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The Rottweiller

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No, not Prince Chuck's lady friend.


I had wanted to have sex with her since the first day I saw her walking her dog in the park. She was dirty-blonde, glasses, early 40s, about 5'6', small hips, big tits.

'How you doin'?' I asked.

'Keep your dog away from mine!' she snapped back.

'Sorry' I said, and led Sarah away. That was August. In February, I buried Sarah. Then I was still walking, just no dog. I perked up in April. Spring always did that for me. After all, coats were put away, bare skin began to appear, tits came to light.

One day in the park she spoke to me like the prior incident had never happened. 'Where's your dog?' she asked.

'She died,' I said, my voice catching on the word 'died.' She turned, looked me straight in the eye for the first time in our lives, and said she was sorry for my loss... brief pause, then she came closer, leash in hand, Rottweiller following, and put her arms around my shoulders, hugging me, her head sideways on my shoulder.

I sobbed. She slowly released me, said, 'Oh, I am so VERY sorry'. Then she asked me to tea.

We finished her dog walk making small talk. She led me up to her third floor apartment, closed and locked the door. 'You can't be too careful in this neighbourhood,' she said. She put on the

water for tea. More small talk.

No, I wasn't married. And neither was she. Both divorced. She excused herself, went to the loo. Back again. Neither of us dating, at least no ONE special person. The tea felt good going down, no one had made me tea in years...not since Nancii...

I asked if I might use her bathroom. She pointed. I sat to pee, no point in giving her anything to react to. I flushed, pulled up my pants, washed my hands using a guest towel. When I returned, she had lit candles, I noticed the top two buttons of her blouse were opened.

She patted the seat beside her, motioned me to sit beside her this

time. I moved my tea mug, sat. She touched my shoulder, the feeling electric. We chatted; I looked into her eyes. I don't even recall what we spoke about. Then I leaned over as she leaned over, and our lips met, just touched, then seconds later a harder longer kiss and then more and more.

When finally she spoke, it was to say, 'Would you like to get into bed ?'

I stammered 'Y-y-yes!'. She stood, pushed off her shoes, and led me down the hall to a sparse bedroom, perhaps a spare? She removed her glasses, quickly stripped naked, put her glasses back on and knelt on the rug in front of me as I finished removing my clothes. She grasped my balls and penis in one hand, inspected them closely, then wiped them clean carefully with a babywipe.

'You can't be too careful these days', she said. She released me, took another wipe, and swabbed her crotch. I was starting to harden. She

stood, put her glasses on a table, took my hand, and led me to the bed. She pulled back the duvet, revealing purple sheets.

'Go slow,' she said. 'I need time.' I followed her into the coolness of the sheets. I was surprised she left the light on. 'I want to see your body,' she said. She lay on her side, looking into my eyes. Her upper arm crossed her chest, hid her nipples. I lifted the arm and she rolled onto her back, drawing her knees up slightly, putting her arms above her head.

Her nipples were beginning to become erect. I bent over, softly sucked one into my mouth, plenty of saliva, ran my tongue around it. She closed her eyes, sighed, and reached for my penis. By now I was hard. She began to stroke me, slowly at first. Soon I was very hard.

I groaned. She stroked. Was I going to last? I had jerked off the night before, would I be okay? I switched to the other nipple, this one came hard quickly, too. I kissed her full on the mouth now, reached between her open legs, tracing a circle lightly around her vulva. She shuddered. I squeezed her lips, probed her opening. She clung to me, holding me tighter. I thought I would explode. A fraction of a second later she rolled on top of me. Rocked against my pubic bone.

She rode me, I grasped her swaying pendulous brasts, pinched the nipples. She rocked, shuddered, rocked more. I could feel her wetness streaming around my cock and balls, and between her thighs and my belly. She rode me for what seemed like two or three more minutes, slowed, grasped me tight, sighed deeply, and stopped, relaxed.

She rolled off to my side, her eyes still closed. After what seemed like a minute, she opened her eyes, said 'what can I do to pleasure you now?'

She rolled on her back. She bent her knees, grasped my tool,and guided it to rub between her warm lips. Her back arched. She hugged me, 'Oh, please cum for me!' She continued to rock, and I felt my cockhead expand, then my sack tighten, and I exploded my cum into her warm moist pubic hair. Oh, she knew alright I had come!

She smiled, lowered her head, and licked at my tip. She knelt on the bed and began to suck my thumb, symbolically running her tongue around the ring edge of my 'cock'. I reached down, fingered her crack. It was wet, not slick. I began to get hard. She began to get mucousy, slick...not just wet. I was getting harder. She held me, shifted to be parallel to me beside me in the bed, pushed her belly toward me, guided me to her lips. I got very hard right away, pushed my hips, slipped in the slickness between her legs.

We lay there, gently rocking. 'I haven't had a real man bareback me for years,' she said. 'Feels kinda nice. Real nice. You can come when you need to, but I'd appreciate feeling the feeling for a while yet'.

'OK, ' I said, 'I'll give you the best I can'. She closed her eyes, moved farther and faster, reached down, and I could feel her fingers on the top of my cock. She must be touching herself, trying to bring herself off. 'How do you want me?' I asked.

'This is fine; no, GREAT,' she said. She continued to rock; I was hard. She was slick. Suddenly she slowed, thrust hard, a flood of liquid spread thru my pubic hair. Her breathing slowed. She opened her eyes, 'You can straddle me, on top if that's better for you. Just don't get inside me. Or do you prefer some other position?'

'Would you do me by hand, please? I'd really like that, to feel your hand on me, stroking me off.'

'OK', she said, as she reached down. It was one of the best orgasms I'd ever had; she stroked me 20, maybe 30 times or more, each a bit different, each a touch quicker, until I felt I was ready to explode. She continued on, and I came, two quick thick spurts, then a third and a fourth, a ninth after delays.

I was sore. She lay there, my cum dripping down her leg. Smile on her face. 'That was GOOD!' she laughed.

'Gimme 20 minutes, I can do it again,' I said.

She looked at me in disbelief, 'No!'

'Yes', I said. And lay there touching, stroking her arms, neck, her belly. She looked pretty good for 40-something. We traced each others' scars: appendix, golfcart accident, trach, cyst removed...ya get a lotta marks by 40. There was a rough edge at the back of her vulva, I must have looked puzzled.

'Four kids,' she said.

'You certainly don't look like you've borne four children'

'Thank you, I don't feel that good, that attractive'

My tongue sought out her scar, she stiffened, then relaxed a bit and moaned. My tongue traced figure eights on her vulva, then probed her slit. Salty. More later...



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