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The Rubbing Exibitionist

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Showing off without getting busted...


I lived in an apartment complex with a great view. From the second floor, the five sexy Asian coeds who lived across from my building would parade about in their nightgowns and pajamas, past their patio doors. They were so cute and young, in their 20s. So one day I decided to return the favor. One night (when I was feeling especially horny), I turned off all the lights in my apartment and pulled back the blinds on my Patio door. Then I took off all my clothes. When one of the cuties went out to water her plants on the balcony, I turned my backside towards the window, turned on the lights and strolled past the patio window. She froze, mouth agape, and stared at my nakedness.
The next morning, I upped the stakes. From their patio, the girls also had a perfect view into my master bedroom and the bathroom. I pulled back my bedroom curtains and waited in the bathroom. When the girls opened their patio blinds, I turned on the bathroom light. I wore a t-shirt and shorts that day. I pretended not to notice them and pulled my shirt over my head. I then brushed my teeth, turning around so they could check out my muscular chest and arms. After brushing, I slowly pulled down my shorts, wearing nothing but my white briefs. I turned off the lights again, and watched them in the dark. After a saw quite a few of the girls walking past the window, I was sure I had a captive audience. I then turned the lights back on and slowly pulled my briefs down, revealing my tight butt. I then slowly turned around, looking down at the ground and off to the side, and revealing my semi-erect seven-incher. I knew that if I looked directly at them, they would feel embarrassed and shut their blinds. BUT if I acted like I didn't notice them, then they would feel safe and would keep on watching me. I then turned off the light, just to tease them and leave them wanting more.
The next morning, I opened my bedroom curtains and noticed that they pulled their patio blinds open quickly. I knew I had them hooked, and I upped the stakes. I went through my morning routine in the bathroom, but while they watched my backside view in my briefs, I had my hands down my front, pulling and rubbing my cock to full erection, but pointing downward. I then turned around and slowly pulled my briefs down inch by inch, revealing the base, then the shaft and finally the mushroom head of my cock. As I pulled the waistband down, my cock sprung upwards, pointing up at a 45-degree angle. My pulse was racing, and my breathing was jagged, as I stood before them, fully naked and erect. I kept looking downward, so they wouldn't suspect that I knew that they were watching me. I slowly started to masturbate for them, gripping the middle of the shaft and pumping it up and down. I would glance upward every once in a while and even though they kept their lights off, I could still see the girls walking past their window. I put on a full show for them, stroking my cock slowly, and rubbing my left hand over my body, lightly stroking my stiff nipples and playing with my balls. Masturbating for an audience was a first for me, and my cock was on fire. My body trembled and my orgasm was powerful as I shot a thick white stream in the air, and let it cover my cock with its creamy goodness.
Here are some of the other sexy things I did for the girls. Using a lubricant, I gripped my cock and put it on the bathroom sink. I then kept my hand stationary and thrust into my grip, literally having intercourse with my hand. The girls got to see my butt as I thrust back and forth. I was hoping to give them an idea of what it would look and feel like to have me doing that to one of them. Another time, I literally sat on top of the sink, spreading my legs apart as I masturbated for them, giving them a view of my balls bouncing up and down with each stroke.
The thing that made it exciting was that at any time, they could have call the authorities, reported me to the apartment manager, etc. But they never did. Even if they did, I had the perfect alibi...'I didn't know they could see into my apartment, I'm so shocked and embarrassed!' (wink, wink!) That is why I never looked directly at them. I always acted like I didn't notice them at all, and that I was just following my 'normal' morning routine.
I wasn't sure that the gals were able to see everything, until one day, when one of the girls sat at her dining room table, appearing to be studying. I walked naked past the patio window, and then I partly closed the blinds and grabbed my binoculars. I went to the bottom corner of the blinds and pulled it back slightly. Gazing through the binoculars, I could see that, under the table, the girl was rubbing her hand rapidly between her legs! It was the sexiest masturbation display I have ever seen. She was not being overt about it, but very discreet.
They eventually moved out of their apartment, but not before one last show. I stood in the bathroom naked and one of the girls stepped out on her balcony for one last time. This time, staring straight at her, I waved to her, and was shocked when she waved back to me, as if to acknowledge her appreciation for all the sexy shows I put on for them.
I fantasize about my fan club almost every time whenever I masturbate.



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