teased about that incident until I graduated high school.



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