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The Rock

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When I was 15 I went to a summer camp that was sponsored by an evangelical church. Before that I had been going to regular summer camps but this one was a lot cheaper and my parents were starting to be concerned about my disinterest in religious issues. By that age I jerked off very regularly (probably 4 times a day if I had the chance) but always alone. In addition to ordinary camp activities there were some religious awakening events, and one of these was a 'sexual awakening group', one for boys and one for girls. In the first few sessions it was lectures with some discussion about the value of chastity, and even how we should learn to divert our minds when we find ourselves getting sexually aroused. After a few sessions it got more personal and we were expected to share some successful tales of overcoming temptation. One of the boys acknowledged he was tempted to 'give in' (that was the euphemism for 'self-abuse')when he woke up at three AM the previous night. But instead he said he went to 'the Rock' which was a place in the camp from which there was a view of the hills, and he lay there and looked at the stars, and talked to God, he said. Well a few nights later I woke up and saw he was not in his bunk. I got up and slipped out to 'the Rock. I slipped sandals on my feet but was otherwise just in thin cotton pajama pants. Sure enough he was lying on the Rock looking at the stars. I said 'Hi' and he leapt in surprise. I said it was ok, I just wanted to look at the stars for a while. I lay down next to him. There were a lot of stars and I could see his dick was bulging in his pajamas and that sight got mine hard as well. I started the conversation and told him I had been 'sorely tempted to give in' a few minutes before, when I was in my bunk. Man, his dick almost jumped out of his jammys when I said that! I knew I had him then ... ok I guess I was a bad boy, I knew exactly what I was doing ... I told him I couldn't get it to go away tonight but said it would sometimes go soft if I loosened up my clothes, so they wouldn't rub on it. I opened the two snaps on my pajamas and let my dick stand up. I said that felt a whole lot better. He was trembling by then and sweating, and made an involuntary little moan. I let a few minutes pass and knew his eyes were fixed on my dick, which made it pulse. I told him it was too much for me and I would have to give in just this one time. I started rubbing myself. He put his hand on my wrist and said, 'No, don't.' I put my other hand on his dick and gently held it till he let go of my wrist. I jerked myself while gently holding his cock with my other hand. I didn't stroke him, just held it. He lay back and started to have spasms almost right away. Cum started to flow out of his cock and seeing that made me shoot. Mine shot high and landed back down on my hand and dick and pajamas. I thought he was through but the cum that was flowing out of him was just the beginning. After I shot he pushed away my hand and started jerking himself hard, and was getting so loud I was afraid someone would hear him. Then his cum started to shoot. It shot all around and I thought it was not going to stop. Big wads were landing on me too. We had not taken off our pajama pants and both of our pants were covered with cum, and we smelled like cum. We had to go back to the bunkhouse that way. There is more that happened after that with him, the story gets more complicated, but this has gone too long already.



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