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The Rubber

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Let me know if you have had a similar adventure.


First off I want to thank you for this great site. I have spent many pleasurable hours reading and pleasuring myself to the many stories here.

My story began the day I returned from vacation. My wife's niece and her boyfriend watched our home while we were gone. From the looks of the bed I could tell they did some heavy lovemaking. The room even had a faint smell of pussy. I began to get hard just thinking of my lovely niece getting her pussy pounded in my own bed. Ah well, I thought just a fantasy and my penis slowly deflated.

I picked up the wastebasket, a metal type can, and went outside to empty it. In the waste were a half dozen moist tissues and a small dark plastic bag, along with that same cunt smell that was in my room. I brought the can to my nose and inhaled. My god! The tissues were damp with her juices from that very morning. I was dizzy with excitement from my discovery of these tissues, that had caressed her puffy pussy only hours earlier! Then I remembered the plastic bag in the can. I took it out to see what it was. Inside the bag was the rubber that they must have used that morning. It was inside out and covered with cum.

I was drunk with lust by now and my cock was throbbing and leaking pre cum. I had found the holy grail of masturbation. I took the rubber and washed the cum from the outside of it. The inside was still wet with her juices and scent. I stumbled to my bed and took off my clothes. I laid down and began to slowly masturbate, holding a damp tissue under my nose to smell her scent. Very slowly my hand went up and down my cock, each upstroke brought out a drop of pre cum...'cock pearls' as I like to call them. Within ten minutes my penis was slick and wet, ready to have that slimy rubber slipped on.

I took the fragrant condom and pulled it over my wet penis head. OMG, OMG, I thought as her juices mixed with mine and allowed it to slip all the way to my balls in one pull. I let go and gazed at my penis at it begged for stimulation. I obliged it and began to jack off with a passion. I revelled in the thought of her cunt juices mixing with with my male pre cum. I brought myself to the edge countless times, wanting to prolong my jack off session as long as possible. I must have looked like a mad man on my bed, wildly fisting my engorged penis.

I wanted to get more of her pussy scent so I nipped off the tip of the condom and exposed my slick cockhead. It was dark red and angry looking, my cum slit was pulsing open and closed like a fish mouth and leaking pre cum. Then the scent of her vagina hit my nose! I couldn't control myself any longer and the animal from within took over. I moaned and groaned as I stroked my penis to orgasm as her scent overwhelmed me and I wanted to make this orgasm unforgettable.

I threw my legs over my head so my flowing penis was over my face. My cum started to flow from my penis to my mouth and face. It didn't spurt out as usual but was one continous stream. I couldn't believe what I was doing. My mouth filled with pussy flavored sperm and juices! I never thought it would stop flowing from my penis. My face had as much cum on it as I had in my mouth, which I savoured and then swallowed. My breath was sweet with mixed sex juices. God what a day that was. I used the condom several times after but it couldn't stand up to my pounding. If only my niece knew of my party with her rubber. Hope you liked my adventure. Ken



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